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So I have imaginatively varied and so surprising not read the Christmas story. Ulrich Knellwolf has created several versions of it – between two and a dozen pages long – and in the ribbon “God builds to” gathered. They are serene and contemplative, theologically attractive, inspiring our imagination and warm the heart. You can read one or the other on Christmas Eve with the family and may actually expect to prepare all present generations a joy.

The book tells the Christmas Gospel, the “good news” of Christ’s birth, for people of today.

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In its variations is dedicated to the author every few protagonists or secondary characters, gives them a history, a character, a perspective. Although he leaves them in their time, but by the ‘humanization’ he puts them closer to us.

they are thus to become aware facts that we should not really be surprised, so obvious. But after centuries of pious devotion, these figures are frozen, their carnality was covered, erased, partly taboo, so that they exist only as hollow plaster figures with rigid transfigured view or as bogeymen (Herod) in the minds of most of us.

Knellwolf reminds us that Joseph was a normal “guy from Nazareth,” the to a girl “from dubious circumstances … had his eye cast”.

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“We can hardly’s us young enough to imagine any case far below our legal marriage age.” When they put him she was expecting a child, he does amazed; perhaps he can “pull unscathed from the affair”? After all – “the child could indeed be from another” … But then the affected families with tangible interests take on diplomatic negotiations to arrange a marriage. The strained the patience of the young people too. They decide to elope on the occasion of the upcoming census together to Bethlehem to marry there and bring those arriving later family with a fait accompli.

In another mind game work both as guest workers in the noble King David Hotel in Bethlehem. Maria’s maid and Joseph the strongman. First they only rumors, but soon it can no longer be overlooked: The young woman is pregnant. “Take your girl and get out,” said the hotel manager. “We are a reputable house.” In fact, “such stories do not need” can be straight, after all, you are prepared for an important visitor. Every morning you roll the freshly cleaned red carpet, because every day the Messiah may arrive to register.

In a modern version hitchhiking Joseph and Mary to their destination. They are taken by three scientists who participate in Jerusalem at a theologians Congress and use their free afternoon for a sightseeing tour to Bethlehem

Mary as very young geschwängertes “sweetheart”, maid and Hitchhiker -. As heretical the because? And the author (theologian and writer) does not shrink back once more before the highest instance. plays in two stories God the Father highest even the lead role. One deals with his difficulties to “father”; the other tells how the good old man is bored in heaven. His creation disappointed him; people bicker continually flout the laws or overestimate themselves, addressed in any case constantly mischief, and he must then judge. By chance, he discovered in the Galilee a couple in love – and their fate makes him despair: Due to different social, religious and immigrant reasons they give their love no future and are on the verge of separating. That human laws are obviously stronger than love, God brings to ponder. And he sums up the intent to rebuild the world so that love determines how people live together. In a first step, he leads the two young people together, let them secretly marry and give birth when Mary in Bethlehem a child, he decides: “This child is my ambassadors of love for the world.” If God remodeling work is once finished, he will take up residence “in the world among us”; then “the world of the heavens be” is so provocative (or even heretical) the biblical characters are well grounded -. their humanization has a system.

All stories have a common tendency. Them is confidence based derives the Knellwolf from the New Testament story. “Is born power that the king and bringer of salvation not in the midst of a palace, but in a stable … of ordinary people” in, so that God comes down to the people, the author recognizes: Since “lights up for a moment the idea a new world “; between the extremes of “King in the manger” and “King on the cross” God obligation “as the creator of becoming perfect world.” In that world humanity will reign, and the protagonists of all his stories turn out to be just that: good people. How Knellwolf this term actually filled (not utopian), you erliest from text to text Knell wolf stories about what is happening in Galilee are supplemented by Christmas anecdotes about great composers as well as from his own pastor existence.

No doubt, the message of the Christmas gospel is powerful. You can much of the world for a few days in a solemn, peaceful transform, even if they subsequently returned to their usual state far removed from the perfection falls back. In the penultimate story Knellwolf concretized the political dimension. On Christmas Eve 1989, he receives a call from Brasov in Transylvania; in the background you can hear shots. In revolt against the regime of dictator Nicolae Ceausescu parishes and pastors fight on the side of the demonstrators; solid churches, bells and Bach’s Christmas Oratorio at the service of “God’s revolution against oppression, injustice, misery and death.” For Romania Christmas 1989 was sacred not shut yet, but “it struck a ‘redeeming grace <“: Ceausescu was arrested and executed.

You do not believe in God, “God builds to” worth reading to find , Some pastoral tone can be a minister not mind, but most of the beneficial light, clean, sometimes amusing everyday and intimate is the writer Knellwolf ago. Enjoy reading full depth.

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