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Essay Example on Ignorance Causes Discrimination AbstractionEssay Example on Ignorance Causes Discrimination Spices are merchandises of aromatic workss that grow chiefly in the Torrid Zones. The word “spices” besides includes merchandise that are more exactly called herbs. aromatic seeds or flavoring blends. Spices like Allium sativum ( Allium sativum ) . ginger ( Zingiber officinale ) . Piper nigrum ( Piper nigrum ) . onion ( Allium cepa ) has been the most common spice in our vicinity. A group…...
Chapter 2Review of Related Literature This chapter reviews
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Chapter 2Review of Related LiteratureThis chapter reviews the literature related to the plant extracts that will be used in this study, which will provide basis for the interpretation of the data that shall be gathered later.Staining is a technique utilized in microscopy to enhance structures of organisms. It is considered as biochemical technique to emphasize images under a microscope, it will aid by adding a specific substance to a specimen to measure and to view it clearly. A stain or…...
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