Messages Music Convey

The following sample essay on ”Messages music convey” uses popular songs as an example of songs being used to express emotions and convey a message that can be in different genres. The songs heal the world is a pop song by Michael Jackson and where is the love? by Black-eyed peas is a hip-pop song. The two songs have a similar meaning but differ in the messages they convey to people.

In the song, heal the world, the singer says, there is a place in your heart.

He is talking about people having the heart to help each other and that is something that would not change. heal means by helping others heal the inner wound and give one another assurance that not all hope is lost. This event then inspires people to also do give a helping hand and spreading love. let our hearts never die The singer is talking about the light in peoples hearts which make them help each other shouldnt die.

see the nation turn their swords into a plowshare. Talks about a happy ending if the differences are to put aside and end the conflict.

Little space he talks about how messed up, the is little space in peoples heart gives hope and that not all is lost. human race means people shouldnt discriminate because there are from different races. The singer addresses an important issue in society. By helping and giving love; people we provide a better place for children and themselves.

Similarly, in the song, where is the love?, “If you love your race, the singer talks about not discriminating between black and white people, and they shouldnt hate their race either.

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“Children hurting; I hear them crying. He says the results of hate and lack of love and not helping each other results it children paying the price. “can you practice what you preach? The singers talk about people giving good advice and yet they do the opposite of what they say, which leads to a lack of trust.

In these songs, lyrics were repeated. Which helps to emphasize a certain word to draw the attention of the audience. In the song Heal, the world, the singer repeats the phrase “make it a better place for you and for me’ ’which emphasizes helping each other and spreading love will be the of our benefit. In the other song, the singers repeat the phrase “where is the love?’’ They want the audience to say what is going on around them.

Although the two convey a similar message, they differ, In the song ‘where is the love?’’ The singers’, question if there is love in the society, since the love most people know now is deceit and hatred. “selfishness got us following the wrong direction’’, talks about the love for materialism and protection of self-interest has led to the emptiness and despair of people. “wrong information by the media,” they are telling their audience that the wrong information by the media tends to instigate people into believing guilty the mistakes they do and think. “people living like they ain’t got no mamas’’ the singers talk about the lack of values and disrespect in the society. “ Overseas, yeah, they are trying to stop terrorism’’. The singers talk about Government stopping war in other countries, while the people in their own countries are being terrorized by their own people. In the song, heal the world, “see the nation turn their swords into a plowshare’’. The singer believes that violence and hate instilled in society can end. “there is love that can’t lie’’ which means love still exists and there are people who would help and spread love.

Usually, people question if there is love worldwide. Due to the injustice, deceit, etc. they see around them. These songs talk about how people have been affected by these circumstances, and how people can help resolve this problem. Finally, Children are the ones who pay the price for the mistakes of the older generation.

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