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Stroop Test Lab Report
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The word ‘Blue’ when presented in blue ink, on the other hand is an example of a congruent-colored word. Because the left hemisphere has demonstrated an overall advantage relative to the right hemisphere on most verbal tasks, interference effects were hypothesized to be greater in the left hemisphere than in the right hemisphere. Numerous studies have been made in hope to fully understand the Strop effect, yet several issues remain open. The primary purpose of this duty was to determine…...
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What Is the Strop Effect
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The following sample essay is about what Is the Strop effect. Read the introduction, body and conclusion of the essay, scroll down. The ‘Strop Effect’ suggested that the word meanings were extracted when the participants were not attempting to process it. The original ‘Strop Effect’ was illustrated using color. Flowers et al. Developed another version of the ‘Strop Effect’ in 1979. Instead of using color the new version was illustrated using numbers. The task was to say aloud the number…...
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What Is the Strop Effect
...Even though the result of the experiment was significant there were some limitations. Most of the participants had to share a computer. This meant that the participants were put under pressure as they were being watched during the course of the study...
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