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Theme of Nostalgia in “Such A Long Journey”
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In the novel Such A Long Journey, Rohinton Mistry explores the nostalgia and grief experienced by characters of Gustad Noble and Miss Kutpitia. He talks about both the sweet reminiscing of the past, as well as the dangers of nostalgia that accompany it. Mistry’s protagonist, Gustad, struggles to understand the dynamic relationship that has evolved between him and his son, Sohrab. Gustad remembers the relationship he used to share with Sohrab as a child and frequently reminisces the day he…...
Nostalgia for the Light Documentary Film
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Pages • 8
Which revolves around the everlasting effects of Augusto Pinochet’s regime. The movie takes place in the Atacama Desert in Chile where there is no record of rainfall in years and which therefore has very low humidity. This quality of the Atacama Desert has made it the perfect place for archeological exploration because thanks to the low humidity, there is very little moisture and thus carved stones, pottery and ruins don’t easily fade away into dust. The desert also is known…...
Research v. Media The Science of Food Nostalgia
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Pages • 5
Comfort food can be a necessity at times especially when you do not have family or friends around to talk everything out with or give you a hug of assurance. Food becomes the next option to bring you a sense of peace because it has become associated with positive memories. Two articles that will be evaluated will be a media article called 'The Science of Food Nostalgia' written by Alexandra Sifferlin and a research article titled 'Threatened Belonging and Preference…...
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Filling Life With Nostalgia Eva Hoffman
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Pages • 5
Throughout this telling autobiography 'Lost in Translation: A Life in a New Language', Eva Hoffman goes through a lot of emotions ranging from hope to fear, rage, denial, and acceptance. In her abnormal immigrant experience the author shows how exile and nostalgia fill her life and the compelling story about how Polish Eva became American Eva, and all that such a change entailed. In her non-fiction book 'Lost in Translation: A Life in a New Language', Eva Hoffman recounts her…...
Nostalgic Memories With Vinyl Records
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Pages • 7
In recent years there has been a stark rise in the sales of vinyl records, a product that has been outdated by many other forms of music platforms such as CDs and streaming. This can be related to multiple factors, one of which is nostalgia. In the article “Nostalgia: Content, Trigger, Functions” by Tim Wildschut he talks about 7 studies which examined the content of nostalgic experiences, the triggers of nostalgia and the utility of nostalgia. These studies found that…...
Related Terms Life Review, Nostalgia and Autobiographical Memory
Words • 1487
Pages • 6
There are some concepts with elements similar to reminiscence but which do not share the same set of defining attributes (Burnside & Haight, 1992; Haber, 2006; Haight & Burnside, 1993). For example, life review, nostalgia, and autobiographical memory are related terms that are commonly used when discussing reminiscence, thus making them prone to misinterpretation. However, investigators stress the importance of being clear in the type and goals of the uses of reminiscence at hand, because this can help in determining…...
Nostalgia: A Tool in Marketing
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Pages • 9
Within our increasingly consumerist society commodities have become a central cultural substance, and a personal tool for the consumer. Through trial and error, the study of psychology, and careful analysis of the consumer’s practices of perception, advertisers have developed a number of strategies to maximize sales. One strategy which has been notably ubiquitous since the late 20th century is nostalgia advertising. Studies have proven that deliberately nostalgic advertisements generate a higher recollection and preference for an ad and brand, when…...
The Misguided nostalgia of 1950
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Pages • 6
There is nostalgia about the 1950s, because of the post-war boom period that was doing reasonably well economically due to the availability of secure jobs, a high birth rate, quality education and the federal intervention programs that ensured Americans accessed social security. An American could easily access education via government financing and also a well-paying job, and hence most Americans were proud homeowners. The government-funded programs also introduced high interstate ways and also set minimum wage laws. From the social…...
EducationNostalgiaUnited States
Professions That Cause Excitement and Nostalgia for Their Childhood in Many People
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Pages • 7
Firefighting is one of those jobs that brings many people much excitement and nostalgia of their childhood. Firefighter or not, mostly everyone has a good memory of interacting with a firefighter. Children look up to firefighters and a lot of them have the dream of one day becoming one. Well, for me it’s that way. The big red trucks, loud sirens, the family atmosphere at the firehouse, helping and saving people. There’s always that something that moves someone to become…...
Social Media Presence Analysis – Sunny Side Eggs will be present
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Pages • 3
Social Media Presence Analysis –Sunny Side Eggs will be present on the popular social media site, Instagram. Instagram has users from many walks of life, making it an easy platform to reach our assumed target audience, middle-aged ‘housewife’ women who believe in the ethical treatment of animals.Attention:The contrast of the dark background and prominent, bold text in the example posts, gains the attention of potential buyers scrolling down their feed. The large text captures the viewers attention while its contrast…...
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