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How Extreme, Short-Term Diets Have Lasting Effects
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Pages • 3
No Jell-O Daniel Bissonnette had never seen Goldfish, Fruit Loops, or blue Jell-O until they were placed right in front of him in his preschool class. He thought they were art supplies and even started to smear the Jell-O over his napkin as if it was water. This is because, like many other kids, his mother started him off with a raw, vegan, non-GMO, and unprocessed diet, also known as the paleo diet. This is only one of many extreme…...
Diana’s Struggle With Bulimia Nervosa
Words • 1334
Pages • 6
Princess Diana, a member of the Great Britain royal family, struggled with Bulimia nervosa. Her parents lacked emotional support and raised her in an unstable and argumentative environment before they separated. Although she was raised in a pompous atmosphere, Diana was well-liked and socially aware of her privilege. The distress caused by her family led her to manifest control in different ways such as being neat, a compulsive talker, and a socializer. Her marriage had comparable features to her childhood…...
Bulimia – an Eating Disorder
Words • 451
Pages • 2
According to the presented case scenario, Jamie’s medical diagnosis is more consistent with anorexia nervosa. “Anorexia nervosa is a life-threatening eating disorder characterized by the client’s restrictions if nutritional intakes necessary to maintain a minimally normal body weight, intense fear of gaining weight or becoming fat, significantly disturbed perception of the shape or size of the body, and steadfast inability or refusal to acknowledge the seriousness of the problem or even that one exists” (Videbeck, 2017, p. 391). Jamie has…...
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The Sacrifices and Struggles That America Endured during the Great Depression
Words • 670
Pages • 3
The Great Depression, a ten year economical crisis lasting from 1929 to 1939 brought down on the society of the United States. Throughout the depression, Americans endured the most extreme hardships. A third of the nation was ill, crops were dying, and Americans became sick themselves. The United States was overall a depressed mass itself. Nothing was fun, nothing good-natured, just a sad and slow time. The Great Depression had many effects on the people who lived through it. To…...
DepressionSacrificesThe Great Depression
Review And Assessment Of A Study On Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction For Adolescents With Functional Somatic Syndromes
Words • 1363
Pages • 6
According to Wikipedia, the definition of Mindfulness is “the psychological process of bringing one’s attention to experiences occurring in the present moment, which can be developed through the practice of meditation and other training” (“Mindfulness-based stress reduction”, n.d., para. 1). The program of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction or MBSR incorporates mindfulness as a way to help people with chronic pain, illnesses, or life issues that may not be treated in a medical setting. MBSR was developed in the 1970s by Professor…...
Health CareMindfulnessStress
How Meditation Became a Part of the Mainstream?
Words • 477
Pages • 2
Meditation can be a good practice for everyone. It helps us to understand our mind. It helps us to overcome the past. It transfers our mind from stressful to relaxing, from unhappy to happy, from hatred to love. Meditation really makes me feel good after a hard time from school. Sometimes I feel that there is not enough time for me to do anything, to finish anything and this makes me really stressed. Some people think that we don’t have…...
Meditation Is One Way to Fight Hypertension
Words • 696
Pages • 3
Hypertension or high blood pressure affects millions of Americans, and the problem seems to be getting worse. Undoubtedly, those dealing with this problem have to find a way to address it, and one way to do so is through meditation. The idea that blood pressure could be affected by meditation may not seem possible, but studies say otherwise. How Does Meditation Work? Meditation lowers blood pressure in a number of ways. For one, when you practice it long enough, it…...
Isn’t the Education System Expecting Too Much From Students?
Words • 1140
Pages • 5
Students are tired and overworked. Teachers and other school personnel don't understand this. They expect everyone's full attention and 100% participation all day every day no questions asked. They treat students like they are robots and can multitask multiple huge projects and everyday life and to get everything done soon, but the truth is that the average student cannot do that. They handle an exorbitant amount of pressure socially, from school, from their parents and family, and even from themselves.…...
DepressionHealthSleep Deprivation
What Is the Positive and Negative Impact of Sleeping Less on Students’ Academic Performance and Wellbeing in DHSZ?
