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A History of Incas Empire in Peru
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Before the Spaniards founded the first Spanish city in Peru in 1532, there was an Empire called the Tawantinsuyu, which means "four parts together." The Incas built the Tawantinsuyu. The Incas were a culture from the highlands, or Andes, that conquered many different cultures all the way from Ecuador to Chile. All these people were different in culture, but not in race. The Tawantinsuyu worked, in a way, like the Roman Empire. The different cultural groups could live by their…...
A Study on the Emperor Tamarin Monkey in Eastern Peru
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Amongst the trees in Eastern Peru is the incredible Emperor Tamarin Monkey, known to scientists as saguinus imperator. This species inhabits mostly lowlands in eastern Peru, northern Bolivia, and in western Brazil. In Brazil and Peru, the Tamarin is considered endangered or threatened, but most other places consider them indeterminate. Emperor Tamarins are New World Monkies, belonging to the Callitrichidae family. The Emperor Tamarin is omnivorous with a diet consisting primarily of fruits, vegetation, insects, and small vertebrates. They consume…...
International Diving in Peru: The Fishing Sector
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Peru boasts a coastline of 3080 km (1914m), bordering Ecuador to the North and Chile in the south, and hosts over 12,000 lakes and lagoons. The country has over 40 ports with Paita (northern Peru) and Callao (central Peru) being the most important centers that produce marketable fish such as hake, giant squid, bonito, mackerel, and tuna along with over 40 other species that are commercially caught. While it only accounts for a small portion of GDP, seafood products account…...
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Current Examples of Helping Raped Women
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The audience being addressed in this essay is an aid organization looking to brief its officers on the operations of the law historically. The officers are meant to help victims of rape and other racial crimes seek and get justice. The officers are social workers and therefore a majority of them do not have sufficient knowledge of the current or a historical basis of the law. The audience is eager to learn how law and human nature and interrelated with…...
What a beautiful country Peru is
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It's home to a variety of great things like incredible architecture, delectable food, and dangerous wildlife. So, here's some great info about Peru. Let’s Go!!! Peru is such a wonderful place to live or visit because of all the great things Peru provides. You can go to Machu Picchu. Machu Picchu is the most popular sculpture in Peru. And there's the Nazca Line and of course the amazing Amazon rainforest. In the Amazon, there are an uncounted amount of different…...
All About Peru
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Peru is located in the western and central part of South America. Its territory, covering an area of 496,224 sq. miles, borders Ecuador and Colombia to the north, Brazil, and Bolivia to the east, and Chile to the south. The capital of Peru is Lima. It has a population of 10 million people. Explain the economic system of your country. What type is it? Peru has a mixed economy because they have a president, a Congress, and free trade with…...
Enlightenment by Anne Chaplet Review
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Commissioner Giorgio DeLange and three colleagues from the Frankfurt police are in an exchange program in Peru. are - (we bathe in blood "Nos bañamos en la sangre") The sightseeing tour bus - - Machu Picchu and Cuzco, 3,400 m above sea level and the numerous horror stories of tour guide about the atrocities of the Spanish conquerors and the bloody local rites DeLange severely beaten on the stomach and mind. Before leaving for Frankfurt DeLange eager to visit the…...
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What a beautiful country Peru is
...In conclusion, I think Peru sounds like a marvelous place it has a good culture and has great food what more do you need, but in all seriousness, I think it’s important to know about Peru or South America in general because if you ever decide to go...
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