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Review work on ENSO
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Occurrence of floods and droughts is world-wide phenomenon associated with extremes of rainfall. For the Indian subcontinent, the occurrence of floods and droughts is closely linked with the activity of summer monsoon. The activity of Indian summer monsoon rainfall has many tele-connections, various aspects of Indian summer monsoon activity- ENSO relationship have been investigated by several research workers such as Elliot and Angell (1987), Parthasarthy et al. (1985), Rasmusson and carpenter (1983), Sikka (1980), Bhalme et al. (1983), Sukla (1987),…...
Preparing Your Car for the Rainy Season
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As a responsible car owner, you understand the importance of regular maintenance. And when switching from a warm season to a cold one, this is an extremely important point. Autumn is no exception because it is the rainy season and high humidity. It is important to help the machine adapt to seasonal changes. We will talk about why this is important and how to prepare your car for the rainy season in this article. Do not forget about maintenance Cooking…...
The Seasons Change Us
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It commenced like this: absent of nothing, in an instantaneous… every little thing A boundless extraterrestrial spree of material and spirit, kneading, jerking, and pressing simultaneously. There would be no star systems, no earth, and no life without conniving and celestial figures. years ago, a skittle. It immerses into a bacterium with distinct abilities, and voila. Earth’s first synthesized-organism. Perhaps it was destiny. Perchance it was inescapable. This alternated skittle becomes the forefather of every living thing, which in turn…...
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Wildfires and Washington State Climatology
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On the West Coast of the United States, wildfires have been an increasingly important issue ecologically, economically, environmentally, and socially. According to National Geographic, wildfires are defined as “uncontrolled blazes fueled by weather, wind, and dry underbrush, wildfires can burn acres of land—and consume everything in their paths—in mere minutes.” (Thiessen 2018). These fires occur mainly in the western portion of the United States partially due to decreased precipitation throughout parts of the year. In Washington state, where this study…...
4 Seasons for Your Journey
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Editorial Content There are 4 sections that will be seperated in our magazine which are 4 seasons. Besides, there will be 2 places in each section. Our magazine is describing the moment everyone should enjoy in every trip they have been on andalso the history of the places to let the tourist understand about the place before they go. We also give tips on which countries the tourist should go for each season and provide beautiful images of the hot…...
Seasonal Leagues Start with a Draft
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I’m just going to get this out of the way and say one of the best reasons to play fantasy football is the fun. One of my best memories was getting together for draft time with my friends at a local bar anxiously waiting for the next person’s pick while continually updating your strategy, as the series of wall tv’s just continue to beam nfl updates. Season-long leagues begin with a draft. It’s great when the whole league is together.…...
What Thoughts Does The Season Of Lent Stir Up In You
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What thoughts does the season of Lent stir up in you? It may be thoughts of giving up something like caffeine, meat, or alcohol, of contrition, or of the sorrow of the cross. For some, it can be a season of introspection that feels somber or a time pervaded by guilt. For this reason, not everyone connects with Lent. Perhaps this is also due to how you may have experienced the season in other times and places. I challenge you…...
Climate Zone Near The Equator
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The word is divided into 6 clime zones. These zones depend on several factors. The first is temperature ; if a state lies near the equator it tends to be hot ; but if it’s near the poles it tends to be colder. A state can besides hold a cold clime if it’s really cragged with most of its land sitting good above sea degree. Wind way can besides act upon clime. If air currents are being blow from a…...
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What Thoughts Does The Season Of Lent Stir Up In You
...He once remarked to his sister about the little cemetery at Gailhac-Toulza where their parents were buried, “How good it will be to sleep here, there is so much sunshine!” Our Easter Sunday service will feature Ralph Vaughan Williams’ Five Myst...
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