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Good Food Reach our Stomach Paper

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Galamay, Lance Ju-el F. September 21, 2019

2019-08982 English 13 THW1

College of Science- Mathematics Discussion Paper

Let Good Food Reach our Stomach

The text discusses the food system’s fault to improve human and environmental health as well as social justice; and the links between the food and the myriad of other crises characteristic of capitalism. Capitalism entails to continually change production from goods and services that are unprofitable to something that is profitable. Since competition forces to maximize short term profits, it is this quantitative emphasis and not the quality of use causing to a preponderant goal. Capitalists can’t afford to be concerned with the lifetime of obesity and related illnesses that such a diet might spawn. Practically, capitalist usually prioritize on profits rather than the quality of life of humans. They do not emphasize the majority’s welfare. People die because of the food they are consuming and people die because they aren’t consuming enough or the right any food because of hegemony’s product, Capitalism.

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The world’s capitalist economy was branded as a “Communal command economy” because big firms run by small elites have meant too much peculiar power to command humanity. Markets are planning to use instruments of corporations to utilize supply and demand. While the truth is most markets never operated by the optimality and now this ideal is so deeply embedded that it can still be used to justify “floating markets” but trading of markets is used as tools to maximize their immediate profits while creating huge long-range costs to society. These social costs are debts that future generations need to compensate whether they are economic, ecological or health liabilities.

The Food system of America is dependent on fossil fuels and this system contributes more to global warming than any other sector of the economy. Further, to mention some causes of pollution like the massive petro-related inputs of agriculture combined with the pollution of freshwater masses make the capitalist food system a key factor to the devastation of the environment, which is now reaching disturbing degrees. Finally, given this dependency, food price will go up with oil-related products such as petroleum, and food cropland use for other commodities will push even higher. Without action, this price explosion will soon be disastrous for low-status workers.

Additionally, Junk food easily profits from people addicted to sugar, fat, and salt for which they provide consumers with lots of calories but few nutrients. Because of addiction to this food type and insufficient income to afford more nutritious food, people consume too many calories and inadequate nutrients. Even more serious than what has called the “pandemic of obesity,” is the hunger and malnutrition suffered by over a billion people in the world which is estimated to be 360 children under the age of five dies of starvation or hunger-related illnesses every half hour. The food industry constantly highlights the variety of choices it offers the contemporary consumer, but this is a deception. First of all, because most people in the world are deprived to buy any but the cheapest food. Second, those that have the money are confronted with a huge array of processed foods that are just a combination of soy, corn, fat, sugar, and salt. Third, food propaganda is so widespread and powerful that most food choices are already heavily conditioned by the environment and its powerful marketing techniques. Fourth, almost all foods in the classic supermarket are the goods of a few huge corporations like Nestl? and Coca-Cola. We need to retaliate from this and clear our minds of the free market myth so that we can begin to consciously comprehend markets as democratic planning mechanisms to advance human and environmental well-being. It is important to democratize the labor market. There will always be unmet social needs, and there should always be jobs to meet those needs and the market is extremely ineffective in organizing human energies to meet their needs. The technology could be utilized to find new ways of prioritizing social needs and of mustering human intelligence and material wealth to meet them.

Finally and this will perhaps be the hardest, we need to find ways to reallocate resources to improve the equality that is necessary for democracy to be effective, and for freedom to have meaning. Democratizing markets, corporations, and governments are, in my opinion, not a “middle way” that compromises its essence to liberalism, it is the best way forward that I can think of- a means that to opt out in a just and humane way from the myriad of crises that confront us.

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This sample is completed by Emma with Health Care as a major. She is a student at Emory University, Atlanta. All the content of this paper is her own research and point of view on Good Food Reach our Stomach and can be used only as an alternative perspective.

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