Personal Statement

By Han Ruochen

During my high school study, I had doubted the teaching style of my English teacher. I felt as if she forced to accept her “Duck-Stuffing” type of teaching and pushed her rigid ideas into our creations. I felt disappointed while I had no choice but to follow her pace.

After being admitted by Xiamen University Tan Kah Kee College, I had no hesitation in majoring in English because I wanted to explore the real meaning of English learning and the essence of it.

To my delight, most of my classes were rewarding and stimulating, in which I actively tapped my reservoir of all parts of English, my communication and my interpersonal skills have significantly blossomed. Through four years’ study, I comprehensively developed the necessary English capabilities in reading, listening, speaking and writing. Besides, I have also mastered the fundamental theories of linguistics, literature, humanities, science, as well as technology.

In addition to my intensive yet rewarding studies, actively involved in drama performance, English script adaption and public service have been other critical parts of my undergraduate life.

Besides, I devoted most of my spare time to being a private English tutor to children of my parents’ colleagues’, and to volunteer to teach in remote areas. During the teaching, I was touched by their everlasting thirst for knowledge. I felt delighted and a sense of accomplishment when I realized that I did not only provide a good chance for them to receive education and increase their knowledge but also brought more attention and warm to them.

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For nearly three years’ teaching experience (2015-2018), I gained exposure to various aspects of education and fostered a curiosity in teaching. This curiosity soon grew into a passion.

Highly motivated to put my pursuit for education into practice, and to perform to my best capacities. In March 2019, I became a high school English teacher at Xining Foreign Language School. Realized my limitation as an inexperienced teacher, I actively attended seminars once a week and attended lectures offered by experienced teachers to improve my teaching abilities. Besides, I frequently put in long hours to develop lesson plans and prepare lessons. I also asked for feedback from both of my students and colleagues daily, and to accept constructive criticism with maturity. Through one term’s teaching, I have developed excellent front-line teaching experience, deepened knowledge of education. More importantly, I am proud to improve students’ grades greatly (The rank of my class improved ranking from the last ones to the second) within one semester. At Xining Foreign Language School, I enjoyed every moment when students were attracted by my lecture and when they make progress day by day. I also enjoyed my conversations with students. Thus I remained committed to teaching and trying to convince others of the limitless joys of English.

My previous teaching experience had provided me with a strong foundation as well as fortified me with communication skills, organizational skills, strong ability to teaching management and teaching material analysis. Besides, I have once took coursed offered by the Department of Management as an auditor, and have self-studied Psychology to comprehend education better as well as to improve my teaching skills. What’s more, through my teaching result, I believe I possess a talent for helping students grasp difficult concepts easily.

Now, after several years of both part-time and full-time English teaching, I want to refine my teaching ability further and enlarge my knowledge by pursuing a master study. Your program has awakened in me a desire to learn more about the theories, concepts and experiences regarding teaching, education planning and teacher development in general, which I think is also fit for both of my previous experience as well as my career pursuit.

Pursuing a masters degree in Education is a responsibility I owe to myself as well as a commitment I have to myself. I refer to it as a responsibility because I have a passion for education, and a proactive outlook on life, which makes me actively seek ways to go further and to accomplish my professional goal. On the other hand, I refer to it as a commitment because it’s my life pursuing the goal to devote myself wholeheartedly to education. It would be a great honour to participate in and contribute to the graduate community. I believe that through exchanging unique perspectives with intelligent students from all over the world who believe in the power of education would surely help me to strive to make this power stronger.

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