Community Health Approach Evaluation.

Evaluate the effectiveness of a current approach to a health problem in your community (i.e., teen pregnancy, homelessness). Describe how the approach would change if you were to use the steps in developing a healthy community such as the Community Health promotion process (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2016. P.447).

According to Southern Nevada’s Health District (SNHD) (2019), “since 2013, Infants born to mothers who are non-Hispanic black had the highest infant mortality rate (9.76 per 1,000 live births during 2013-2016), non-Hispanic white (4.67) and Hispanic mothers (4.

13) per 1,000 live births, respectively, during 2013-2016)” (p. 27). Thus, the approach that was implemented before was ineffective due to the unchanged and increasing mortality rate of the infant’s population within the SNHD community. Using the MAP-IT as a “strategy in creating a healthy community which stands for mobilize, assess, plan, implement and track” (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2016, p.

382) to change an approached that can hopefully achieve the Healthy People 2020 goal for mother and infant population within the SNSD community. First, “mobilize individuals and organizations that care about the health of your community into a coalition” (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2016, p. 382) like concerned citizens who want to make a change in their community. For example, doctors, nurses, and volunteer who wants to dedicate their time for the community. The need for increasing maternal and infant health education and promotion has already been established earlier in the paragraph.

Since technology is widely used nowadays, utilizing it as part of the planning stage to get information out into the community. Thereafter, implementing the plan of action through the use of social media as a platform to inform mothers and other caregivers about opportunities like free clinics or check-ups.

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This action can help give the education, promotion, and support needed in the process of changing the odds for the mother and baby population. Last, evaluating the success of the plan by tallying how many participants showed on given schedules, number of visitations to the community or public health care, and number of prescriptions given to mother’s needed prenatal care.2. Select a topic from Health People 2020 objectives ( related to changing health behaviors. Discuss how this objective could be achieved in your community.

One of the topics that were discussed from Healthy People 2020 was maternal, infant, and child health. SNHD (2019) stated that “the well-being of pregnant women and children influences the health of the next generation and can predict future public health challenges for families, communities, and the health care system” (p. 26). However, living in Las Vegas, there are lots of direct and indirect ways for mothers and babies to be exposed to an unfavorable environment. For example, secondhand smoking from the casinos, lifestyle (drinking, drugs, smoking), or access to health care. No matter what the case the result can have negative health outcomes and long-term complications—infant mortality, preterm, or low birth weight.

Healthy People 2020’s (n.d.) goal for maternal, infant, and child health is to “improve the health and well-being of women, infants, children, and families” (para. 1). One of the objectives is to reduce mortality and morbidity of a fetus, infants, and child. The proposed plan can also be achieved in Southern Nevada’s community health needs by increasing the opportunities for the mother to have access to early prenatal care through counseling and guidance about the importance of prenatal care. In turn, by informing and offering opportunities to mothers we are ensuring the best care possible for both mother and babies. Additionally, it will give mothers a clear explanation and an opportunity to discuss other issues and ask questions in regards to maternity, pregnancy, ante/postpartum, and child care. This can also be a platform to give support and other services available within the community.3. Choose the definitions that best describes program, planning, and evaluation. (Stanhope and Lancaster, 2016, p. 561).

Stanhope and Lancaster (2016) defined program as “an organized approach to meet the assessed needs of individuals, families, groups, populations, or communities by reducing the effect of or eliminating one or more health problems” (p. 545). Planning is defined as “the selecting and carrying out of a series of activities designed to achieve desired improvements.” (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2016, p. 545). Evaluation is described as “a process of accountability by determining whether a service is needed and can be used, whether it is conducted as planned, and whether the service actually helps people in need.” (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2016, p. 547). Though program and planning can seem to interchange, a program is a step by step method to implement and evaluate the application in the project. Additionally, it deals with the end goal of the program. Planning, on the other hand, is an analysis of the specific process to get through the end goal. Evaluation is accessing or supporting the effectiveness of a specific goal. When considering the care given in the community considering the 10 Caritas Processes TM link one of them to the new knowledge you have acquired this week and as you begin to reflect on the community you are assessing.

This week’s assignment tackles different health issues within the community. The Caritas Process that would be appropriate for this situation would be the sixth Caritas: Creatively problem-solving ‘solution-seeking’ through caring process; full use of self and artistry of caring-healing practices via use of all ways of knowing/being/doing/becoming.  Since we are in the twenty-first century, where there are advances in science, medicine, and innovative technology is integrating within our caring paradigm. Our approach to informing and educating the population or community should be creative to allow flexibility and engage different learners that will foster growth.

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