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Gender equality Essay

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Gender equality : problems and solutions.

Internationally. Gender equality is a hot issue that is the center of debate. For a long time ago, gender prejudice is common with human in ancient times which means men always are top class and women are the weak. Until now, with the modern society, this prejudice gradually eliminate but the remnant of it is still existing. In this essay, I will discuss this matter about problems and give the suitable solutions for it.

First of all, in the past men are considered more than women in many major on society. In ancient times, instead of going to school as men, women just stayed at home do housework like a slave that school is not a place for girls, kitchen is suitable. If someone is women who want to learn or study something, it would be banned that this noble thing just for men. For a long period of time, female were recognized to study in school but these could not study in the same school with male. Gradually, with the achievements of many women scientist, female were acknowledged the devotion of us as men but the prejudice still there so that these took a lot of effort in their work to have admission of social. However in the modern society, this issue just happen when a women become a leader of a group, company or a country, it still many bias for her that she can do good job as male.

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Secondly, the issue that every single women need to cope up with in this major- sport that is at least some recognition especially football. Talk about physical fitness, men are stronger than women that thing is admitted but is does not mean that men are more priority than female. From all over the world, sporting events which have many participants – men is a majority than women, also that it attracts more views and rates when the competition have men. Moreover, the achievement of women was not recognized as men and the rewards for them are lower than men though these gain the highest in competition. Even though the devotion between two genders is equality, the wage for male is higher than female. This thing can interrupt their careers because of the burden of living expense.

This is a hot issue in every single debate, also it is a subject in many international meeting. In the modern society, the prejudice is gradually eliminated, the success of women is admitted but it still have some problem that cannot resolve thoroughly. To become more gender equality, it should start from education for children that each child no distinct the gender need to go to school, have a chance to gain knowledge. Female also have a resource of knowledge which cannot discriminate just because women can be like men. Moreover women need to get power, raise more aspirations about works and life that these have a chance to develop themselves like the other men. The world now is more modernized so why women cannot become a leader.

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This paper is written by Sebastian He is a student at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA; his major is Business. All the content of this paper is his perspective on Gender equality and should be used only as a possible source of ideas.

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