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The Past and Current Candidacies of Government Officials in the Two Articles in The Chicago Tribune
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Pages • 3
The two pieces of written English that I chose are both articles published in "The Chicago Tribune” that have to do with elections. One of the articles was published on September 28, 1911 while the other was published more than 100 years later, just two days ago, on October 24, 2016. Both articles discuss the candidates in two different elections. The older article discusses the candidacy announcement for the Republican nomination of Illinois' gubernatorial election, by State Attorney, John E.…...
ChicagoUnited States
The History and the Life of African Americans in Chicago
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Pages • 4
African Americans in Chicago America, in particular; Chicago is among the most diverse states which host a number of ethnic groups. Among the enclaves in Chicago include the native Americas, Chicano, Assyrians, Germans, Latino and African Americans. According to the 2010 census, The African Americans, also referred to as Black Americans comprised of 32.9% of the Chicago community, being the second largest ethnic group after the Native Americans – 45% (Hunt & Whitman 2015). The Chicago city was founded by…...
ChicagoUnited States
The Growth of Chicago Prior to the Start of the Civil War in 1861
Words • 754
Pages • 4
Chicago has a rich history of religion, culture, race, and politics. This paper will focus on such growth prior to the start of the civil war in 1861. There are many credible references that shine the truth, rumors, and stories of this history, however the history referenced will be taken from two well compiled sources; Dominic A. Pacyga's Chicago: A Biography, and Chicago: City of the Century credited to American Experience. This project will focus on the important ways these…...
ChicagoUnited States
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Chicago as a Black City and White City in The Devil in the White City, a Book by Erik Larson
Words • 557
Pages • 3
The Black and White City of Chicago Erik Larson's nonfiction book The Devil in the White City tells the true story of America's first serial killer and the building of the World's Colombian Exposition of 1893. At that time, the city of Chicago had awed its visitors but at the same time terrified them. Chicago was both a "white city" and a "black city" due to the new results of the industrial revolution and the evils it brought with it…...
ChicagoUnited States
Lenape Indians real Native New Yorkers
Words • 677
Pages • 3
If you have ever met a New Yorker, you are well aware of how proud they are of being New Yorkers. This is evident by their boasting and using the term 'Native New Yorker' along with the phrase 'How you doin”. I have been guilty of this myself, but that has changed once I decided to do this paper for my American Studies 100 course. When I heard we had a paper to do on Native American Indians I took…...
Native AmericanNew York City
Strategy Like Stop And Search
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Pages • 6
I differ that new york city utilization of the strategy known as stop and search. Wrongdoing in New York City fell even as the policing strategy was relinquished. In the same way as other preservationists, I had grave worries about abridging the New York City police office's disputable strategy of halting and searching potential suspects for weapons. I was slanted to concede to the police when they fought that they required the alternative to stop, question, and search New Yorkers…...
New York CityStrategy
Who Remembers New York at This State?
Words • 944
Pages • 4
New York City known as ‘The Capital of the World’, “The HQ of Capitalism”, but most importantly, the city people come to hoping to pursue the American Dream. In BBC’s video, titled Filthy Cities, shows many issues of the industrial city of New York in the late 19th and early 20th century went through to become one of the most popular cities in the world. Disease, filth, and poverty plagued the streets of New York during this time period. Millions…...
EuropeNew York City
Policy Process: All about agenda
Words • 1554
Pages • 7
With the recent acquittal of impeachment charges during the Senate trial, the concept of agenda is ever present in our great nation. The word agenda is associated with lists, plans and changes. All words that describe what has helped shape the United States into the ever changing, ever adapting melting pot of opinion that it is. Now while we can all read every headline that runs along the bottom of every news channel screen in the country, what issue has…...
PolicySchoolSchool ViolenceUnited States
School Shooting in The United States
Words • 445
Pages • 2
Due to recent events in American history, there has been a number of school shootings in the United States and it is not only school shootings. School violence can range from assaults, bullying, suicides, and sexual attacks and as previously mentioned shootings. Safety has been a huge issue on school campuses. Which leaves parents and students to worry about school safety and also leads other people to ask how far can schools go to keep their students safe? Schools should…...
