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True heroism requires someone courageous, moreover; being brave is not being afraid to stand up to help others. However, courage can substantiate itself not just on the battleground or during worldwide disasters; however, in ordinary life as well. There’s a home for heroism alongside the manifestation of the aristocracy of creation. For instance, the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is a messenger sent from Allah to all humankind. He was born in Makkah in the year 571 AD and was an orphan, so he was brought up by his uncle Abd Al Motaleb.

Muhammad was not literate, and most of the people at that time were uneducated too. He used to help the underprivileged by giving them charity; he used to play with children and make them happy, and was so noble and faithful to the extent that people called him ‘the trustworthy.’

Prophet Muhammad

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was a man with exceptional characteristics; he was a true hero because of his representative love for humanity, charismatic leadership, and a healthy ethical attitude.

He was famous for being honest, reliable, confident, and generous. A hero must be philanthropic, or they wouldn’t desire to protect others. To be philanthropic, you have to have room in your heart to help others in need. You must be selfless and not think of yourself before others. Mother Teresa was another one of history’s most charitable people. She began many apostles to support the impoverished and built shelters for people that were severely injured or dying.

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If you are greedy, then you wouldn’t want to risk your life to save others because you would have to put yourself in danger. Being charitable is one of the essential aspects of heroism.


Another example is Gandhi; a peaceful Indian protestor stood up for the Indians when they were rebelling against the caste system. The caste system was a system when there were higher and lower classes. There was even a class called the ‘Untouchables’ who did all the upper class’s class’s dirty work. Gandhi found this unfair because it doesn’ matter what class you were born in; it is the character that you develop over time. Officers arrested Gandhi for protesting against the caste system, their healthy daily life. Gandhi showed courage when he stood up for what he believed in, even if it gave him a criminal record. If you are a cowardly person, then you can can’t have the courage to stand up for what you believe. This quality is necessary for a true hero.

Danger and Selflessness

In conclusion, courage is a much more open-minded notion than it is generally perceived. A person proficient in achievement, danger and selflessness’ sake of the rest of people is a real brave man, regardless of the expanse of the pursuit. Great courage may be found not only in books but also in the realities of modern times.

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