High season from Jörg Maurer Review

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Sai | son: it follows a linguistic definition, together with inserted phonetics. It is interesting etymology from Latin to the Old Icelandic and Chinese.

An anonymous perpetrators wrote a friendly letter to “Dear Mr. Commissioner,” in which he seriously thought thinks about a future crime. More you really can not ask for that!

On the Olympic ski jump in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, the traditional New Year’s event takes place. The Dane Åge Sørensen takes the Lucky Loser Square. With the victory sign, the message to his mother, he is the jump to loose.

He makes the “Eagle”, then a sickle curve ( “together upset Y² = 2px parabola Wye square-is-equal-two-px-, coming”), then rips’s him, he rushes “grenades moderate”: fractures of almost all human bones …

the glitterati lolls in the packed VIP lounge. Not out of sporting interest they meet there; from their business negotiations it breaks the fall of the unknown Danes. So Kalim al-Hasid does not come from Dubai “to Potteries”. He wants to bring the 2022 Winter Olympics to Dubai.

The construction of the largest ski jump in the world is already in the planning.

In the crowd to the exit believes bodyguards Jusuf to see a man with a weapon. To protect Kalim, his boss, he shoots at the stranger, who then disappears without a trace from the scene.

An amusing, witty, lively text. An attempted murder whose conceivable motives and its Enlightenment give his action the novel.

There are delicious descriptions, lists and comparisons that the book will never be bored leave.

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Since “shred” stressed journalists their reports in their notebooks. The news about the accident should have been already in the editorial, best yet, before it happened. They “google” like champions, to explore the “history of ski jumping” for example – but the author is playing pitch-black humor of: Messrs fishing only after fatal accidents. The result is a macabre arranged History:

1808 jumps Norwegians over a snowy mountain hut 9.5 meters, a sensational world record – and 1811 there is the first death in the new sport (!). 1911 crash of American Gregory O’Connan, but its 41 meters is a new world record. He drags himself on the podium – and breaks (after hearing the National Anthem) dead together …

“Ski jumping is just not Halma.” Where he is right, he is right, the Lord President of the Ski Association of Upper Bavaria.

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