Words • 972
Pages • 4
It is suggested that people’s sleeping patterns have changed significantly over the last few decades. Even teenagers now get remarkably less sleep than before and standard of insufficient sleep for children and teenagers has become the norm. This situation is even more serious for middle and high school students. According to some researches, some celebrities with outstanding achievements such as Bill Gates kept having few sleep hours for long periods of time so that people consider that those people who…...
HealthSleepSleep Deprivation
Lack of Sleep Is One of the Problems of Excessive Sitting in Front of the Screen
Words • 628
Pages • 3
Technology has advanced over the years. People have spent a great amount of time working on technology for the improved and cure many things with physical and mental health. But, it has worsened the health of many people also. Also, Excessive time on screen can damage someone’s health dramatically. Three effects of excessive screen time include lack of sleep, grades declining, and people’s eyesight deteriorating. Screen time can keep people from falling asleep. There is a light that is radiated…...
HealthSleepSleep Deprivation
Sports Team Captain’s Stress at Universities 
Words • 2408
Pages • 10
The captain of any sports team has to take a lot of responsibility and has to necessarily multitask as a strategist, player, and finally in the case of a defeat has to take all the blame. A team with a weak leadership can never gel together. The captain has to make compromises and sacrifices in his role as a player to accommodate all team players and to put the needs of the team first in all his priorities. The role…...
Psychosocial Effects Of Stigma Towards Mental Disorders in Rural Communities
Words • 2095
Pages • 9
Mental health disorders are rarely on the frontline of health regulations. Previous research has shown that there are several barriers that have been blocking the improvement of mental health care. These include civil society support, the cultural perspectives, mental health gap as a human rights issue and the inherence of beliefs and attitudes towards the mentally ill. Family burden has also been indicated, as relatives of the mentally ill face challenges when caring for loved ones at home and within…...
Erik EriksonHealthMental DisorderMental Health
Hiphop Spreading Through Society Depression
Words • 519
Pages • 3
Hip hop it’s a controversial genre acclaimed worldwide, and whose tale it’s constantly follow by the media, according to which, it portraits negative lifestyles; claiming that it poses a threat to the wellbeing of its followers, setting the field to make us wonder if it gets to the point where it nourishes mental disorders such as anxiety and depression. Being the most common mental disorders, anxiety and depression can affect everyone, nonetheless women are twice as likely to bear them.…...
AnxietyHealthHip Hop Culture
Analysis Of Children With Dyslexia, Children With Dysgraphia
Words • 1034
Pages • 5
The question being asked by this study is would children, ages 7 to 10 years old, diagnosed with dyslexia or dysgraphia have drawing abnormalities when evaluated using the traditional pen and sheet method when analyzed on an optoelectronic system. Three groups matched by age and school grade were used for the analysis of children with dyslexia, children with dysgraphia, and normally developing kids as the control group. Traces of a circle, cross, and square were analyzed using smart tracking and…...
The Yellow Wallpaper Effect
Words • 934
Pages • 4
Since the course of the institution of marriage, women have been set upon to play out certain roles in society. Oftentimes they are stereotyped to be docile, timid and weak, only to be contrasted by a strong, dominant male figure. While modern women's rights help decrease such inaccurate personas, social ideals in 19th century America drastically differed to the present day culture. In Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s short story, The Yellow Wallpaper, she illustrates this different ideology in her character’s trial…...
Mental HealthPsychologyThe Yellow Wallpaper
The Yellow Wallpaper: The Symbolism Between The Mental Conditions and The Wallpaper
Words • 1564
Pages • 7
In Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s, “The Yellow Wallpaper”, there is a connection between the narrators mental structure and the wallpaper itself. As the woman works to gain back her sanity, she rips the paper down to free herself from that confinement, as she watches her mental state deteriorate day by day. Niko Kazantzakis, a Greek novelist, states “A person needs a little madness or else they never dare cut the rope and be free”. On a larger scale, Gilman pertains to…...