SchoolSchool ShootingsSchool ViolenceUnited States
California State University, Los Angeles
Words • 1459
Pages • 6
This study is designed to investigate the influence of students’ knowledge on wrongful convictions based on their education of the criminal justice system. They hypothesized that criminal justice majors would have more knowledge of the factors that underline wrongful convictions than noncriminal justice majors. Two hundred and ninety-seven undergraduate students were divided into one or two groups. The first group was criminal justice majors whereas the second group was other majors. Each participant was asked to answer a survey that…...
CaliforniaCriminal Justice SystemWrongful Convictions
Senators – John Cornin and Ted Cruz
Words • 573
Pages • 3
Today In Texas we have two senators John Cornyn and Ted Cruz. (List of the United States Senators, 2018 (a)). John Cornyn is a lawyer and an American Politician. Who Since 2002 has served as the United States Senior Senator from Texas. He was born on February 2, 1952, in Houston Texas. Cornyn graduated from St. Mary's University School of Law and Trinity University. “He was a Judge of Texas 37th District Court from 1985 to 1991,” Then he was…...
Immigration ReformTexas
Immigrants Come in Search of a Better Future
Words • 908
Pages • 4
When you look at immigrations, they are coming for a better future, they want to provide for their family and to make sure their children can a better life. They come to the United States, to seek better job opportunities; however, they can face some challenges such as complex discrimination and laws established by the government for those who desire to become United States citizens. First of all, women, men and children will travel from all over the world, coming…...
DiscriminationImmigrantsUnited States
Expressing Your Feelings President Trump
Words • 1484
Pages • 6
Since the beginning, President Trump has used his twitter to express his feelings. He has used many words to describe everyone that has come in his path. On June 19, 2018, President Trump tweeted, “Democrats are the problem. They don’t care about crime and want illegal immigrants, no matter how bad they may be, to pour into and infest our Country, like MS-13. They can’t win on their terrible policies, so they view them as potential votes!” (). President Trump…...
Donald TrumpImmigrantsUnited States
United States is a country of immigrants
Words • 2251
Pages • 10
The United States is known as the land of immigrants. It began its history with immigrants, and it continues to thrive as new immigrants continues to inject young energy and new idea into this country. As Oscar Handlin put it precisely, “Once I thought to write a history of the immigrants in America. Then I discovered that the immigrants were american history.” This paper will be exploring 4 major immigration trends in the US history. Each weave has its unique…...
ImmigrantsUnited States
The Office of First Lady of the United States
Words • 1413
Pages • 6
Is a wildly underestimated position of power. The First Lady has the unique position to use the power of the White House to focus on enacting change in our country without the daily chart of work the President is tasked with. It is and always has been widely expected for the First Lady of the United States to choose one cause to focus on for the length of their stay in the White House though many of the women in…...
Richard NixonUnited States
The Kettle Dome Was an Oil Field
Words • 416
Pages • 2
Amelia Earhart The Teapot Dome was an enormous political outrage in the 1920's. The Teapot Dome was an oil field that had a place with the U.S. Naval force and everybody needed to utilize it.Two organizations that were allowed to utilize it had not put in up considerable offer to utilize the fields. In this manner the Senate began an examination. It ended up being Albert B. Fall, Harding's secretary of interior, who took rewards from the two organizations in…...
Amelia EarhartUnited States
Why Babies On Cry
Words • 667
Pages • 3
Heidi Murkoff first wrote What to Expect the First Year in 1989. And according to the New York Times and USA Today, women have labeled it the “pregnancy bible” and is read by 93% of women who seek out pregnancy books. Also, the What to Expect series has sold over 34 million copies and printed in 30 differently languages. Heidi claims that “listening to a baby’s wail can be upsetting and anxiety-provoking” though it “doesn’t seem to hurt a baby,…...
