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gangs- leo Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Gangs In America

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Have you ever wondered about what a gang really is? A gang is a varitey of members or associates with a defined leader that claims control over a community or territory. Gangs enguage either individually or collectively, in illegal, and possibly violent, behavior. Most members have to prove their loyalty to the gang by committing certain acts, usually theft or violence. Then that certain individual will be accepted intp the gang.

Some People join a gang for a lot of reasons reasons. Some become gang members to profit from organized crime in order to obtain nessissites such as food and shelter, or to gain access to luxury goods and services. They may be seeking protection from other gangs or hanous crime in general, especially when the police are distrusted or ineffective. Many are attracted to a sense of family. Young adults may join gangs due to a lack of opportunities, such as after school social bodys and extra activities. The availability of sports or other groups groups is said to reduce the interest in associating with delinquent individuals. When young adults join in other social groups, such as a church group or study groupe, it increases the strength of their social bonds. Another good way to prevent the young adults population to veer away from joining a gang would be to find a good stable job to form bonds and take adult responsibilities. When bonds and relationships with these young adults are broken or harmed and if the individual lives where gang activity is previlantit it raises the chances of them joining a gang drastically.

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The previous of gangs in the U.S. begins with their first signs of being prevalant on the East Coast around 1783. All types of gangs before the 19th century were very unorganized and were controaled by one person and fellow gangsters followed the one leader.. Around the start of the 19th century is when the united states really started to see the “gang” mentlity at the fore front infront of law enforcement officers that wasn’t like earlyer times these organizations were very organized and funded.

The united states was hit hard with gang activity in four large areas. Younger street gangs came from their influence and ruthless shadows. Gangs also grew in these cities amidst physical and social disorder, within the cracks of governmental and social agencies. The first two are located in New York City and Chicago, these gangs then moved to more territorys in Los angeles and many cities in New Mexico.

By the 1980s, law enforcement began reporting hybrid gangs. These gangs are found throughout the U.S. Traditional gangs had structural hierarchy and code of discipline/conduct. These are distinguished in particular by racial/ethnic mixing. immigrant groups that came to the United States in the past 40 years have contributed significantly to racial mixs seen in street gangs. A majority of law enforcement agencies report hybrid gangs across all population sizes, indicating a nationwide prevalence of these types of gangs. Several of the gangs were comprised of ethnic mixtures: Blacks with Puerto Ricans, Mexican Americans with Central Americans, and Irish with other Whites. hybrid gang graffiti in the United States is a composite of multiple gangs with conflicting symbols.

30,000 violent hybrid gangs, bike gangs, and incarceration gangs are active in the U.S. today. All of these gangs are very organized and very sophisticated. All use violence to control neighborhoods and boost their illegal money-making activities, which include robbery, and in most situations drug and gun smuggleing and prostitution. Many gang members commit crimes even after being incarcerated. FBI investigations reveal these gangs are revelant in closely every state and will continue to grow their population, now targeting younger “soliders” and the number of gang menbers growes every day. The National gang intel center keeps a close eye on gangs that pose the most danger to our communities and familys and targets them with investigative officers and the same federal racketeering laws, as well as intelligence and techniques, that have been used to attack the core of organized crime as we know it.

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