Hector Hector and the mysteries of life by François Lelord Review

Topics: Communication

Petit Hector, an only child, lives with wohlbehtet Maman Clara and father Hector. Papa is a psychiatrist, Maman works as a writer. . They belong to the Upper class Petit Hector a child is out of a picture book: sensitive, adjusted, insightful and wise In this family keeping the communication channels.. Here, everything is centered on the little boy who very consciously experienced his daily life and his observations notifies parents. At all times of difficulty they find help, and they give their child plenty of wisdom.

At the end of each chapter Petit Hector combines them (in italics) together. Extract has very much liked because it reflects situations and thoughts in mild short-formulated Just sit dialogues that anyone can very well understand.
Especially nice is the Waldspazierung of father and son. The latter opens up its fr serious concerns him and commented sharply: “I’ve had enough with the worry.” Describes Imaginative well as Maman and Petit Hector visit the zoo.

There they discover that the wisdom that one should always try to see the good side of life, even for lions may apply. This is a amsante, unusual – and convincing observation On The author Franois Lelord it is very well done to implement his intention: he wants to pass on wisdom to a hopefully large readership. “. br> Favorite short episodes with entertaining dialogues between Petit Hector, his parents and other people will read everyone with pleasure and profit.

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