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Kun Can’s Artist Riverbend
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Asian art hand and wall scrolls have been admired for centuries with their beautifully intricate designs and seances, some of the artist who did these paintings became masters of their craft and we still learn about them today as they continue to inspire. During my most recent trip to the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco on September twenty-third, two-thousand-and- eighteen, I had the privilege to see a collection of ink on paper scrolls known as the Brundage Collection. Here…...
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The Most Achieved Song Dynasty 
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Why do we always compare the Song with the Ming dynasty? The reasoning for that is that Confucianism greatly influenced both governments and focus more on political strategy and moral discourse rather than building military forces. And, either the Song or the Ming empire displays a period of time when China experienced remarkable advancement in economy and fields of technology and science.This essay attempts to illustrate the major achievements from the Song and Ming dynasties, and measures that made the…...
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Significant of the Ming Dynasty
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The Song and the Ming dynasty are in many ways similar, each had a well-developed commercial economy, a Neo-Confucian influenced government administration, administrators who had mostly come up through the imperial examination system, both dynasties fostered rich cultural developments in the arts and literature, both were also beset with problems caused by eunuchs, but who also made important contributions to the economy, both had strong navies and were interested in international relations and export trade, most people lived in small,…...
EconomyMing DynastySong
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WHIST Q&T – Lesson 8 – Chapter 16
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Manchu fighting units. Banners Leader of exploration and trading voyages. Zheng He Active Christian missionaries in China. Jesuits Dynasty founded by Ming Hong Wu. Ming Ruling dynasty from 1644 until 1911. Qing All of the following contributed to the downfall of the Ming dynasty _____. Weak rulers, peasant unrest, and poor crop yields. The emperor Kangxi was generally _____. Tolerant of Christian missionaries. The first Europeans to make contact with the Ming dynasty were the _____. Portuguese. Accomplishments of the…...
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Chapter 16 The East Asian World
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Why were spices highly valued and sought out so eagerly? They had medicinal uses and preserved meat for winter. What group of explorers first found the gateway to the Spice Islands? Portuguese The Vietnamese emperor ruled according to the teachings of Confucius The Islamic trade network developed in the Malay Peninsula and the Indonesian Archipelago because Muslim merchants wanted to control the spice trade. The Southeast Asian states evolved into three styles of monarchy Vietnamese emperors, Islamic sultans, and Buddhists…...
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