Health Awareness Strategies Should Be Implemented Within the Community

Children and adolescents are the future of society and therefore ought to receive the highest quality healthcare for a healthy community. Parents and other caregivers should incorporate the teachings and services of the Bright Future to provide the best healthcare to their children. Among the most important services that Bright Future provides are nutritional guides, vaccination and immunization requirements, primary healthcare, and general childcare information (Harris et al 2017). Nurses and other health professionals must promote healthy behaviors among parents and young adolescents.

To achieve this, health promotional strategies such as civic education among the target community are instrumental.

Bright Future is concerned with the theory-based and evidence-based practices for the prevention and man management of various health concerns among the target population. It embraces pediatric healthcare practices like childcare, home visiting, school-based health clinics, and health facility-based health training. Parents take advantage of the available health promotional programs to receive relevant information. For instance, the programs entail nutritional awareness campaigns that focus on the infant children to enable the mothers to understand and provide the recommended nutritional values through food supplements.

Home visiting is another key focus for the Bright Future Program. This program aims at providing patients with medication and health education in their residences. The practicing nurse creates a social network with the focus groups and organizes customized healthcare services based on the needs of the patients. This method of health promotion is instrumental for patients that are unable to physically come to the hospital. Similarly, it also expands the healthcare services to the whole family as the nurse can create awareness among the members of the family as a unit.

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School-based health education is also instrumental in educating students about various health issues that affect society (Labiner-Wolfe et al 2018). The objective of the Bright Future initiative is to provide healthcare services to infants and adolescents; therefore, schools provide the most appropriate ground for health promotion among the target population.


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