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Comparison of The Sonnet “Astrophile and Stella” “Amoretti”
Words • 1835
Pages • 8
Please provide brief but detailed answers to the questions below. A short paragraph or two should be sufficient, but you can always write more. Be sure to include sonnet number (or stanza number) and line numbers in your answers and include quotes. You do not have to quote an entire line or lines—just what you need to support your answer. NOTE: answers are worth different points for a total of 10. Deposit your quiz in the D2L Dropbox by Monday,…...
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Spenser: The Poet’s Poet
Words • 665
Pages • 3
“Spenser..has always been felt by his countrymen to be what Charles Lamb called him, the `Poet’s Poet’. He has had more idolatry and imitation from his brethren than all the rest put together.” (Hunt, L, 1845:75). Sharing Hunt’s view, we certainly believe his assertion is beyond dispute. Born in London in 1552, Edmund Spenser is considered one of the most outstanding Elizabethan poets. He benefitted from the patronage of Robert Nowell since 1569, he started his education in Merchant Taylor…...
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