Genetically Modified Foods

When it comes to the way the earth and the human population have grown throughout many years, it has changed due to the way the, earth by its own is approached. Genetically Modified foods are similar to mammals. This would be such as how humans have their own individual DNA; plants and crops have their own similar way of having their own DNA as well. Genetically Modified Foods which are also known as GMO’s and it is basically when the plants DNA has been changed through something known as genetic engineering.

Some people might asks themselves why someone would want to change the way the plants grow, this might not provide them with the sufficient nutrients and vitamins that these plants and crops can give them. If people are not aware of the products that they are consuming, the consumers are the ones who will be more harmed and have toxins within them. While on the other hand, the ones who do the GMO foods will be gaining a lot of profit doing this.

In this type of science they want to look for a crop or plant that would be able to produce a specific nutrient that they want. If that certain one does not, then they will be moving on to the next for the one that fits the outcome that they have been wanting. This type of method would basically be a way to get pests and insects away from the crops which could be something positive.

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However, the type of chemicals that this could provide is left unsure and could be something that affect those who are consuming these products.

The reason why Genetically Modified foods can be bad is because of the testing that can be done due to the toxins that have been placed from the start in these plants. Some plants and crops that you may eat everyday may have and do contain GMO’s such as soybeans, potatoes, maize, and so forth. The population needs to be able to stop this while first being aware that there is a problem with the food that they are consuming. Many people now that they are aware may know if these types of food are safe for their consumption in which will be determined by the labels that grocery markets have towards these foods that are being provided to them.

When these crops are being grown it would usually be in a field which can be affected to not only a certain number of crops, but perhaps the weather outside should be one factor. Of course, keep in mind the understanding that most fields have no shelter in which would be covering these crops. This would be such as if it was windy, the one crop already contaminated could make the rest around and the others around, and so forth contaminated as well. There have been so many little tests done on GMO foods and the studies are not able to tell yet whether these GMO’s will lead to positivity in the future. However, some may say why not continue it and see the lasting future effects? People need to realize that chemicals which are something unsafe are not efficient and could end up doing more harm than good.

Based on all the research that has been done on genetically modified foods, you can assume that inductive reasoning has been used. Based on the book, “Thought and Knowledge An Introduction to Critical Thinking,” by Diane F. Halpen states that “In inductive reasoning, observations have collected that support or suggest conclusion” (page 180). The research would be able to conclude that since it could be potentially hazardous to people, then it would be an effect that nobody would want.

Genetically modified foods have not only been studied by scientist they have also been studied by different researchers at different schools. UC Santa Cruz has been a university that has seen how the GMO foods have had a negative impact. They have claimed to say that the number of cost that these crops have left is about two hundred million dollars invested in which the U.S. will not be able to receive back. As well as, twelve billion dollars with anything that has to do with farm and the industry. This money could be used as something more beneficial to other things that are actually important and in which the economy could benefit from. The funding in GMO foods have been very minimum and UC Santa Cruz have shown that the only way this kind of genetic engineering would be able to continue if the process showed positive results.

If the science is Genetically Modified Foods can be valid in how they would be able to approach this in order to give last longing results that would still not matter due to changing the way plants and crops can grow. Another factor would be the changes that they provide in the crops could not all be the same and could become different to the original DNA and the way they have tested. The way this has been tested has shown that many humans are more prone to have allergic reactions to these genetically modified foods. The GM has higher chances of being more toxins in which could have higher chances for the human population to congest these toxins and have them more.

So now, the conclusion has arrived in which as stated in “Thought and Knowledge an Introduction to Critical Thinking,” by Diane F. Halpern states that it is an inferential belief that is derived from other statements. The conclusion would be that Genetically Modified Foods are something that cannot lead to something positive in the future. There might be a few advantages; however, there are more disadvantages due to this process. It can be harmful to humans in such ways that can have a great impact in the future.

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