History Mystery and Scandal

Henry Hyde was born on April 18, 1924 and died November 29, 2007. Hyde was an American politician and a republican member of the United States representatives through the 1975 to 2007. During Hyde’s services for congress Hyde had encounter series of scandals. Hyde represented 6th district of Illinois area of northwestern Chicago. Hyde’s family supported the Democratic Party. Henry Hyde first run for congress was in 1962. Henry Hyde’s first scandal was wasting thousands of dollars and wasting hours of man labor to impeach President Clinton out of Office due to Clinton’s affair scandal.

When the news had been exposed about Henry’s Hyde’s scandal affair with Cherie Snodgrass, A married woman whom claims Henry Hyde’s was the reason her family was broken. According to Cherie family member “she was young and naïve at the time, she was a glamour queen with three young kids stuck at home and this prince charming guy Hyde comes along she was very impressed.

Hyde was 12 years older a hot shot, Cherie had nothing he comes along shows her off she was young and beautiful.” (Kurtz, 1998) When the news Henry had scandal sexual affair came out and he claimed that the scandal was, “a youthful indiscretion” people believe he was a hypocrite because he was trying to impeach Clinton for the same situation he had done. People felt you can’t blame your age on adultery when you’re 41 at the time of committing adultery and had the affair for seven years.

Not only did he cheat on his wife and ruined his family he ruined his mistress family as well and he ruined his own reputation as a congress and he has no respect for women.

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Henry Hyde didn’t have the respect to end his marriage with his wife, if he was unhappy he would have end their relationship and moved on with someone else but he continue to not come forward until he was caught in the action with in the public eye. In 1976 the US Congress passed the Hyde amendment which banned use of federal funding to pay abortions through Medicaid. During 1977 high proposed amendment and department of labor in health education and welfare appropriation act. “Although Hyde amendment stop federal funds for abortion the US Supreme Court in Washington DC legalize abortion in United States in establishing limitations on ability of a state interfere with the woman’s right to obtain abortions in a 7 to 2 decision the court ruled that woman’s rights to see abortion are protected by the US Constitution.” (miller, n.d.)

Hyde’s stated Medicaid is a joint federal and state funded program provide qualify low income individuals and families with healthcare benefits. According to Henry only same cases would be full coverages. Threatens a pregnant woman. After Woman McRae filed a lawsuit against multiple hospitals have federal funding the programmer for courage of federal funding for abortion was once again available for woman who receive Medicaid. Overall in different states there are different rules of courage of abortion with Medicare funding. In some states are only required to find medical necessary abortions in Connecticut law to reach directed funding of abortions would oppose trimesters to those that are medically necessary.

The expectations for full coverage for an abortion our rape incest or if the pregnancy determines and in danger of the woman’s life. Although the amendment was supported by legislators who opposed abortion in particular subjects of the federal government using taxpayer money for abortion services this policy did not pass for long I was not permanent.

According To the kfF.org the Henry Hyde amendment only “affected funding for abortion under Medicaid is state and federal health program for low income individuals.” (public-funding-abortion, n.d.) Over the years that has amendment affected the programs such as health service Medicare and children help services including women in the military, federal prison and a federal employee’s health benefits program. Because of Medicare is join it funded by federal and state governments days can choose to pay for abortion. Currently 17 states have policy directly use of their own funds to pay a version for low income women insured by Medicare.

The Henry Hyde amendment impacts about 48% of women below the battery poverty level were insured by Medicare the ACA has is in able states to increase ability and legibly Medicare to 138% of FPL’s. (miller, n.d.) “However 19 states have not expanded the program in those states, the middle income limit is 47% of federal poverty level of an annual income of $9442.30 for a family of three.” (miller, n.d.) In 2014 75% of abortions were among all incoming patients and 64% were among blacks and in young adults teens who are less likely to have a steady source of income make up the majority of 72%. (Kurtz, 1998)

Overall Henry Hyde scandals of getting involved of trying to impeach Clinton over his sexual relations with his mistress was very hypocritical because he was in the same situation and his business was in the public eye as well. Only differences Henry’s mistress was married to Fred Snodgrass. Mr. Snodgrass claimed, “Hyde is a con who was super hypocrite, who broke up his marriage.” (henry-hyde-dies, n.d.) This man had an affair with a young woman with three little children. Fred also said at least pick a woman who is single so you don’t ruin her family. Fred stated, “Henry was a good looking guy spent a lot of money on her and traveled in other words Henry was Cherie prince charming at the time because she was having difficulties within her own marriage.” Overall when you’re in your 40’s there is no excuse for sexual scandal of an affair.

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