Tragicomedy “Terminal”

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The following sample essay on “Tragicomedy Terminal” is a review of the 2004 film directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Tom Hanks and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

The Unjust Treatment in The Terminal by Andrew NiccolLanguage can be one of the greatest barrier that we can consider especially when communicating to someone that came from a different country. The movie The Terminal who was directed by Steven Spielberg and was released on 2004, was a very meaningful movie with a great choice of characters and its setting which engages the viewers to continue watching and to delve deeper into the movie as it it filled with countless values and lessons.

As a child, Steven Spielberg was bullied because he was not good at anything at school even in the field of academics. As he grew up his main inspiration in creating movies was his own childhood experience which made him decide to direct the movie The Terminal. He always wanted the viewers to feel the emotions that were showcased in the film.

He wanted them to feel sadness and at the same time happiness and to always believe that even at dark times there is always hope and that the world has still a ray of sunshine left.

Other than the director and protagonist popularity, people where baffled on how could a movie just mainly revolve in a terminal. The setting in which the story took place at the JFK airport where it gives of an everyday vibe of a typical airport; busy and hassle.

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Spielbergs inspirations was mainly focused in his childhood life which can be related to the character of Victor Navorski. He portrays the protagonist of the story as a simple man who is innocent and proud of his own country despite having a bad image towards the publics eye. He finds comfort towards his newly gained friends throughout his stay at the JFK airport.

Frank Dixon, the newly promoted head of the Customs and Border Protection in the airport and the antagonist of the story portrayed a role of a man who will do everything in his power just to gain what he wanted even if it means doing unjust.The director, Steven Spielberg successfully achieved his goal in letting the viewers feel different kind of emotions throughout the entire movie. The writer, Andrew Niccol filled the film with deep symbolism that each one of us can relate to. Symbolisms that we can see everyday in our lives.

It was at first when Victor Navorski, the protagonist of the story was asked some questions but he couldnt understand it and instead he just nod his head and repeatedly answer the same words which were Yes and Krakozhia. He couldnt understand and comprehend what they are saying which led him to teach himself to be able to understand what is happening in his country through the television news. It happened in the movie countless times where a foreign man from Russia didnt know that he needed permits in order to bring medicines from other countries. It was such a sad fact that a person should know the language that everyone is using for them to be treated fairly and just.

Another spurt of shameful act is when the head of the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Frank Dixon did many unfair ways to make Victor Navorski give up his dream in going to New York and to just return back home in Krakozhia. He even deprived Navorski from food by hiring someone to return the luggage cart of the passengers when Navorski learned that he could received a money from returning it. This again shows the unjust treatment towards the least. People with high status are treated fairly and just, while those who have nothing cannot be treated as equal as those above.

The story also reflects the reality by making Frank Dixon who cares deeply about his reputation and honor towards his subjects. This was supported when he did many unfair treatment towards Navorski. Even though Navorski can now legally enter and go to New York because of the permit that Amelia Warren the flight attendant, had given him he still threatened Navorski to go back to his country in return of not harming the friends that he have gained in his stay at the airport.

Although the movie was not as successful and big compared to his previous movies such as The Jaws, E.T., the Extra Terrestrial and many more, it still received countless positive reviews. Spielberg was able to convey the different emotions through the characters of the story especially Viktor Navorski. They were able to showcase the differences of treatment between the characters. The movie have taught us many things in life which can be used in our everyday life. However, if the ending of the story was more specific and accurate on which home does Navorski refers to. Was it his homeland, Krakozhia or was it hid newly found home the terminal?

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