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Streaming Services: Making Television Obsolete 
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Televisions are great pieces of machinery that are well built for the entertainment purposes of many people in the 1950s. They were considered a spectacular invention for being able to watch entertainment from the comfort of your couch and displaced going to the theater because who wants to pay 9 dollars to go see the latest film in a theater. Many people liked displaced going to the theater because who wants to pay 9 dollars to go see the latest…...
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Television has changed alot since its Golden Days 
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Television is essential to most homes and families. Many people came together to watch their favorite show and or movie. So how did it start? How did such a powerful tool become the most wanted electronic item? Well, it all started way back when, September 7, 1927, to be exact. Created by a young man in San Francisco, Philo Taylor Farnsworth. Ironically at the age of 21, Farnsworth had never even touched technology until he was 14 years of age.…...
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Society increases the importance of mass communication
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This society has seen the developments of the printing press, radio, television, and internet, which all give the ability to contact people instantly. However, television was the greatest development. Playing such a significant role in today’s everyday lives, it is hard to imagine what life would be like without it. Many can say that television is no longer their main source of information, but it is impossible to find a family or one person that does not have one in…...
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When one turns on the television set at any given time of the day to see what is available to watch will find a certain type of show is prominent.   Of course during the daytime one will have tons of soap operas, court TV shows and shows about animal heroes and more to pick from.  The one common theme one will find is that the majority of viewing is reality-based television.  We must be fascinated with this form of television…...
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Paranormal Activity Alternate Ending
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Paranormal Activity: Analysis and Critique Rick Mitchell September 12, 2011 ENG 225: Introduction to Film Instructor: Alene Morrison Paranormal Activity was a movie that everyone wanted to see as soon as the previews hit the movie screen. The previews showed the viewer small pieces of the movie so they would be left wondering and want to go see the movie as soon as they could. Paranormal Activity was based on a true story about a young couple dealing with a…...
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