Guilty by Jodi Picoult Review

Topics: Hell

Brightness can hardly design a book cover than that of the latest novel, the best-selling author Jodi Picoult. In the bottom third, we see an angle from behind the silhouette of the head of a serious young girl; their golden-brown long hair blowing in the breeze and the only bright spot. The flat landscape before her, away she looks over the horizon, is almost black; over the horizon darkly menacing storm clouds billowing. ? “The Tenth Circle” – – refers to the book titled “Guilty” on a debt of the girl, or is she looking for a guilty what has become

Since the English title of the original version from 2006 is in its imagery inspirational , In fact, he refers to a fictional •) novel in comic form, created by the protagonists of “Guilty”, the artist Daniel Stone.

Several sequences cruel, aggression charged Horror drawings from this novel in the novel Picoult has included in her book. The plot of the comics is how the hero fights through the nine circles of horror to his daughter from the clutches of Lucifer, who was once expelled from paradise in the center of hell to save.

Daniel Stone had grown up in the icy hell Alaska among the Eskimos, where his mother worked as a teacher. In the community of locals, he was never accepted as a white man, however; his only friend was Cane, a “Yupik”. When Daniel is 18 years old, is Cane shoots with a gun in the school gym, and Daniel, who finds him, suspected of murder.

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Flight-like leaving Alaska. But life Daniel pursue the terrible years in the mystical world of the Eskimos in ghosts, rebirth, transformation from animals to humans and vice versa believe and incomprehensible cruel for him death of the only friend. Only in his drawings he finds a way to express his emotions expression to find peace, and they bring him success.

Now he is with Laura, a professor married. They have a daughter, Trixie, who is his full attention and care

Laura’s specialty are the works of Dante Alighieri
• 1265-1321), especially his epic poem “The Divine Comedy”. It describes the I -Erzähler first of his long journey through the – divided into nine circles of hell – Inferno, then purgatory where the souls can still hope for a remission of their sins before he finally reaches other stations in the heavenly paradise, which is also in nine . celestial spheres is divided

As they close themselves – Laura, Daniel and Trixie – hell on earth are and what circles they go through have to save her daughter in the end, is the real subject of Jodi Picoults Roman and it comes down to questions of guilt, atonement and forgiveness. Plot, themes and literary motifs form a dense network.

The only four-year-old Trixie is the coveted, good-looking hockey player Jason, a star of her high school friends. When he makes a short time an end to her world falls apart for Trixie. Girlfriend Zephyr organized an evening party, to make her jealous during which Trixie Jason hot sex games. . When strip poker is Trixie finally without a bra in space

In the morning versa Trixie distraught home and reported immediately in great detail what had happened and how Jason had raped her. The carousel is set in motion: the hospital, police interrogations, psychiatric support, bullying at school, and Zephyr assumed Trixie, she wanted Jason to get ready … Trixie knows itself out of its hole not to liberate, only scratches her arms cuts then wrists. Laura finds, so you can save Trixie. But how to do it Jason? He receives strict requirements of the Juvenile Court. to have raped Trixie against the accusations, he resists, because they had agreed with the intimacies

turns Resistant and turns the tide. Who is lying here, who is telling the truth? The feelings of each individual are hurt most deeply, emotions run high. The one who believes in the law, but accused must despair. Of course, Daniel believes only his daughter, “because nothing is easier than self-deceit”
• This wisdom comes by the way of a speaker who is hiding the reader as puzzles in Daniels Comics its name.). Daniel can not imagine that his little girl already had sexual experience, be aware dressed provocatively. And as long no longer holds the police Trixie credible, the confrontation between Daniel and Jason is unstoppable. It comes to a fight, and Jason jumps from a bridge. Was it suicide – or has someone pushed him

The already very complex, darkly psychological novel now also takes on the character of a thriller?. The police are a lively pace, the statements are clear evidence and DNA analyzes over.

“Guilty” describes a terrible family tragedy. The rape of a young girl with the subsequent humiliating investigations and surveys directs the reader and his sympathy to the victims. But for me is actually Daniel, who is the tough, protective father who leidgeprüfteste figure. With the death of Jason and the standing in the room suspicion against an innocent man to his own history repeats, and on top of that he must still cope with that Laura had an affair with a student …

“Guilty” is a book worth book, the author shows just how complex questions must be answered by guilt. Is a murderer acted, it begins speaking legally guilty of the crime is expiated. But for those suffering Trixie, Daniels and so many others who suffer from mental agony, no one can be found guilty. They have become victims of their life circumstances.

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