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Is the Health Care System Broken?

It is not a secret that our Health Care System is in dire straits. With the various growing unease surrounding numerous universal healthcare ideas and the ever-rising cost of health insurance, we are incredibly having diverging stand on this issue as a nation, and we are not growing any healthier. Although the current system offers various quality services, one can look under the hood and see different precise broken instances of our healthcare system. Hospital care has 32% healthcare spending. 20% of the entire expenditure goes to the practitioner’s charges, and the entire hospital cost in the United States is two to three times greater when compared to other nations (Hoffer, 2019). The high cost can be attributed to substantial administrative overdue. Lower cost and active service would be achieved if medical centers would do complex procedures. Hospitals with prestige or geographic monopoly have higher payment than warranted. As hospitals are increasingly employing physicians, service cost is also increasing with no benefit to patients. The United States has numerous medical practitioners when compared to primary care physicians. Practice guidelines favor expensive treatment and have little solid recommending pieces of evidence.

Another piece of evidence affirming that the system broken include medical errors. The Hopkins medicine survey purports that up to 1000 people die everyday from hospital errors despite the considerable investment from the government. Inadequately skilled staffs, error in judgment, system defect and preventable adverse effects are the major causes of medical error deaths. Makary, in a CNBC interview, affirms that it is the system, but not an individual is to be for such deaths, and the patient should protect themselves from any occurrence (Ray Sipherd, 2019). Patients should be wise customers to demand quality, cost effective care from themselves and them they love. Besides, they should take part in patient-safety leadership through commissions, panels, and boards that implement laws and policies, and they should push safer care, accountability, and transparent laws.

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High taxes and misleading marketing are also other instances of a broken system. The United States of America has higher healthcare taxes when compared to other nations worldwide. While this may be a surprise as many countries have universal healthcare systems, American citizens pay healthcare taxes for military programs such as VA, Medicaid, Medicare, and private insurance from employment. Misleading marketing falls in the hand of responsible corporations and medications are marketed for off-label use. Several medications are as advertised and result in healthcare issues. Off-label medication use can be challenging to cover through insurance. Besides, it can lead to negative consequences as a result of improper research.

The American medical cover is incredibly expensive to afford, and medical care is even harder of American citizens who do not have any coverage. These costs are continually increasing, and they are also rising faster than mortgage, rent, and wages over the past two decades. Furthermore, the current healthcare system lacks transparent cost in addition to becoming more expensive. There are many clouds of smoke and mirrors while finding what we are exactly paying for. When we cannot find the medication procedure as well as its cost, it is hard to decide if we are going to go through the system again.

The system also has non-compliances that most patients are not getting healthier. Many people cannot comply with orders from doctors when they receive them. These non-compliances lead to poor health outcomes and more visits down the line. Most Americans are not only spending more on healthcare but also are wasting more money on the system. A lot of money gets lost to frauds, unnecessary tests, and administrative costs, at the same time, little money goes to preventive care.

HMOs were meant to be the next best thing. However, they are allowing patients to see in-network practitioners. Families who have been seeing the same physician severally may end up choosing between new ones or just being covered. Besides, these patients are not guaranteed that they will see a doctor twice as they may be assigned to a different in-network per visit.

The flaw list of the current system is unending. Awaiting games, anti-vax movement, astronomical administrative spending, less preventive care, a pay to be sick notion, expensive medication, and insufficient records are but a few in the list. The debate on the broken as aspect of the current system should thus be centered on these aspects.


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