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Looks at how individual economic agents (I. E. Consumers/ households and producers/firms) make their day-to-day decisions. Macroeconomics: Looks at the overall behavior of the entire economy of a country. So in addition to households and firms, it also looks at the government and frequently at the rest of the world. The four target variables that all macroeconomics's are concerned about are: (1) Gross Domestic Product (GAP): This looks at how much goods and services are being produced in the country…...
The Relationship between Households and Firms
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Factors of production are land, labour capital and entrepreneurship. Families are the proprietors of factors of production and the houses are users of factors of production. Firms use families ( factors of production ) to pay factor incomes which is rent, rewards, involvement and net income. Firms will utilize factor of production to bring forth end product in the manner of goods and services, which will be purchased by the family. In this manner family incur their outgos.2.0 BodyRound flow…...
Importance Of Trade Union In Modern Workplace Management Essay
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Often we read in newspapers, group of workers of a mill traveling on work stoppage or coming together in privation of some common motivation. These groups of people are known as trade brotherhoods. Trade Unions are group of workers of an organisation or a mill that raises their voice together so that their demands can better be represented in forepart of the governments. They have a common end or purpose. In this epoch, where everyone realizes the importance of workers,…...
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