Hector begins a new life of François Lelord Review

Topics: Psychoanalysis

Why should a longtime psychiatrist go better than his patients? The Mitfünfziger feel the years in the bones, niggles put to him. His environment takes him different way than before. Young colleagues find it difficult to name terms the man. But he is therefore> old

However, he rejects vehemently, to respond stereotyped. New job, young girlfriend, big car – these are not options for him. Because first met him his job, secondly, he is happy with his beloved wife Clara, intelligent and sensitive, and third, the two have a good living and a carefree life. So why bring about changes

Among his patients, the midlife crisis is rampant at present like an epidemic, and Hector she knows sent to treat when a vague longing torments her: “Doctor, I’d love to another life to have!” Then passed to Hector with his indirect questioning techniques to the roots of their emotional stress, it can even insights develop until they capture their life situation and change, possibly profession, partner and place of residence change.

Only itself can Hector no relief. That his work stresses him, his nerves are tense day, veiled and he denied before himself. His favorite Clara certainly does not escape his state of mind. Long it has restrained with remarks, but now it must be on the table: Hector was irritable, tense, not tell more, not listening properly anymore, and – what strikes him most – “We act as if we made love … “<

As Hector goes into a” therapy à la française “. In textbooks not included, this form of treatment looks like this: The patient reveals itself to the older psychoanalyst colleague and good friend François (with a direct disciple of Freud trained) in the brasserie of the luxury hotel Lutetia. In oysters of the species “Fines de Claire no. 3” and a fine droplets white Sancerres it’s medias res . The diagnosis is easy and is fast, “professional burn-out” with “empty-nest syndrome.” Hector have achieved professional success a phase done in the not new and had nothing new to be expected. The stoppage made him angry. In short: “a nice little mid-life crisis”. If he continues to do business as usual, fears Hector could blow the fuses. François suggests that one should meet regularly. Hector might as well just recommends it to his patients, create a small list of what he hoped from a new life. Whether you should still goutieren a dessert? A glance at the map is interrupted when François’ granddaughter Ophélie enters the room. Designed “as an angel of Botticelli,” she pulls Hectors attention magically. Sun from another enjoyment factor completes the “therapy à la française”.

One senses what is to come. Hector succumbs to the young woman and the magic begins a secret affair. Whether this fountain of youth the man inspires fresh strength, he umkrempelt his life for Ophélie might give up all previous, that will not be revealed here.

François Lelords lovely little stories with the sympathetic protagonist Hector have both a loyal readership bestowed. The intelligent stories full of well understandable, practical wisdom about friendship, happiness and satisfaction bring edifying, uplifting reading experiences. ” Hector veut changer de vie < " François Lelord: "Hector veut changer de vie" at

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