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Gothic Literature Part 2 Quiz

Gothic literature definition
A genre or mode of literature that
combines elements of both horror and romance. Tales deal with horror, despair,

Where are gothic elements seen

Who did gothic literature branch from

True or false; authors wrote in gothic literature before they had a name for themselves

Who were some gothic literature authors
Poe, Hawthorne, Washington Irving, and Herman Melville

In this time period, what were some growing American anxieties
Inequality, loss of economic reliance, immigration rate, human cost of city life

What was the purpose of gothic literature
To create terror in the reader, to open fiction to new doors (terror, mystery, depths of the mind), and to demonstrate the precense of the uncanny existing in the world we know rationally through experience

What are the gothic literature characteristics
1. Atmosphere of gloom, terror, mystery
2. Bleak or remote setting
3. Psychological or physical torment in characters
4. Omens, visions
5. Supernatural or otherworldly element
6. Women in distress
7. Unreliable narrator

What do gothic characters act from
Negative emotions

What often happens in gothic literature
The focus on death, or mysteriously disappearing characters

What do the gothic dimensions of Poe’s fictional world offer
Him a way to explore the human mind in extreme situations and arrive at an essencial truth

What do Poe’s settings have
feature dark, medevial castles and decaying ancient estates

What are Poe’s characters like
Male: insane
Female: beautiful and dead (or dying)

What do Poe’s plots include
Murder, live burials, physical and mental torture, retribution from beyond the grave


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