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The population of Sentinel City has a population totaling 663,862. The age percentage population of Sentinel City for ages 5 and under is estimated at 5.6%. Ages 18 years and under is estimated at 18.9% and for ages 65 years and over is estimated 11.8%. As to race percentage, Whites are at 52.7%, Hispanics at 31.5%, African Americans at 10.4%, Asians at 3.7%, and followed by Pacific Islanders at 2.0%. The median household income of Sentinel City is $49,091 with 18.9% living below poverty level.

The four neighborhoods in Sentinel City are Nightingale Square, Acer Tech Center, Casper Park District, and Industrial Heights.

Nightingale Square has a population of 103,974 with a median household income of $269,550 and a 0.7% of non-insured residents. Acer Tech has a population of 168,390 with a median household income of $166,300 and a 1.5% of non-insured residents. Casper Park District has a population of 352,643 with a median household income of $80,134 and a 22.7% of non-insured residents. Industrial Heights have a population of 38,855 with a median household income of $24,672 and a 37.5% of non-insured residents.

Neighborhood Safety Assessment

Sentinel City has various locations where trash is piled up alongside the buildings and street corners.

You can see rodents going in and out of the trash piles. Stray dogs are seen walking up and down the streets. Graffiti is noted on abandoned buildings and several of the buildings are in disrepair. Drug use is related to the majority of the crimes in the city, which correlates to higher police arrest rate for drugs at 39% last year.

Emergency Response Time for Sentinel City has a response time of 7.46 which is compared to three other cities.

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Sentinel City is ranked as the second fastest with City number 3 being the fastest with a response time of 5.43 minutes. For fire, the individual response time is 6.33 minutes, 7.54 minutes for ALS and 6.37 minutes to shock with an Emergency Response overall time of 6.93 minutes.

Drug use is where the majority of the crimes are at. Cannabis, public intoxication and substance abuse are among the highest percentage. Another big problem in the city is gang violence. 20 homicides have been committed within the year. An increase in robberies has also been a big problem alongside aggravated and simple assault. Simple assault was shown to have a 74% increase. Gang violence has shown to decreased from the past 2 years.

Scavenger Hunt

There are so many great services offered by community resources such as Parks and Recreation, Healthcare System-Elderly Services, City Hall-Social Services, Better Health Clinic, Soup Kitchen and Affordable Housing Project.

Parks and Recreation offer services for all ages which includes nutrition courses, swimming lessons and also courses for gardening. Other programs offered are summer programs for kids, city sports leagues, courses for adult fitness and after school programs.

Healthcare System-Elderly Services offer services that includes elder abuse prevention advocates, service animals, senior living options and community centers, meals on wheels, and entitlement assistance from the government.

City Hall offers a generous amount of benefits to Sentinel City. Services such as Protective services which adoption programs are incorporated. Programs where you can stay at home, child care help, Head Start Early, Head Start programs and youth independent living. If qualify, health care assistance is offered to Medicare, Medicaid, charitable health care and ACA. WIC and Snap are also offered. In order to receive Snap you have to come from a low income family.

Better Health Clinic work with women by offering services such as pregnancy testing, contraceptive, help with getting pregnant and infertility counseling. Other services provided screenings for breast and cervical cancer and STD information.

Soup Kitchen is part of the Interfaith Church. Free meals averaging 44,040 a month is served in the community. 64% are homeless adults, elderly at 6%, veterans at 12%, and disabled at 7% makes up the percentage being served.

Affordable Housing Project is only provided to a portion of Sentinel City. This project provides studio apartments and only one and two bedroom apartments. When it comes to the studio units, the highest earn income is $33,000 for this year, which is a $14,000 decrease from the previous years. An income of $17,000 which is the lowest of all the units are for the two bedroom units. With an average income of $28,000 and a $6,000 decrease from last year are in the one bedroom units. The housing project meets the needs for single parents and low income families, people who are retired and families with two incomes.

