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My birthday is on may 9 so many important things happened on that day. All throughout the years so many things happened to like one of the worst tornadoes and other things other stuff that changed everything like Mother’s day and brook Obama talking about gay pride. Everything that happened on may 9 would change so much of what we all know and love. So much could be different if these things never happened. One of the most important ones is like brook Obama expressing his emotions about gay marriage and how that changed so much.

The other one is the one about victory day is one of the most important celebrations after ending one of the worst wars of history nazi Germany did so many unthinkable things and if the war was never ended everything would be different.

Tornadoes are one of the most destructive natural disasters in the world. They cause a lot of damage. One in May 9, 1933, was a really bad tornado that killed 61 people and left a lot of damage and left a lot of people homeless.

It did over $40,000 at that time of damage which would be about 800,000 today’s money.. 8 years before that there was probably the worst tornado to hit us. That tornado killed over 600 soils dead and more than 2000 people homeless. That tornado hit Illinois, Indiana, Missouri. Most of the tornados hit the United States of America.

About 1000 tornadoes form per year in America and most of the tornadoes are in the same area that part of the U.

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S gets most of the tornado. On may 31 2013 the biggest tornado hit Oklahoma. they named it el reno at one point it was 2.6 miles long. El Reno was so long it was more than 2.5 miles. The winds were so fast they were about 185 miles per hour or 298 Kilometers. The tornado of May 8, 1905, was really dangerous too. It hit Kansas and it did a lot of damage. It started at 11:45 pm and killed over 35 people and left more than 50 injured. It hit the sleeping town of Marquette Kansas. In 1955 Germany joined nato. Nato stands for North Atlantic Treaty organization. 10 years after the Nazis were defeated in WW2 Germany wanted a new start and joined Nato. It was formed by Washington DC in 1949. Noto is an alliance between the countries in it.

The alliance if one of the country’s gets attacked the others would help each other. Nato has been run by the United States of America since it started. There are a lot of countries in nato there are 29 like Great Britain, Italy, Iceland, Luxemburg, Canada, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Portugal, and the United States, and more. there is always one man in charge right now it’s Jens Stoltenberg. He was the former prime minister of Norway. His term has been 4 years so far. America spends a lot of money trying to help Nato so Most of the money America spends on nato is for defense for the group. General Dwight D Eisenhower was the first Supreme Allied in the organization of NATO.

General Dwight D Eisenhower was from America so the United States had a strong part in the organization. The United States spends so much more money than the other Nato members. In 2017 the United States of America spent about 600 billion dollars on defense for nato. On May 9th, 1973 the 37th Preston Richard M Nixon was going to get impeached. The temperature in the process takes a long time. It’s when the president does something illegal in the government that impeaches him from office. He denied involvement on June 27th, 1972 Breaking into the Democratic Party National headquarters in an apartment Hotel in Washington DC. couple man Link to the White House soon arrested and Nixon denied any involvement in the break-in. May 9th, 1974 the house said a comment says there is a hearing for an Impeachment process against President Nixon.

On August 8th, 1974 President Nixon the 37th president became the first president to voluntarily leave office resign from being president. That made it so Nixon couldn’t get charged with any crime. They found 5 men. One of the people that broke into the democratic party national headquarters was only a 24 years old night watchman and he was arrested at the scene at 2:30. One was James McCord a former CIA agent. Richard Nixon was the vice president, 36 presidents, from 1953 to 1961. General ford was the vice president when Richard Nixon was president after Nixon left the presidency General ford took the president’s spot. General ford was president for the rest of the 3 years and he became the 40th vice president

On may 9 1945 the solvent union created victory day. The holiday commensurates the defeat of Nazi Germany. They’ve been celebrating this to this day meme this upcoming august 10th it’s going to be the 75th anniversary of the holiday. 27 million Soviet soldiers died during World War II. These are Victory Day members. It’s mostly in the same spot that it’s celebrated at. They celebrate in Rhode Island. They eat chicken and mushroom julienne, Tomato and garlic bread, and tuna salad sandwiches. This upcoming year it is going to be on August 10th, 2020. most members in the Soviet Union celebrate Victory Day, like Kazakhstan, and belugas and more. In it’s going to be in Moscow where the celebration is going to be victory day is celebrated

By the countries that helped defeat Hitler during world war 2. World war 2 started on September 1, 1939, and ended on September 2, 1945. During the war, so many people suffered and over 75 million people died, 20 million were military from both sides and 40 million citizens were Jewish. So many people suffered in those 5 years in world war 2. On May 9, 2012, the first African American president Barack Obama approved gay marriage. He was president from 2009 to 2017. He was president for both terms. On that day he expressed his emotions about gay marriage 20 years on evolution on LGBT rights and the partnership for gay marriage.2004 Bill Clinton gave the states the option of refusing gay marriage. In 2006 Barack Obama wrote a book about gay marriage called The Audacity of Hope. In 2007 Barack Obama strongly supported gay marriage. In July 2014 Barack Obama signed Sing LGBT employees could work for the government. January 2015 Barack Obama the first president to use the word, transgender.

In the State of Union Address. He said that gays or lesbians should be allowed to marry. Barack Obama what’s the first-ever president to ever publicly say and talk about LGBT rights. gay marriage has been frowned upon for a very very long time in America. People go out in the streets and express their emotions by celebrating gay pride. gay pride is one big parade thing that gays, lesbians, bisexuals, And transgenders they went and celebrate their sexuality. Hanry hay was the first lesbian rights organization In 1955.

On May 9, 1905, was the day that mother’s day that the military mothers were celebrated. Mother’s Day is a celebration honoring all mothers from every family and motherhood. The celebration in 2020 it’s going to be on May 10. Mother’s day is such an important day that it’s the day when all mothers appreciate them. Mothers day is celebrated around the world. Almost the whole world celebrates it and there are some countries that don’t and they all do it at different times. Mothers do so much for the world it’s nice for the world to have a day just for them. We also have the same day for Fathers but it’s different dates of the year called fathers day.

On May 9th, 1914 Americans were asked their thoughts about mothers. The founder of Mother’s Day was Anna Jarvis. After her mother died on May 9th, 1905 Anna went on Memorial Day for all mothers and recognized all the importance that mothers have in the world. And I got as many country women that believe the same as she did that women have a really important role. They made Mother’s Day At Work Club they went around and fixed local problems. This all happened during the Civil War So the clubs turn into nurseries for both sides of the conflict. not long after that Anna and all the women who stood by her accomplished it in 1908 in West Virginia and by 1910 it was a national holiday.



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