How Does God the Father Show His Love for Us?

God the Father manifests His love for us by sacrificing His one and only Son, Jesus Christ. We look up to the Son as our supreme moral guide as He represents the faultless and exemplary version of a human being. He was and still is the epitome and visible symbol of everything that the Lord tells us and expects us to do. He is the ultimate revelation, the fullness teachings of Christ as He is the perfect manifestation of what we, as the supreme creation of the Father, should do to all of His creations.

He taught us to be the kindest and humble we could be as there are no assurance to salvation aside from the fact that everything is possible through Him. In the bible, Jesus implicitly and explicitly tells us to always have the best of others interest in our hearts as He always had ours, no matter what race, gender, age, or religion.

In lieu with this, even though we already have Jesus Christ as our supreme moral guide, we still need the Church as guide for our moral actions and choices most especially in the world we live in today wherein there are a lot of temptations and paths that may lead us away from good and towards evil.

Moreover, the Church has been around for so long but still has the same goal, to continue what Jesus Christ had been telling and teaching His disciples before: the task of proclaiming the message of salvation to all.

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To proclaim it without fear of anything whether it be of error, faith, or moral for the realization and actualization of the kingdom of God on Earth.

In todays time, it is known that there are a lot of moral challenges that we may or may not find hard to overcome and see the light of faith. However, the Church, as wholehearted and passionate as she can be, confronted fiercely those changes in the society as well as the challenges that each generation brings and pushes us to see through the cracks and follow the light that shines within the farthest depths of our beliefs. Through this, all I can do is to only hang on to my faith and trust in Him, and in Him alone we shall be saved.

The teachings of Christ is relevant to the contemporary moral situations through the Church as it is her duty to interpret and examine the signs of the times in every age in the light of the Gospel, so that all generations can understand the teachings in accordance to how each one perceive things. Moreover, the essential Christian moral vocation is for us to commit ourselves through the power of Christs unending grace.

For us to progressively overcome the evil of sins in and around each and every one of us. It is our vocation to reach out in the acts of lovingly service to others rather than to just simply avoid sin. In the simplest of words, to my own understanding, to love is the essential vocation of every human being, thus, developing into a more profound personal holiness. In addition to that, it makes more sense as this vocation all enables us to fulfill Christs command.

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How Does God the Father Show His Love for Us?
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