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An Overview of Johnson’s Island and Its Importance in the History of Our Nation
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Pages • 4
This site, Johnson’s Island, is an island that played a monumental role in our nation’s history, so it is important to properly preserve important artifacts that might be found. The island was a prison that held confederate prisoners-of—war. Some of the goals were to gain a better understanding of the time period and the events that occurred here, Learning about the people who lived here, were imprisoned here, and the people who are buried here could contribute valuable knowledge. The…...
How Darwin’s Theory of Evolution Ignited a Nation, a Book by Randall Fuller
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Pages • 3
The Book That ChangedAmerica: How Darwin’s Theory ovaoiution Ignited a Nation, written by Randall Fuller, is a book about a book; it tells the story of a particular copy of Darwin’s On The Origin ofSpeeies by Means ofNaturai Selection, or the Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life which exchanged hands between several owners who all became invested in the Abolition movement. The line of ownership begins with Asa Gray, who is considered to be one of the…...
How a Nation Chose a National Army
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Pages • 2
John Jay addressed these words to convey that everything that we accomplished, we do it cooperatively as a nation. The outcome of this debate would alter the future of our country. As a nation, we can choose to possess a national army to shield our country from incursions and anything portentous to the aegis of United States. Having a battalion prepared at all times, even in times of peace, is pragmatic and imperative for getting ready for any attack or…...
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A Nation Facing a Huge Number of Problems
Words • 1976
Pages • 8
The nation faces a vast number of problems. For as advanced as it is, the issues that are faced may have some simple solutions. One big problem the United States has been facing for many years is food safety. America has a problem with harmful chemicals and pathogens being put in the food. This is not good for the animals and the people who have to consume it. The Food and Drug Administration is responsible for keeping the food safe…...
NationProblemsSchool Lunches
Violence, Poverty And Police Brutality
Words • 1617
Pages • 7
Violence, poverty, and police brutality are just three of the obstacles that African American people face on the daily and people of color have been protesting about it for years now. This most known protest is the Black Lives Matter Movement. Black Lives Matter is an international protest against police brutality and systemic racism towards African American people. Black Lives Matter focuses on police killings of black people, and broader topics including police brutality, racial profiling, and racial inequality in…...
Black Lives MatterNationPolicePolice Brutality
Two Nation One Movement
Words • 1184
Pages • 5
In the world, there are many different ethnic groups, so there are different colors. According to this result, the struggle for national independence should start, and racial discrimination would begin. Today, no one knows exactly where history goes, but the struggle continues to the present. The actions of this movement are not only very common, though it is in times of social acceptance and unacceptability. Although the Black Lives Matter movement was considered very thoroughly, it still is an example…...
Black Lives MatterNationSocial Movements
For The Protection Of A Nation
Words • 680
Pages • 3
Covid-19, also known as corona, has put the whole world in a state of panic, fear, and dismay, as death tolls continue to rise higher and higher each day. The United States' government has responded to the crisis by ordering a nation stay-at-home quarantine. However, due to the severity of the highly infectious disease, is this response enough? The answer is simple a no, and a nation-wide lockdown seems to be the only response to stop the spread. The need…...
NationNational IdentityNationalism
We won’t have a society if we destroy the environment
Words • 1050
Pages • 5
This simple, yet powerful quote by cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead shows how important the environment is for life and society. It seems like governments and big corporations have gotten so caught up in making money that they forgot that this is the only earth we have, and were slowly destroying it. The nation-state, partnered with large oil and gas companies are to blame for their negative influence on the environment due to economic growth being prioritized over environmental preservation, fracking,…...
Fast Food NationNationNational Identity
Examples Of National Integration
Words • 1284
Pages • 6
This sample essay on Examples Of National Integration reveals arguments and important aspects of this topic. Read this essay's introduction, body paragraphs and the conclusion below.National Integration: A myth or reality The integrity of any nation invariably depends on the integrity of its citizens. After all, it is the individuals who constitute society or a nation. Society or nation minus individuals is nothing. The individual is a reality; whereas the society is a myth. The society exists because of individuals.…...
Pros And Cons Of Nationalism
Words • 590
Pages • 3
Nationalism is a popular sentiment that places the existence and well-being of the nation highest in the scale of political loyalties. In political terms, it signifies a person’s willingness to work for the nation against foreign domination, whether political, economic, or cultural. Nationalism also implies a group’s consciousness of shared history, language, race, and values. Its significance lies in its role in supplying the ties that make the nation-state a cohesive viable entity. Nationalism belongs to the modern world. Before…...
FranceInternational RelationsNationNationalismPhilosophyPolitics
American Exceptionalism Essay
Words • 344
Pages • 2
Is America better than all of the other countries in this world because we offer more opportunity and hope for humanity?Are our constitutional ideals that are focused on personal and economic freedom giving us a top seat to other cultures and nations that share this earth with us?A lot of Americas would like to think so.We live in a country that is arguably one of the freest nations, not only personally, but also politically.We are governed by public and private…...
AmericaCommunicationCultureNationPoliticsUnited States
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How Darwin’s Theory of Evolution Ignited a Nation, a Book by Randall Fuller
...Thoreau— this book doesn’tjust meet one category, it contains a number of themes and topics in it which the reader can learn about. Fuller helps paint a picture of America just before the Civil War, explains a lot of the culture behind the Abolit...
How a Nation Chose a National Army
...James Madison expressed his thoughts of federalism in Federalist Paper #51. “...the power surrendered by the people is first divided between two distinct governments...The different governments will each control each other, at the same time each wi...
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