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Gujarat Technological UniversityChandkheda Ahmedabad Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Business

Gujarat Technological University

Chandkheda, Ahmedabad

Merchant Engineering College, Basna

Project Report

Network And Computer Security Challenges

Under Subject Of

‘Design Engineering – 2A’

B.E. Semester – V (Computer Egg.)

Submitted By: (‘Group Id:-178202 ’)


No Name Of Student Enrollment No:

1 Rima K. Patel 170650107015

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2 Jhanvi B. Mewada 180653107004

3 Nidhi G. Prajapati 180653107008

Karan Patel Ketan K. Modi (2019-2020)

(Faculty Guide) Head of Department Academic Year


We Would Like To Extend Our Heartily Thanks With A Deep Sense Of Gratitude And Respect To All Those Who Has Provided Us Immense Help And Guidance During Our Project.

We Would Like To Express Our Sincere Thanks To Our Internal Guide Prof. Karan Patel For Providing A Vision About The System And For Giving Us An Opportunity To Undertake Such A Great Challenging And Innovative Work. We Are Grateful For The Guidance, Encouragement, Understanding And Insightful Support Given In The Development Process.

We Would Like To Extend My Gratitude To Prof. Ketan K Modi, Head Of Computer Engineering Department, Merchant Engineering Collage, Basna For His Continuous Encouragement And Motivation.

Last But Not The Least We Would Like To Mention Here That We Are Greatly Indebted To Each And Everybody Who Has Been Associated With Our Project At Any Stage But Who’s Name Does Not Find A Place In This Acknowledgement.

Yours Sincerely ,

Patel Rima (170650107015)

Mewada Jhanvi (180653107004)

Prajapati Nidhi (180653107008)


Computer network security has been a subject of concern for a long period. Many efforts have been made to address the existing and emerging threats such as viruses and Trojan among others without any significant success ,worse, new issues and threats have been emerging given that technology changes and become obsolete in short white. In this regard, this research delves into the current network security issues in order to give future directions of research in a bid to help security technologist know where to focus their resources.


? Three primary goals of Network Security are

• Confidentiality

The first goal of Network Security is “Confidentiality”. The function of “Confidentiality” is in protecting precious business data (in storage or in motion) from unauthorized persons. Confidentiality part of Network Security makes sure that the data is available OLNY to intended and authorized persons. Access to business data should be only for those individuals who are permitted to use that data

• Integrity

The second goal of Network Security is “Integrity”. Integrity aims at maintaining and assuring the accuracy and consistency of data. The function of Integrity is to make sure that the date is accurate and reliable and is not changed by unauthorized persons or hackers. The data received by the recipient must be exactly same as the data sent from the sender, without change in even single bit of data.

• Availability

The third goal of network security is “Availability”. The function of “Availability” in Network Security is to make sure that the Data, Network Resources or Network Services are continuously available to the legitimate users, whenever they require it.

There are three members in our Group:-

Patel Rima (170650107015)

Mewada Jhanvi (180653107004)

Prajapati Nidhi (180653107008)



Sr. no Title Page no

1. Introduction

1.1 Project Scope 6

2. Research Engineering

2.1 Analysis Of Selected Domain 7

2.2 Canvases

2.2.1 AEIOU & Mind Mapping 8

2.2.2 Empathy Mapping Canvas 12

2.2.3 Ideation Canvas 17

2.2.4 Product Development Canvas




3. Mind Mapping

3.1 Mind Mapping & Description


4. Learning Needs Matrix


5. Conclusion & Future Work 32

6. Plagiarism Report 33

1: Introduction

? Computer network security issues/threats are growing in sophistication by the day. The development of new and innovative ways to breach network systems is a continual process in an attempt to counter the security measures installed by security measures installed by security experts.

? Unlike in the past where hacking involved a lone attacker; companies that specialize in attacking other organization and selling stolen data and malware have cropped up.

? Computer networks are made up of software and hardware components each with its vulnerabilities. In contrast to software threats, the hardware risks are easy to detect


? This is because they cause harm on both the data and device while a software threat only harm the data. Knowing vulnerabilities that may arise in the network may help organization in planning and building a successful network and counter measures to apply in a case such threats arise.

2: Research Engineering

2.1 Analysis of Selected Domain

• Selection and Disassembling Of Branch Specific Artifact/Component.

