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Essay Examples on Holocaust Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Holocaust

1st Essay Sample on Holocaust

The Holocaust is one of the most, if not the most horrifying crime against humanity ever.When it comes to discussing the Holocaust, many people seem to shy away from the topic as if they are scared of it.I believe this is wrong.If someonw is scared of the Holocaust and refuses to learn about, they will never truly understand the pain and suffering that Jews faced during those terrible years. Adolf Hitler decided that in his quest to form the perfect Aryan race, the only way to do it would be to eleminate all mentally ill, gypsies, non-supporters of Nazism, and espicially Jews from the German population.One of his main methods of getting rid of these “undesirables” was through the use of concentration camps.In January of 1941, in a meeting with his top officals Hitler decided the “final solution” to the problem of the Jews.It was decided the Jews were to be completely eliminated from the population.Aushwitz, Buchenwald, and Dachua were three of the main concentraion camps that carried out this “final solution.”I will briefly discuss each one and explain their roles in the Holocaust. Dachua, one of the veryfirst Nazi conaentraion camps, was located in the small town of Dachua, approximately ten miles northwest of Munich.This area was chosen due to the fact that it was on the site of an empty ammunitions factory left behind from World War I.Henrich Himmler officially opened the camp with a press conference on March 20, 1933.Its original capacity was 5,000 prisoners. When Dachua opened it only housed political oppents of the Nazis.Those who had opposed each other before the war were now together behind the barbed wire fences of Dachua.Those political opponents of the Nazis typically received worse treatment than others.This was the case at Dachua. During Dachua’s twelve years, it was always a political camp.

2nd Essay Sample on Holocaust

The rise of the nazi’s and the hatred of the Jews became known as the holocaust.Adolf Hitler being one of the biggest names that is known with the holocaust isn’t the only person that contributed to this massacre of Jews.People where held in ghetto camps and later sent to concentration camps and the things that put this all together was the use of persuasion method known as propaganda. These three things make up the holocaust. Adolf Hitler one of the main people responsible for the whole holocaust era in Germany but was he the only one for the blame of this massacre?Heinrich Himmler was the commander of the SS and in 1933 after Nazis came to control he took over and expanded the Gestapo.He was also responsible in 1944 for killing of the SA, which was another part of the Army associated it with the Nazi party, was killed by SS a higher rank in the army.He also bargained off Jewish prisoners for his own safety and later took his own life before he could be brought to his trial.Adolf Eichman or “Grand Inquisitor” was a member of the SS, as a child he was fascinated with combat war vehicles and had the same History teach as Hitler who filled their minds with corrupt racist ideas.He was made head of Jewish department and later put a Jewish tax for wealthier Jews to help get rid of the poor Jews.He had an idea to deport Jews to Palestine and suggested using gas and reported that approximately 4 million died in camps and 2 million killed by mobile extermination units.Joseph Paul Goebbles was corrupt pretty much like Hitler.He killed himself and his entire family of six kids after hours Hitler committed suicide on May 1, 1945.Joe was a German politician who was also the minister of propaganda in Nazi Germany.Joe on 1926 was sent by Hitler to Berlin as district leader to represent Hitler.He pretty much called for war and was insane.Otto Ohlendorf is another big name dealing with the Nazi party.

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