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Q1. What are the key decision points used by S.G Cowen in making hiring decisions? What is your evaluation of the process used by the firm?

Ans. As the company was an Investment Banking firm, SG Cowen needed to hire candidates who can handle a high volatile environment, have high financial analytical skills, and are proactive in nature.

Therefore, SG Cowen considered following points for the hiring process:

No. of schools to be targeted- Instead of targeting top 10 B schools, now they were also recruiting candidates from 15 other, tier II B-schools. They were also accepting resumes from candidates who were not part of these top 25 colleges.

No. of interview rounds- There were two rounds in the hiring process. First there was on-campus round and then Super Saturday.

Recruiters (alumni of the colleges) present about their company during the on-campus rounds and then candidates are selected for Super Saturday round. In Super Saturday round the candidate was justified based on behavior and attitude.

Interview by banking professionals and the no. of hours of interview.

Culture fit for the company-After both the rounds only, those candidates were selected who are fit for the company and can be loyal to the company.

Evaluation of the process used by the firm:

SG Cowen currently recruited hired associates from 3 sources-

Previously employed analysts/interns as associates.

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Top 25 core business schools (On campus).

Noncore business schools.

These sources provided SG Cowen with a wide talent pool for the 30 offers.

Moreover, the presentation made by the alumni of the colleges is quite innovative, it will encourage more students to take part in the hiring process. The two-day hiring process is time consuming, but it allows the firm to select candidates with the required skills and required behavior to be the best culture fit for the organization.

Q2. Which two candidates would you select if you were a member of the recruiting committee?

Ans. SG Cowen had two offers and four candidates.

Ken Goldstein and Andy Sanchez should be selected by the recruiting committee.

Ken Goldstein, met all the requirements for the job. Though he was married, he had openly talked about his intention to be able to balance a family with being a banker.

Andy Sanchez, had entrepreneurial knowledge since he had his own business. Though his GPA was low but his SAT and GMAT score was good. He would be a great asset for the company.

The below mentioned facts can be used to substantiate the argument.

Natalya Godlewska- Natalya was an MBA student at Cornell and had earned an undergraduate degree in finance at an eastern European university.


Finance Background

High GPA

4 years of work experience in Finance field

Analytical Knowledge


Not a good culture fit

Not good English communication

Martin Street- Martin was a second year Wharton MBA. He was a confident and articulate personnel.


4 years of work experience

Leadership experience

Dynamic personality


No finance backgrounds

No business knowledge

Ken Goldstein- Ken was a second year MBA at Berkeley. He also worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers for five years


5 Years of work experience

Finance background

Analytical skills

Experience in managing multiple audit teams simultaneously

Strong social skills

Technical skills


Married and had two sons

Andy Sanchez- Andy Sanchez was a second year MBA student at the University of Southern California and has succeeded as an entrepreneur in his early life. Andy had good business knowledge.


Excellent score in SAT and GMAT

Leadership skills

Business knowledge

Personable, enthusiastic and ambitious



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