Windshield Survey

My assessment of Sentinel City, I noticed they’re a lot of brick building which the majority of the buildings are attached. Trash and debris are found alongside the buildings with rodents in and out the trash. Abandoned cars are seen on the side of roads. Noticeable amount of people walking the streets, riding bikes or sitting outside having lunch or waiting for the bus. Buildings are in need of serious repairs and paint. Graffiti is seen throughout the city and wood boards are covering windows. Planted trees are seen throughout the city, but only noticed one small grassy area. I noticed one dentist office, a pharmacy and a hospital. I saw couple grocery stores and a school. The students wore uniforms and a playground was adjacent to the school. Kids were on the swing and slide, but no grassy area on the playground. I saw several restaurants and a couple of them were Italian. The Interfaith Church was well kept. A long line of people are waiting outside the soup kitchen. Stray dogs roaming the streets and protestors in front of city hall. They were lots of police presence and Fire trucks with sirens on. There was one gas station that was located in the neighborhood with higher incomes. A senior living facility and a day care were observed.

Race varies throughout Sentinel City. White alone, not Hispanic or Latino makeup 52.7%. Black or African American alone is at 10.4%, Hispanic or Latino makes up 31.5%. Foreign born person 16.1% and two or more races 3.1%. People below poverty level is at 18.9% and persons per household is 2.26%.

Interpretation of Data Analysis

My assessment of data collected, I’ve noticed the billboard signs encouraging people to get vaccinated. To prevent the spread of diseases in the community, we need to have immunization appointment schedule in order to get proper vaccinations administered. The rates for vaccinations are low, but we can change the numbers by going out in the community and educate everyone. MMR national average is 91.9%, while 50% is for Sentinel City. Passing around flyers and pamphlets showing the importance of vaccination can help educate the community about the benefits and prevent or decrease the spread of the disease.

Three Problem Areas

Problem number one that I noticed in Sentinel City is the increase in Sexually Transmitted Diseases between the ages of 25 and older and it’s steadily increasing. HIV, Syphilis, Hepatitis B and Trichomoniasis are the major concerns for this age group. According to the CDC, HIV has increased by 96%, Hepatitis B by 92%, Syphilis by 80% and Trichomoniasis by 87% which is higher than the 10% nation average. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that there are approximately 20 million new STD infections each year. (Healthy People, 2020).

Problem number two that I noticed was the decreased in vaccinations. Vaccinations have a lower rate in the community that is compared to the national average. Vaccines are cost effective and can help save lives, but a lot of lives are lost due to non-vaccination. Despite progress, approximately 42,000 adults and 300 children in the United States die each year from vaccine-preventable diseases. (Healthy People, 2020 n.d).

Problem number three that I noticed was being able to get access to health care. 64.4% of people under the age of 65 who lives in Sentinel City are uninsured. That is more than half of the population in the city and that is a major concern when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. The goal is to improve the quality of health care services. According to Healthy People 2020, people with a usual source of care have better health outcomes, fewer disparities, and lower cost.

Discussion of Community Resources

As a community resource I will take advantage of The Better Health Clinic due to the lack of health care and the amount of people that is uninsured. Free services such as preventive care relating to pregnancy, breast and cervical cancer and other related health care issues. Another resource is City Hall, which can help individuals apply for Medicare and Medicaid, which is health insurance that is free for elderly people, the disabled and have limited income. Healthcare Systems can help educate and guide the residents in Sentinel City who are uninsured how they can go about applying for services.

Primary Prevention Topic

My primary prevention is to address adequate access to health care. Each city has people who are uninsured and not receiving the proper care that is needed to be healthy. According to Healthy People 2020 is to improve access to comprehensive, quality health care services. (Healthy People 2020, n.d).

Application of Assessment Strategies between Simulation and My Community

I will apply the assessment strategies that I’ve learned from the simulations by walking through my community and assessing the needs and taking notes. The scavenger hunt has helped me with an approach to gathering information. I now have a clear understanding of what information that I need to collect to be effective. I’m able to apply my knowledge to get access to my community’s demographics and learn about the percentage of insured and uninsured individuals. This was a great learning experience and I’m excited to apply what I’ve learned.



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