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The Issue of the Notion of Political Liberty in the United States Due to the Exclusion of Protection of Minority Rights
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The United States has long been characterized by the notion of political liberty, a nuance of thriving democractuc. This has been strengthened by the United States Constitution, a document established to sustain the political ideals ofthe Framers inthe formation of a new, independent goverment, But how democratic isthe document actually? Here, itis important to note the definition of democracy. Commonly referred ta asa system of government where the power resides in the people—with boundaries as wo who the people are—…...
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A Report on the Movie Minority Report
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In the movie “Minority Report”, serious crime is virtually eliminated by the year 2054 A.D. However, society as a whole is sill not perfect because several people's inalienable rights have been removed from their livelihood. Despite that fact, “Minority Report” is a depiction of what life would look like if “Kant's Moral Philosophy” was applied to the government of the future. Based on the scenic elements in the movie “Minority Report” an individual can surmise that this movie was constructed…...
IdentityMinoritySocial ScienceSociology
Socioeconomic Issues and Their Effects on the Healthcare of the American Minority
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Throughout the decades, the topic of healthcare and its obvious disparities has been noted and discussed time and time again, Over time, we noticed that there’s an obvious disparity when it comes to the healthcare and its access when it comes to people of color and what they receive in contrast with the healthcare that White people get in the United States. Numerous socio-economic issues can affect the way a minority receives healthcare in America. With income, education, language, and…...
IdentityMinoritySocial ScienceSociology
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Why are Women Still Considered as Minority Groups Across the Globe?
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The issue of gender is on that holds a lot of significance the society. For along time, gender discrimination has been a recurrent aspect characterized by the unequal treatment of women, Communities across the world view and treat women differently. However, women still remain underrepresented in many aspects such as politics, leadership positions and allocation of jobs. The objective of this paper is to compare and contrast how women are treated by various communities presently and historically. While female activists…...
IdentityMinoritySocial ScienceSociology
A Discussion on the Treatment of Major Depressive Disorders in Patients From Minority Groups
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Pages • 2
Major depressive disorders have similar lifetime prevalence across ethnic groups around the globe. However, patients from minority groups in specific countries have poorer access to mental health care and are less privileged than whites to receive antidepressant therapy. Statistics indicate that there are poor outcomes for patients from the minority groups in the sequential treatment to relieve depression (Howland, 2008). It is significant to understand the clinical pharmacology of antidepressant agents as a measure of understanding optimal prescribing. When prescribing…...
IdentityMinoritySocial ScienceSociology
The Affirmative Action Policy
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Pages • 7
Support or favor an individual who is part of a minority group. Affirmative action divide people, because some say it is effective and helpful that makes our society better and equal, but on the other hand some say it is a bad way to do things, since we live in equality with equal chances and they should not favor someone over others, because it has a negative impact in the society that will cause a lot of other problems. Afirmative…...
Affirmative ActionMinorityPolicy
The Publication Influence Racial Discrimination
Words • 540
Pages • 3
In the book “Race, Ethnicity, Gender, and Class” by Joseph F. Healey, inequality was the term that made me think deeply regarding what I’ve been reading about a minority group, race, discrimination, and institutional discrimination. Nowadays social inequality is one of the biggest issues faced by the American community. Many people do not realize that even though things are improving with time, inequality still exists. In the second topic “What is a Minority group?” the author describes five characteristics of…...
DiscriminationMinorityRacial Discrimination
“Minority Threat Hypothesis and New York Police Termination and Rampage Policy”
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Pages • 4
The article “Minority Threat Hypothesis and NYPD Stop and Frisk Policy” by Joseph Ferrandino focuses on New York’s stop and frisk policy and how it is used to target members of minority groups. Joseph Ferrandino uses data gathered from the 2012 Stop, Question, and Frisk database which clearly shows bias against members of minority groups by the NYPD. Ferrandino's main argument is that that the NYPD uses its power to suppress and retain dominance against minority groups. I believe the…...
HypothesisMinorityPolicySocial Norms
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Why are Women Still Considered as Minority Groups Across the Globe?
...As much as women are more liberal in the modem world, their role of making families and submitting to their husbands still persist naturally. If T were a woman, I would choose to live in Europe. This is because European women were acknowledged and th...
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