New York CityNewsSpanking
Research Article on The use of The Red Line in Boyle Heights
Words • 600
Pages • 3
In this paper, I will examine the use of redlining in Boyle Heights, CA from the 1930s - 1960s and its influence on the creation of public housing projects. Boyle Heights, is located just East of Los Angeles’ downtown central business district and is considered to be one of the earliest residential communities in Los Angeles. Beginning in the 1870s, developmental activity within Los Angeles began to sprawl due to the construction of the Southern Pacific Railroad which connected Los…...
Los AngelesResearch
Running head: ArtRT Research And Analysis Paper
Words • 937
Pages • 4
One of the few architects to ever crucially analyze Los Angeles was Reyner Banham. He analyzed the built environment and comprehensively established the relationship between the various architectural aspects that formed the uniqueness of the city. He studied the city in a way that had not been previously achieved by any other architects in the past. He paid keen attention to the industrial ingenuity of the city, the manifestations of common taste, and the traditional construction techniques utilized in both…...
AirportLos Angeles
Changes In The Public Domain Landscape
Words • 670
Pages • 3
For better or worse, New York and Los Angeles were undergoing significant changes in the landscape of the public domain and the city's environmental aspects in the 1950s. Walter O'Malley took an opportunistic approach to the situation that starts with a visionary perspective of a Stadium for the team and its fans he owned. Playing politics with both New York and Los Angeles, O'Malley uses a chest full of tactics as his weapons before and after the Dodger Stadium was…...
ChangeLos Angeles
7 Things To Do in Maywood
Words • 579
Pages • 3
With the holiday season upon us, you may be looking for some Christmas events in Maywood or the surrounding area. From ice skating to photos with Santa, there is plenty to keep you in the holiday spirit. Celebrate with holiday events fit for both kids and adults. Plus, some events are even free so you can save money for holiday shopping. Check out these seven fun festivities close to Maywood, CA. Family Day of Joy 1630 W Olympic Blvd, Los…...
HolidaysLos Angeles
Na Keiki O Ko Kaua Ohana A Ma Ke Laie 
Words • 1174
Pages • 5
Aloha, it means hello, goodbye, and love. This word is not only a greeting, it is a way of life. Hawaii is known as the state of Aloha. The spirit of Aloha is can be found in the small north shore town of Laie. Laie represents the spirit of Aloha because of the places to visit, the history, and the community. First Laie represents the spirit of aloha by all the different places to visit. Aloha is a way of…...
Aloha To Clean Energy
Words • 509
Pages • 3
Global warming is having significant and harmful effects on human communities, their health, and the earth's climate. Most climate scientists agree with one of the main causes of the current global warming is human activities have changed the natural greenhouse gas. Over the last century, the burning of fossil fuels, such as coal and oil for energy has increased the concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2). Today, people have made efforts to switch to smart energy which is environmental-friendly. Hawaii…...
Events That Took Place On Mount Kilauea
Words • 1895
Pages • 8
Introduction In order to really understand the events that took place on Mount Kilauea on May 3, 2018, we first should get to know the volcano and the background of the place the volcano resides, Hawaii. When I think of Hawaii, I think of paradise. Some of the most breathtaking scenery. It is interesting to think that without volcanic activity this beautiful chain of islands would be in existence as it is today. The chain of islands that make up…...
Powerful Storm brings Damage and an Unexpected Surprise to Hawaii
Words • 2163
Pages • 9
With the polar vortex split, it’s probably no surprise to anyone that the country is feeling its effects and dealing with some seriously strong storms that are plaguing the United States. After all, Chicago was at one point colder than Antarctica with a wind chill of -50 degrees. So it’s definitely been a strange year for the United States and people have been sharing their “winter apocalypse” pictures all over social media. Strong storms have also made their way over…...
Which island in Hawaii is the cheapest?
Words • 546
Pages • 3
If you have not traveled to the Hawaiian Islands you might have the doubt that these islands, cited so often by those who want sun and sea, are just a fantasy paradise invented by some explorer with the taste of adventure. But the archipelago, the undisputed symbol of wild places, really exists and is made to savor with every sense: bright colors to look at, mountains, and white sand beaches. But when it comes to a trip to Hawaii there…...
