Health science work 

Health care continues to grow, it is important to keep up with health trends that change often. Reasons for health care expansion include the economy, updated technology, illness trends. Updated technology helps patients acquire the help they need faster and more efficiently while assisting physicians to be able to give patients better treatment. In the assignment given to the class that was on different health trends, we were arranged into groups, and we had to discuss and write about the health trends assigned and say why they are essential and what they were.

The trends assigned to my group were Diagnostic related groups, telemedicine, CAM therapy, Home health care. Diagnostic related groups are ways that health insurance companies group hospitalization costs and determine the price for a patients hospital stay. This is one way that Congress is trying to control cost which they do “By using insurance plans such as Medicare.” CAM therapy stands for complementary and alternative medicine; they are a group of diverse medical and health care practices that are not presently considered to be part of conventional medicine.

For example, Acupuncture is a means of CAM therapy by pressing and heating to relieve pain and tension. Although each person is different and requires different medical treatments to help them achieve their goal of relief which is why “Treatment plans must be individualized to meet patients own special need.” In addition to the trends that my group discusses that I found interesting is energy conservation which is the practice of using less energy.

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The main reason people conserve energy reduces the usage of the earth natural resources. Resources can be expensive especially for health care industries which is why ‘Most large health care facilities perform energy audits to determine how resources are being used and find ways to conserve energy.’ To conclude health trends are going to continue to grow over time as technology and society continues to change and develop as well as the need for care exists.

During my research for activity one that was assigned to gain knowledge on health trends, I visited multiple websites to acquire more information on the health trends that my group had to research. While on these websites I was able to learn more about health trends that I haven’t known about before my research. For example, I wasn’t aware of telemedicine that involves the use of electronic communications and software to provide clinical services to patients without an in-person visit. Telemedicine can also help because it ‘allows individuals to receive care in the comfort of their own homes.’ (Simmer 20) And also lessen travel fees because you can get assistance through video and audio connections. Having the opportunity to do this assignment while being in a group, I was able to ask my group about information so we can discuss and exchange information on health trends. All in all the process of researching for this assignment helped me gain valuable information on current health trends.

CLSO activity one was helpful as it helped me gain information on current health trends and why they are important. Although this activity was useful, I believe a better assignment would be to write about your favorite health trend and discuss it, instead of having to write about various health trends. In my opinion, I believe my idea to be better because I feel that students work harder and put more effort into things they have more interest. Having students write more about what they like and have an interest in will lead to them doing their best work instead of just writing for a grade. Writing about their favorite health trend and hearing other groups discuss their favorite health trend, they could become more interested as they understand more information about it.

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