In the world of technology’s an invention people in some countries till think the women’s are weaker then men’s .women’s are discriminated at many places like as; In school, In sports ,In workplaces and In societies ,likewise some people think the girls should not be educated because independent girl would not listen to orthodox societies . This essay will discuss why societies are not accepting women in all sectors and why people are discriminating women’s What is gender equality? The equal rights and laws between women and men in the society, such as social talks and taking the decision in family, and need in which were everyone is equally treated.

Their ways were people can treat u differently because you belong to different sex or gender (commission) Cause of discriminations: Pregnancy discrimination act: Before 1985 USA women boycott the law, they were not allowed to work during their pregnancy periods as they want to but due to law they were not allowed to then USA government made a law in 1985, if women’s feel comfortable to work at that period they are allowed to work (Siegel, 1985).

Discrimination at the workplace: Discrimination at the workplace in many ways likewise, women are not allowed to work at main departments or as a departmental head. They are just allowed to be and receptions and as a working lady who’s clearly the offices and things. Even if some company has women’s as departmental head or head of any sector as soon as she becomes she has been fired or kicked out of the work because people think that she is pregnant she will not able take does work(gergory, 2003).

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Also, there is a lot of wage gap in women’s and men’s at doesn’t matter even if they are working on some post. In the USA because of the wage gap and discrimination in 2000, there were 46.5% women’s working and which decreased to 11.5% 2010 and research says that theirs might be 75 places only left for the women in approximately 5000 companies. Discrimination at school: Not only women’s but also, girls are being discriminated at higher secondary school even if girls have got higher marks/ grads then boy, girl will not get the job what she deserves, however, boy will get a job which he didn’t deserve, not only this she will not be paid properly what a girls worth (King, 2000).

Discrimination at sports: In 1972 were was only 1 girl from 27 higher schools us who played sports as a piece of evidence in 2019 slowly women start taking Partin university sports, schools sports and also in the Olympics. additionally, as a result and modern culture and as Scotia is changing on today’s date there are 55 million women patriation in women’s Olympics, in which 43% are in running, 55% in volleyball, 41% in soccer ball as a result of an avicides we can see that women are only discriminated in some sectors (A.Lopiano PhD*, 2000) Discrimination at hospitals: In some countries women’s are not allows to get educated and be an doctors or head doctor as will as in other countries women’s are only allow to work as nurses, which is not fair to some girls how are or welling to be and doctors or in some other field (A.1, 2015)

Treatment a woman in modern life: Rape: molest is referenced as murderous madness. For example, 10-month-old got raped in Afghanistan, men were hag to death. After that in the mid-1990s 100 of women’s where the victim of rape. In 2000, A Colombian girl her eyes was token out also their nails and her breast were cut off after that a Colombian made a rule that not to give any rapist a chance and they will be directly hung to death. (Marsh, 2006) Violence: That is domestic violence happing in the world.

People in some countries as well as in my countries they believe in dowry, therefore the many resources behind the home violence’s in dowry system i.e. if girls parents are not giving money, things, cars or anything what boys parents ask for then they would not accept that girls and they will harass and make her feel uncomfortable in different ways , even they wont treat her as family member, as a result they ( boys side ) also will hurt her . (Bowman) Acid attack: A cruel of girls this is mainly happening because of girls rejecting boys for married or being a relationship. this attack mainly happens in countries such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, and Cambodia. It is researched that this attack happens because of failure, loss of honour, loss of ego and result in the shame. In this act, there are substances use such as nitric, hydrochloric acid or sulphuric. This act is so difficult for the women to go through, it feels is the heel. and research says that between10% to 50% of the women has gone through this experience (Welsh, 2009)

Sexual harassment : Clearly, sexual harassment is asking for a favour to a people and in return person can get what they want to like: job, money and etc . This discrimination has to been faced by many women in film/ entertainment industries (Paludi, 1991). Women in Canada refused to give sexual harassment to a ceo she was fired and not afford many jobs because she was refusing sexual harassment. (Smith, 2010) Why girls feels discriminated and left out: However, Even in the 21st century, some people tell that as their mother, mothers’ mother and three generations have not to work they are also not allowed to work. Not only at home but also at school girls are being discriminated, In some school girls are not allowed to play some sports and they have been asked to just sit and watch, In fact, government in some countries as well as in my home country says that girls should get educated, and after seeing this type of cases in my countries I thinks is better girls are not educated. Clearly, there have some cases that if girls get ahead from a boy, boys’ ego is hurt and they try to hurt girls (gergory, 2003) (King, 2000) A solution of sex discrimination: Finally, To this problem government and people both have to change there thinking, on one hand, government should make laws and rules for rape , domestic violence, and sexual harassment as while, on the other hand people should stop thinking the that girls can’t work or cannot be independent, and the government also stop companies to do wage gap, at sport, at pregnancy and school, Also Sales of Acid and harmful chemicals should be stopped. In case of wage gap between sex/ gender, government might decide their wages on age .

To conclude this essay, cause of sex discrimination are : Pregnancy discrimination act , discrimination in spots , discrimination at workplace and discrimination at school, Aside from this girls are negatively treated by society and people in different ways : rape, acid attack’s, violence’s and sexual harassment. On my opinion as I have Said in solution that people and government both have to take act against it, also some laws are need in favour of judgments.

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