Easter IslandHawaiiUnited States
The President Trump V Hawaii
Words • 841
Pages • 4
It was a situation when the US supreme court included a presentational decree that was marked by President Donald Trump. He confined the movements in the United States by the general population from a few countries and asylums without legitimate travel reports. Hawaii and alternate expresses that had a similar test of the Proclamation. On the statutory and sacred grounds referred to the assortment of articulations by Trump's organization authorities. As should be obvious I picked the Trump Vs. Hawaii…...
Donald TrumpHawaiiPresidentUnited States
Life Of Hawaii Residents
Words • 2600
Pages • 11
There are multiple factors that cause an increase in living expenses for residents of the state of Hawaii, resulting in cost of living prices that are 2/3 higher than the rest of the United States. Hawaii has consistently been known for the most expensive cost of living in the nation and explaining why it is known as the worst area to make a living. Historically, the remarkably expensive cost of living in Hawaii is due to the necessary transportation of…...
Shaping The United States
Words • 2187
Pages • 9
There are countless books and novels about some horrifying things we as a country used to do to minorities, women, people of colored descent, etc. If all of the lifetimes of books and history never happened, we as a country would never be where we are today. A quote from Johnny Cash, that reflects how Americans should look at history is, “You build on failure. You use it as a stepping stone. Close the door on the past. You don't…...
AmericasCalifornia Gold RushUnited States
The History of Manifest Destiny
Words • 589
Pages • 3
In the late 18th Century, early 19th century, many things within our country began to change. Slavery was still prominent throughout the new world during a portion of this time, and progress was slowly being made. The industrial revolution took place at this time, and things were starting to bloom in our country. Here we are, the start of the 19th century and slavery; although still prevalent, is about to come to the end by the end of this century.…...
History Of The United StatesManifest DestinyUnited States
America’s Manifest Destiny
Words • 956
Pages • 4
In this period of time, the United States was claiming new territory while causing social tension between the slave and non-slave states. After the Louisiana Purchase and its great success, many white Americans believed that they could expand more territory and expand west. Manifest Destiny was a movement encouraged by the strong nationalism of America which led to the desire for reform and expansion. People who supported Manifest Destiny believed that they had the right to extend American power over…...
History Of The United StatesManifest DestinyUnited States
Hamas a Threat to the Continental United States
Words • 977
Pages • 4
The Middle East has been an area contested with religious warfare for centuries dating back to biblical times. The Palestinian and Israeli feud has been an increasingly hostile situation for the past decade in the modern era. Israel is predominantly Jewish, and Palestine is Islamic. Both the Israeli and the Palestinian sides have both moderate and extremist organizations determined to push the other out of the southern Levant. The Palestinian side was split by the conflict between the two major…...
Continental DriftUnited States
People Who Speak English With An Accent Or Other English Dialect Are Less Intelligent
Words • 1445
Pages • 6
How is it possible that still in this decade there are people that stereotype and judge others based on the accent that gives a different sound to their English utterance? The misconception is that people who speak English with an accent or different dialect are less intelligent than those, who on their opinion, have no accent when speaking Standard English or that they are not speaking Standard English. Many people speak English with a foreign, regional accent or dialect, and…...
AwarenessUnited States
Native American Culture and Society Are Quite Different
Words • 869
Pages • 4
Native American culture and society are quite different and many are unfamiliar with it. Native Americans are the native people of the North, Central, and South America. There are many types of Native Americans such as Arikara, Iroquois, Pawnee, Sioux, Apache, Eskimo, Cree, Choctaw, Comanche, etc. Cherokee people have a diverse society and culture. The Cherokee Indians had initially settled in the southeast region of the United States. "The Cherokee migrated to the southern Appalachian Mountain region, which covers parts…...
AgricultureAmerican CultureUnited States
What makes America Great?
Words • 347
Pages • 2
People are always saying “America’s so great!” and “Oh, ich möchte eines Tages in Amerika Leben!” (Translation: Oh, I want to live in America someday!) But why do people say that? What exactly makes America great? Who, what, when, where, and why is America great? So, let’s see who made America great. A person who made America great was Thomas Jefferson who made many useful inventions, but what did you even make? Some inventions that our third president made where…...
