Gay Adoption Should Be Allowed

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In the past few years, there has been strong controversy regarding gay rights. Some religions say that homosexuality is morally wrong, and others say that these people cannot change who they are and deserve the same rights as everyone else. Although the debate over gay rights is wildly stretched, one of these controversies should be given full attention. For years the idea of a nuclear family, a husband, wife, and children, has been the standard for the American household. Today, however, the possibility of two parents of the same gender having a child has been realized.

Gay adoption is beneficial to our society because it increases the adoption rate, offers parenting opportunities, and has no harmful side effects.

The most important outcome of gay adoption is that it increases the adoption rate. Even though children need parents, “not every foster child is in high demand” (Ban Political Exploitation of Children 2). These children desperately need loving families to look after and care for them.

Gay adoption offers childrenhild a home and, “the benefit of the love of two parents, which, unfortunately, a lot of kids don’t have these days” (Jarvis 1). Having openly gay adoption will give these children, “the unique capacity of gay couples to provide what … children so desperately need” (McGowan 2). Having a parent gives a child financial security, social support, and access to health care. Having these necessities does not only give kids an edge in life but also prepares them for the road ahead. Gay adoption is in, “the best interests of the child” which has been the goal of adoption agencies and foster homes for years (Dickerson 1).

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Several children who are up for adoption cannot find homes because they are over the target age for most couples or have certain needs. Studies have shown, “that gay and lesbian parents are disproportionately open to adopting the older and special-needs children who are hardest to place” (Dickerson 2). There are more foster children than are in demand. Allowing gay adoption will open those kids to a wide variety of ready-to-adopt parents. Parents can also benefit from gay adoption by opening up new opportunities. If a thousand people were asked what the American dream was, most of them would say having children. Many adults want to be parents but are unable to have kids because of their sexuality.

Adult opportunities can open up with the increase in gay adoptions. One couple was quoted saying that they were glad to become parents because it, “puts (them) on equal footing with all the other parents we know'” (Jayson 1). As parents, people watch their kids grow up and it builds a life for them. As our kids grow, they bring back memories from our childhood. Studies have shown that having children lengthens our life span and allows us to live more healthy active lives. Homosexuals as parents will also gain more support and possibly more rights when being seen as ordinary citizens. Banning well-beinggay adoption, “violates the constitutional rights of … parents” by denying them a natural family life (Jarvis 1). Having kids gives parents a feeling of accomplishment and self-assuranEveryvery parent deserves a family.

Gay adoption creates a family that is no different than the everyday family that we are used to. One of the major concerns about gay adoption is that it, “will promote ‘the gay lifestyle’ whatever that is” (Dickerson 2). However, there is strong, “Scientific evidence (that) shows there is no cause-and-effect relationship between parents’ sexual orientation and (kids’) well-being” (Jayson 1). For a long time now, “studies comparing children raised by straight parents with those raised by gay or lesbian parents have discovered no difference in psychological adjustment, gender identification, academic achievement or self-esteem” (Dickerson 1). This clearly shows that kids will get the same care and potential future, despite their parents’ sexual orientation. Many of the fears surrounding gay adoption are faith-based; however, the United States is a strong supporter of freedom of religion; therefore, no one is bound by anyone else’s religious beliefs. That said, faith is no reason to punish children or parents or deprive them of the American dream by prohibiting gay adoption.

Many politicians and religious groups may have a different outlook on this controversy. Still, clear evidence states that action should be taken place and we should push forward. If African Americans were making this request several decades ago, we would surely bow to their wishes for the same reasons. Gay adoption helps kids and parents and is not hurting anyone.

That said, we have every reason to allow it in the United States.

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