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Krypton is an element that is used in the fictional comics for Supergirl, and Superman. Other than being the fictional planet superman was born on, it is also a noble gas on the periodic table of elements. The discoverers of krypton were none other than Sir William Ramsay, a Scottish Chemist, and Morris M. Travers who is an English Chemist. This element can be used in different types of photographic flashes and also high speed photography. Though people think that…...
SupermanSuperman And Me
Superhuman Attributes
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By manipulating the bio-morphic structures and composition around his eyes, J'onn is able to arrange his eye structure to be able to accomplish various tasks. This includes being able to see past the camouflage abilities of meta-humans, such as Gypsy, or even heat vision similar to that of Superman. Having control over his molecular structure, J'onn is able to regenerate and recover from injuries faster than others. In addition to advanced healing, regenerating lost limbs, J'onn's immune structure protects him…...
SupermanSuperman And Me
Friend Or Foe
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What gets us going when it comes to two titans such as Batman and Superman going to war? Something about these two comic book icons specifically provokes interest, competitiveness and debate between fans and the general public alike. They may be teammates, but the description of Batman and Superman’s association vary depending on the author. On one hand they may be working together to stomp out foes who wish to destroy the galaxy. But on the other hand, they occasionally…...
SupermanSuperman And Me
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People Are Obsessed With Superheros
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They help you when you are in a big trouble Superman will come and save your life. stop them from stealing. And if you ask him to do something he will do if is long to be super safe and not harmful and he will do it. If you are in trouble he will come from the sky and safe you only if you are in Danger. Super Man is a Superhero that FLYS in the sky and if you…...
SupermanSuperman And Me
Superman And Me by Sherman Alexie Analysis
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Sherman Alexie, Superman and Me In Sherman Alexie’s essay, Superman and Me, he uses repetition and extended metaphors to transition from a personal to social level as he illustrates his poor childhood, and how reading saves his and others lives. The essay is introduced with the Superman comic books that taught Alexie how to read. He uses the repetition of “l cannot recall” to explain that he does not recall the exact details of what he read but the idea…...
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