AmericaCommunicationJusticeUnited States
W.E.B. Du Bois’ The Talented Tenth: Rhetorical Analysis
Words • 1254
Pages • 6
W.E.B DuBois in the book, The Talented Tenth (1903), argues that the focal point should mainly be on providing classical education for African Americans of the top ten percent and that having that education would be crucial to African American empowerment. DuBois supports his argument by explaining how the African American community would have a huge advantage if there were to be a group of educated negros. The author’s purpose is to show the significance of education for the negro…...
African American CulturePoliticsRhetoricUnited States
What Makes America Great: Land of Freedom
Words • 305
Pages • 2
What makes America great? As an American, I can say a lot of people are really lucky to live in this amazing country called America. We have different types of individuals, ethnic groups, tribes, and many contrasting races. Other countries all around the world wish they could live in our country with the freedom we enjoy everyday. I am a fortunate human being for being born in America. We have freedom, justice, and equality while some countries are still struggling…...
AmericaCommunicationUnited States
What’s Great About America
Words • 445
Pages • 2
For many reasons America is great. From the military we have to our freedoms. There is countless reasons that America is great and an ideal place to live. One of the many reasons that America is great is because our job opportunities. We have a wide range of jobs for a wide range of people. The actual figure is that the United States had 7,136,000 job openings in August. Making it so much easier for one to get a job…...
AmericaCommunicationHuman NatureInternetReasonUnited States
HIST 1302- Mid Term exam – Part A
Words • 1338
Pages • 6
Hoang Quoc VoProfessor Kevin TuckerHIST 130215th October 2019Mid Term Exam – Part AIn 1899, there was a big event that caused a non-stopped controversial in American society. It was the Philippines annexation. Despite many objections, some explanations advocated for the annexation. From the standpoint of annexation supporters, two historians, Nell Irvin Painter and Kristin L. Hoganson, showed a different insight into the American society at that time. By their arguments, economic, political and cultural explanations were listed as main reasons…...
Apa DepressionBusinessDepressionHealthImperialismMental Health
Marketing Microwave Ovens to a New Market Segment
Words • 2168
Pages • 9
White’s Appliance Market Strategy to enter the Indian MarketBy: - Pasindu AbrewIntroductionWhite’s Appliance Inc. is a business located in the state of South Carolina, USA. It began operations in the year on 1971 and opened its doors to its first store in 1986 as a multi-brand dealer.The company claims itself to have competitive prices along with experienced and employees who help customers along every step of the way. The have a wide range of products that cater to various customers…...
Buddhism ReligionBusinessMarriageTaxUnited States
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Who Remembers New York at This State?
...Dan Snow through a series of images, reenactments, and visitations of historic places in New York embodied the agony and struggles of these people. He used realistic examples and did not over exaggerate the information and events that took place. The...
Why Babies On Cry
...The What to Expect website gave great information on how to help babies that cry for reasons other than feeding and burping. Attempt to determine if the infant is  tired or uncomfortable- check the diaper and make sure the baby is getting enough sle...
Which island in Hawaii is the cheapest?
...Besides that, a trip to Oahu is a wonderful chance to full immerse into the local culture, try some tasty food, and try one of its incredible activities from trekking to snorkeling and more. Remember that, when you travel you should go for an authent...
People Who Speak English With An Accent Or Other English Dialect Are Less Intelligent
...When Baugh used any accent other than the Standard American English accent fewer apartments were available to him. This comes to prove that it's not because there is anything wrong with those accents, but that listeners judged them as markers of raci...
What makes America Great?
...In conclusion, America is a great place because of all the great people like Thomas Jefferson who made many of the inventions we still use today, Martin Luther King Jr. who fight for civil rights. There are also many amazing and beautiful places such...
What Makes America Great: Land of Freedom
...There are numerous job prospects in America and many opportunities to start your own different types of business. We have the right to a 12 year education that gives us many choices and opportunities to decide after we graduate. There are numerous co...
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