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The essay called In the name of love by Miya Tokumitso and suggested by Edmunson is meaning of having a darker side that makes you overlook every other class. The author states that if someone has a job and loves it they dont consider anyone else dreams that makes it possible of them to do what they love to do. She talks about the CEO of Apple and how labour working in his factory from all across the globe doing all the hard work and how he never considers them to be a part of his huge success but rather his selfish view of love.

She observes According to the US Bureau of labor statistics, the two fastest-growing occupations projected until 2020 are Personal Care Aide and Home Care Aide, with the average salaries of $19,640 per year and $20,560 per year in 2010, respectively (Para 18) Which also shows that the aide and care jobs are the biggest growing industries as of now and the future but zero credit is given to these jobs by people.

It shows that even if the work we love is at its peak we should not stop working to acknowledge the fact that it gives us an ample amount of experience to grow but the idea to cast away from jobs is what exploits the labour.

I believe that this essay was to make people think about someone else rather than just themselves. Its necessary to realize that its perfectly fine if you love to do something but i do think for a better purpose not just for time pass.

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In this essay, Charles Elton refers to Darwins survival of the fittest when he brings up the idea of competition. Immigration is like an invasion and is very hard to terminate and also states that when immigrants come, they take over. The author expresses his view by saying the threat of invasive species is perhaps our most urgent economic and conservation challenge floral path leads straight to hell” He implied that the immigrants force a difficult time to the US economy and peoples well being. He also says that immigrants bring corruption everywhere and create an uncomfortable environment for the natives. Alan Burdick is against immigration and having Every species, native or alien wing for limited niche species could be a problem for everyone. Burdick said. Now, it is not at all clear. Now he understands that native species matter to us because they matter. Burdick opposes the competition between alien species and native species. He uses examples of fauna and flora in comparison to suggest a change in the environment due to excessive human population.

Overall Burdick says that invasion is not good for the natives because they put a lot of stress on their survival. They destroy everything for those already living in the land including different species native and invasive both.

This essay is about the harmful and injurious affects of light pollution on earth. The essay provides examples of how animals are harmed by artificial light and its history. Due to the era being advanced and huge growth of metropolitan areas light pollution occurs more and even in greater quantity. A lot of people around the globe are not aware of these issues so this essay makes it better for people to understand what light pollution is and how its affecting us all long. Such effects may include birds breeding prematurely for example nightingales which disturb their migration paths. Klinkenborg writes, “Of all the pollutions we face, light pollution is perhaps the most easily remedied.”

The writer has written for magazines such as New York Times and has a PHD Degree from Princeton University. Verlyn writes “And yet above the city’s pale ceiling lies the rest of the universe, utterly undiminished by the light we waste-a bright shoal of stars and planets and galaxies, shining in seemingly infinite darkness” (Klinkenborg 64). He also appeals to pathos, describing poor sea turtles and bird dying due to light pollution. In the end humans are no less affected than the frogs in the ponds. Living in our own world we have set ourselves apart from our evolutionary patrimony. Light pollutions make us blind that we cant see our own place on earth. Light pollution has caused many cities skies to become virtually empty of stars.

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