Power. Every creature in the world wants it. Nothing likes to be picked on. Everything from plankton to humans wants power over its rivals in life.

There is a saying that too much of a good thing can sometime be a bad thing. Too much power can sometimes be appalling. Another example is water, it is considered to be the basic building block of life, with out it we die. Too much of it, we die.
For as far back as history can take us, man has been wanting power over it ‘s rivals in life. In some cases, a person will go to great measures to make sure he or she has the upper hand over another person. When a person as an individual can’t get power over another, they are sometimes willing to share their power in exchange for help. Once you have two people with power who are willing to work together, they can force weaker people to believe in the same morals and religions.

This is what a civilization is all about. Once you have the people with power ruling over others and society begins to grow and develop new technologies; they are defined as a civilization. A number of civilizations can come together, gain territory, establish a government, politically organization, and they can now be classified as a nation.
All throughout the history of the world and its civilization becoming nations, over time these nation became some of the strongest nations know to man. Those great nations some time became empires, at the same time nations were know to be token over by a stronger nation.

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Now with the combined power anewmuch stronger nation is born. The time it takes for a nation to rise and fall can range from one year to several hundred years. It has been proven all threw out history time and time again that the stronger power today will not always be the stronger power of tomorrow. For example there was a settlement in a new land that was name the thirteen colonies. In time those thirteen colonies grew to become the now fiftieth s…

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