His last trump by Richard Stark Review

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The following essay on “His last trump by Richard Stark Review”: concentrating on factors that inspired Richard Stark’s films.

Richard Stark’s original crime drama “Flash Back” was released in 1998 in the US; only now (2011) the Zsolnay Verlag translating “His last trump card” issued. Richard Stark is just one of many pseudonyms, under which the American writer Donald Edwin Westlake wrote his novels. He was born in Brooklyn, New York, the son of Irish-born parents in 1933 and died in 2008 in Mexico

More than 20 books including his crime series around the protagonist Parker, the man without name.

. With “Payback” (German: “Now we’re even”) began the series in 1962

German have been “The money was dirty” (2009; original title: “Dirty Money”, 2008). and “at some point, everyone gives to” (2010; original title: “Flash Fire”, 2000) appeared. That “His last trump” – the this item was preceded yes in the original – follows with us last, is very awkward, because I (to read on the cover) has to Stephen King’s comment fully agree, “Parker in top form if you still.

nothing ever has read Richard Stark, you should try, ‘begin his last trump. “<

Parker is a tough, perfectionist, many years of experience criminals. Now he plans to rob a casino ship that cruises initially as a pilot project for three months on the Hudson. From an involuntarily displaced to retire and therefore embittered state officials he receives plans and important details. But a man who as is a criminal him valuable insider tips, then settle for a small profit participation and will be kept out of everything, Parker is suspect from the beginning …

Parker provides a team of three men and a woman together, the casino ship inspected (in particular the safety systems), travel times, docks and above all the arrival and departure of the observed money transporter.

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You still need a fisherman on the river is very familiar, and come across a petty criminal who has created a marijuana plantation in Torfsäcken in hidden swamp.

Parker developed many imaginative ideas on how the coup could actually perform, but he has reckoned without the host. How could he make only this stupid mistake a few weeks ago? Now more and more privy to emerge, just waiting for the thick booty and you think you can turn off Parker and his team …

This crime has inspired me – not because he is full of tension and violence, but because it is written masterfully: short, clear sentences, no sideshows or pages filled storylines that eventually lost in nirvana, but a well-crafted and straightforward constructed plot, characters that are well designed for their tasks, unusual venues. The reader knows by the precise description of the preparations, as the coup will run smoothly – and then, Parker one problem after another. When cool, observant, deliberative, intelligent professional, he creates ice cold and efficient one obstacle after another out of the way. Well as all dead … It’s just Parker, with whom you had better not invest.

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His last trump by Richard Stark Review
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