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Gadget Addiction in Adults Acc. to KPCB’s Report Paper

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According to KPCB’s report, the average adult user spent 5.9 hours with digital media. It has increased from 0.3 hours per day in 2008 to 3.3 hours per day in 2017 (Rob Marvin, 2018). Gadget is one of the result of modern Technology. People nowadays seem to desire a device that has an easy access to everything on their hands. With the help of the advanced technology, Gadgets such as mobile phone, gaming console, laptop, and etc. have become an essential in today’s generation. With that being said, usage of gadgets may lead into an addiction as it is also one of the most common side effects. According to Nir Eyal (n.d), the hooked model of addiction are the following: boredom acts as an internal trigger, the action is dead simple: opening the app or page in the browser, A great variability of rewards is bestowed upon us: photos, comments, likes, gossip, news, emotions, laughter. The wheel of fortune never disappoints and lastly, We invest more and more time and attention into interacting on the platform, which keeps us coming back. (Revati Thatte, 2018)

Gadgets have a huge impact on how modernize the current generation is. People tend to be more curious on its benefits of the electronic devices for their own satisfaction hence the uncontrollable usage of gadgets that may also result into various effects. Gadget addiction may help improve one’s comprehension skills and stimulate different senses, and long exposure on different kinds of platform could also enhance one’s communication skills however, It may have come to the point that usage of gadget will most likely affect a person in a negative way. There’s no doubt that when humans are enjoying the use of gadgets, they would use most of their time to entertain themselves therefore, they would lose track of their time and impact their sleeping pattern. Long exposure on different devices could influence one’s behavior. Not only could this trigger their mindset on how they respond to a particular circumstance, but also encourages people to use more gadgets and neglect their physical and mental health. Gadget addiction can also lead to procrastination. People would lose focus on their priorities as they are exploring the modern and advanced technology devices. This creates more excuse to set aside what really is important to what is amusing.

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The percentage of people using a gadget for more than an hour is rapidly increasing per day and a lot of Health Department across the world are warning everyone its consequence when it is not used properly. Here are some few tips to reduce gadget addiction: People who stay on using a gadget for more than 8 must reduce their time usage of gadget. Setting a time of when and how long to use a gadget could also be helpful; As much as helpful the gadgets are, making a time for reading books could also give better insights ¬; Practice taking a break from using gadgets and focusing more on what’s happening in real life; Try to get involve in physical activities or socialize and interact without the use of any electronic devices to divert the attention away from using a gadget.

Being ‘tech-y’ is honestly an advantage on our society given that most of our things are in modernized form already. On the other hand, if more improved gadgets come in our life, the more time we invest in these kind of electronic devices and the more time we invest on these gadgets, we will most likely to be addicted on using it without knowing. Gadget addiction starts when we don’t have anything to do, we enjoy entertaining ourselves which might be one of the reason why we keep using gadgets, and if it really helps us make our works more accessible. Getting obsessed on the use of gadgets could result into various effects. For instance, It could educate us and give us more awareness because we spend more time on using it. It could also influence your mental and physical health as gadgets play a huge role on how we build and improve our mindset. Gadget addiction can be averted if we try to limit our time usage and aim to interact with people without any usage of any devices.

As a result,

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