• Study The Technical Aspects Of It. Analysis Of Components/ Modules/ Process/ Algorithms/ Tools/ Technology/ Apes

2.2 Canvases

• (Include Screenshots/ Photographs Of Each Canvas With Proper Description Of Each And Every Component)

2.2.1 AEIOU & Mind Mapping Object :

? Confidentiality

? Integrity

? Availability

? Non-repudation

? Security policy

? Security technology

? Roles and responsibility User :

? Admin

? Attacker

? Security analyst

? Security engineer

? Security administrator

? Security architect Interactions :

? Attackers

? Phishing

? Denial of service

? Spoofing

? Vulnerabilities

? To detect the attack

? To prevent the attack

? Examine the threats Environments :

? Computers

? Laptops

? Tablets

? Mobile Activities :

? Hacking

? Installation of anti-virus

? Software security

? Hardware security

? Intrinstic security

2.2.2 Empathy Mapping Canvas Activities :

? Hacking

? Installation of anti-virus

? Software security

? Hardware security

? Intrinstic securit Stakeholders :

? Risk Manager


? CEO/Board of director

? Legal/Compilance

? Operations

? Human resources/Employees

? Customers/Suppliers Users :

? Admin

? Attacker

? Security analyst

? Security engineer

? Security administrator

? Security architect Story Boarding :

Happy: There are lots of people in this world they are using Facebook, Twitter,

G-mail, etc. without any fear of security. They are putting their personal information like number, photos, etc. on the social media. So this project provides the network security.

Happy: Mostly people are using online payment applications for their business, shopping, banking, subscriptions, reacharges or paying bills, e-commerce, etc. without panic of security. This all application are providing security so this all things happen due to strong privacy/security policy.

Sad: Ransomware deletes 2 years of academic papers. They panic and ask for help in a dedicated forum: “My PC is infected. Please, can anyone help me?”. For this user however , it was too little , too late. For 2 years he worked on this academic papers, and then got encrypted by ransomware. The timing was awful as well, it happened right before they were due Antivirus didn’t help and he had no backup.

Sad: The mom whose laptopn was locked down by a ransomware attack. Two days before thanksgiving, Alina’s mother got hit by a ransomware attack. 5,726 files got locked by cryptowall, an encryption malware so powerful it is almost impossible to recover the information. Alina,s mom contacted the attacker through the ransomware’s communication feature. She losses so much files a half of year’s worth of photos, documents, etc. so they decided to pay ransom.

2.2.3 Ideation Canvas People :

? Admin

? Attacker

? Security analyst

? Security engineer

? Security administrator

? Security architect Activities :

? Hacking

? Installation of anti-virus

? Software security

? Hardware security

? Intrinstic security Props/Tools/Object/Equipment :

? NS2.33

? NS2

? NS3

? Exata-cyber

? NeSSi2


? Foreseeti

? XMcyber Situation/Context/Location :

? Website

? Browser

? Hacking

? System errors

2.2.4 Product Development Canvas Components :




? Router

? Bridge

? Hub

? WI-FI Customer Revalidation :

? IOT Threats

? Ransomware Evolution

? AI Exapnsion

? Blockchain revolution

? Serverless Apps vulnerability People :

? Admin

? Attacker

? Security Analyst

? Security Engineer

? Security architect

? Security administrator Product Experience :

? Better security

? Provide confidentiality

? Provide availability

? Provide Integrity Product Features :

? Communication speed

? File sharing

? Backup and role back is easy

? Software and hardware sharing

? Security

? Scalability

? Relaibility Product Function :

? Detect Malware

? Packet Filtering

? Application Proxy Purpose :

? To provide security

? To detect threats

? Monitoring unauthorized access

? Modification Reject, Redesign, Retain :

? Denial of service

? Probs

? U2R(User to Root)

? R2L(Remote to Local)

3: Mind Mapping

? The Network and computer security challenges is the theoretical subject which involves in our project. Computer security has been a subject of concern for a long period. Many efforts have been made to address the existing and emerging threats such as a Viruses and Trojans have been emerging given that technology changes and in short white.


• It enhances communication and availability of information.

• It allows for more convenient resource sharing.

• It is a highly flexible.

4: Learning Needs Matrix

Plurpose / Product Concept:

? Network and computer security challenges


? XMcyber

? NS2.33


? Foreseeti


? Nortan

? Panda

? Mackeeper

? Heimdal

Principal and Experiment:

? BS



Components Material’s Strength Criteria:


? Bridge

? Router


4: Conclusion & Future Work

The security system must be tight but must be flexible for the end-user to make him comfortable, he should not feel that security system is moving around him. Users who find security policies and systems too restrictive will find ways around them. Security is a broad topic and covers a multitude of sins. In its simplest form, it is concerned with making sure that nosy people cannot read, or worse yet, secretly modify messages intended for other recipients. It is concerned with people trying to access remote services that they are not authorized to use. Most security problems are intentionally caused by malicious people trying to gain some benefit, get attention, or to harm someone.

5 : Plagiarism Report

About the author

This paper is written by Sebastian He is a student at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA; his major is Business. All the content of this paper is his perspective on Gujarat Technological UniversityChandkheda Ahmedabad and should be used only as a possible source of ideas.

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