Geology Final Theory is Progressing

Dear Alfred Wegner, I have decided to tell you how Tectonic Plates work, for your future studies. Your theory has been progressing during our time. There are lots of theories behind Tectonic Plates, but I’m going to tell you the evidence that I think is most accurate. Now, this event may take a while, but only keep reading. Tectonic Plates moving could have easily been the reason of the separation of Pangea. Now, this event would be most logical explanation.

That, or it could have been the Earth’s core where magma lies. Another thing would be fossil locations where they ended up where they don’t belong. Finally, Mountain ranges, how they are formed, and the flow of the Earth’s rotation.

Think about it, earthquakes are caused by Plate Tectonics shifting, what if it was a ginormous earthquake?. One long way back in time, it is said that all the continents were once connected. This is Pangea. Earthquakes are caused by plate boundaries, which makes the earth shake to form one.

The plates move slowly it tends to induce some friction. Friction makes the plates unable to move. Friction causes lots of energy. The more energy released the more the earth shakes. Enough energy being released stimulate the continents to split. (the continental drift). Earthquakes can do anything to happen if they are strong enough. The earthquake would have to be large enough to make the separation.

The earth’s mantle could also be the reason of the Continental Drift.

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Earth’s mantle could also have seafloor spreading. This is when magma rises in the mid-ocean ridge, forming a new layer of oceanic crust. Science supports this theory because the earth’s mantle is extremely hot and could melt anything. In the mantle heat rises, this can create hot spot volcanoes. These volcanoes are underneath the surface (under the continents). An eruption of the volcano/volcanoes could melt through the surface and could contact the continents. This could induce them to spread/split apart from each other. Magma can melt through the crust and seep into the continents. Not only could it have split the continent, but because heat rises, temperature rises which could potentially make climate change. Climate change can affect the earth in many ways. In our time climate change has brutally impacted Australia. Wildfires have been spreading like crazy endangering all types of animals. Therefore, climate change is unpredictable, anything could happen, even the separation of the continents.

Fossils are found in the most random places too. It just doesn’t add up to where they are when they are found, versus where they originated. The most shocking found was a whale graveyard. A whale graveyard with dozens of whales was found in a desert. A desert with no water. Doesn’t make sense now does it? Hot deserts are known for having droughts and extreme rises in its temperature. How exactly would whales be found there? The whales’ habitat is the ocean, they need water and fish strictly for their survival. Their food lives there, they breathe in the water, why would they be found somewhere with no water? The Continental Drift. Mountain ranges are formed through plate tectonics. If the movement of tectonic plates causes earthquakes and forms mountains, it could also split the earth. Mountains are ginormous! It’s kind of like a huge split and the reaction formed a huge jump in the earth’s rock. If you think about it like that, anything causes a reaction. For instance, the tectonic plates moving get a reaction of an earthquake.

Everything reacts, mountains forming could disrupt the earth, and it would react. Tectonic plates make huge destruction, forming a mountain could disrupt the environment. Tectonic Plates form energy if enough is formed this could ultimately impact the earth and its society. Now this one sounds a little crazy. The earth’s rotation. Yes, the earth’s rotation, you must think out of the box! The earth is constantly in its rotation, but what if something disrupts it? This would cause the earth’s rotation to be off. It wouldn’t know how to react because it’s never done that! If the earth’s rotation became possibly faster, what would it do? It would be unusual and generate lots of change. It would completely change the course of rotation, creating huge destruction. Well, that’s all for my letter, I believe that you will expand your thinking of it. A lot could have potentially caused the continental drift, but hopefully, this narrowed down the possibilities. Farewell from the future!

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Geology Final Theory is Progressing
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