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GCSE English Literature Heroes Quotes w/Characters & Themes

Francis – Revenge
And I know where to find him

Francis – Guilt and Sin
I stood there helplessly

Francis – Good and Evil
You were our hero even before the war

Francis – Innocence and Childhood
Took me in after father died

Francis – Love and Hate
Her words filled me with both love and agony

Francis – Appearance and Reality
Nostrils are like two small caves

Francis – War and its Consequences
The war is over and I have no face

Francis – Isolation
The loneliness of the tenement drove me to the Wreck Centre

Francis – Role Models
My champion

Nicole – Revenge
Her voice is sharp and brittle

Nicole – Guilt and Sin
Her voice is sharp and brittle

Nicole – Good and Evil
Her white blouse torn

Nicole – Innocence and Childhood
Small and slender

Nicole – Love and Hate
She brought her hand to her lips and flung it away

Nicole – Appearance and Reality
Her bones were elastic

Nicole – War and its Consequences
Her white blouse torn

Nicole – Isolation
I’m starting to find out what I am

Nicole – Role Models
And I love to watch you play

Larry – Revenge
The sound of a pistol shot

Larry – Guilt and Sin
Maybe your sins are catching up to you

Larry – Good and Evil
The forged papers

Larry – Innocence and Childhood
Sweet young things

Larry – Love and Hate
Sweet young things

Larry – Appearance and Reality
Affection on his face

Larry – War and its Consequences
No wounds that you can see

Larry – Isolation
Time to go home

Larry – Role Models
They are our future

Joey – Guilt and Sin
What’s the matter with you?

Joey – Good and Evil
But he still beats up kids in the schoolyard

Joey – Innocence and Childhood
You’ve got a run in your stocking!

Arthur – Good and Evil

Arthur – Appearance and Reality
Grenade, then?

Arthur – War and its Consequences
Land mine?

Arthur – Isolation
Nobody talks about the war

Arthur – Role Models
You deserve to be recognized, Francis

Mrs Belander – Good and Evil
I can make you sturdy soup to help your cold

Mrs Belander – Appearance and Reality

Mrs Belander – War and its Consequences
Poor boy

Enrico – Role Models
You’re a big hero

Marie – Good and Evil
Your secret is safe with me

Marie – Love and Hate
Do you like her?

Dr Abrams – War and its Consequences
One of the few benefits from the war

Dr Abrams – Role Models
Look me up when you’ve a mind to

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