Mental HealthPsychologyThe Yellow Wallpaper
Sleep Deprivation: Lack Of Sleep Permeates Into All Aspects Of Your Life From Your Emotional State To Your Eating Habits
Words • 687
Pages • 3
It can be hard to get a good night’s rest on an average night let alone one filled with aches and pains. Unfortunately, lack of sleep permeates into all aspects of your life from your emotional state to your eating habits. That means the one area you can’t afford to let the pain take control is sleep. Pain and sleep deprivation form a vicious cycle in which it’s easy to get trapped. It often starts with pain in some of…...
Mental HealthSleep Deprivation
Research Related to Delirium And Sleep Deprivation
Words • 2042
Pages • 9
DeliriumDelirium presents as a significant healthcare problem due to its increased rate of occurrence, monetary effects, and adverse patient outcomes. The effects of delirium have become an increasing concern to the adult intensive care unit (ICU) population ages sixty to eighty years (Devlin et al., 2018). Delirium is seen as a frequent complication for this age group during their hospital stay (Birge & Aydin, 2017). Since the onset of delirium is considered abrupt, the healthcare team must be aware of…...
Mental HealthSleep Deprivation
Psychological Conditions and The Impact of False Memory Formation
Words • 1984
Pages • 8
Topic IntroductionWith the research of the brain’s complexity, there is an increased understanding that the brain is susceptible to committing memory errors, thus altering an individual’s perspective of reality. The assumption that human memory operates by recording past events and experiences with such accuracy is what leads people to place confidence in their own memories. Contradictory to what many believe, memories are not accurate records but rather they are reconstructive, meaning that memories can be modified by post-event information (Goldstein,…...
Psychological ProblemSleep Deprivation
Psychotherapy Is The Most Effective Way of Treatment: Narcissistic Personality Disorder
Words • 2017
Pages • 9
Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental disorder which affects around one percent of the world’s population. It happens to appear more often in men than women and affecting the juveniles more than older people. Those people who have this condition is characterized by having an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for excessive attention and admiration, troubled relationships, and a lack of empathy for others. The hallmark description of narcissistic personality disorder is gaudiness – the exaggerated…...
Mental DisorderMental HealthNarcissistic Personality Disorder
Investigation Related to Mediation on The Brain
Words • 1873
Pages • 8
INTRODUCTION​Every human uses their brain every second they are alive. The could be sleeping or doing a rudimentary task, but the brain is vital for these actions to occur in the first place. The brain sends messages across the body to the muscles and other organs so they can do their role for the body. With that said, the brain has many tasks that it has to do. It stores our memory, its connected to our eyes so in a…...
Mindful Meditation and Outlook On Life
Words • 1701
Pages • 7
Wake up, go to school, go to school and get assignments, worry about assignments, do assignments, and stress out. Stressing out in this day and era comes as second nature as breathing does. Everything around us causes stress which in turn stress can lead to many diseases and ultimately leads to a life not enjoyed to the fullest. There is one natural thing that can be done to alleviate the stress of our everyday lives, meditation.Stress amongst college students is…...
Life Changing ExperienceMeditation
Meditation Is An Invaluable Resource In Culture, Religion And Everyday Life
Words • 1320
Pages • 6
As I tried to think of an effective way to begin this research paper, I had a bit of a hard time connecting a vastly abstract concept (mindfulness and meditation) with the sometimes-rigid world of advanced practice nursing. In her article, “Health Benefits of Emptying the Mind: Rediscovering Meditation;” Gloria Donnelly PhD, RN, FAAN, a fellow advanced practice nurse, begins by stating the following:Emptying, cleansing, and replenishing are processes applied to many devices to keep them in good working condition.…...
Between Childhood and Adulthood
Words • 476
Pages • 2
As a child you alway hear adults complain about “today's youth”. How they are grumpy antisocial and impossible to get along with. I always told myself” when i grow up i'll never give those adults a reason to complain about me”. To me it seems to me that tenagers were like this because they cared way to much on how they appeared to the outside world someones appearance was the most important thing to everyone with relationships with the opposite…...
Teenage Suicide
Modern Technology and Mental Health
Words • 598
Pages • 3
As modern technology develops, the use of smartphones increases, especially for the younger generation. The increase in smartphones has caused numerous side effects, including health risks like sleep deprivation, depression, and suicide. Smartphones have also created a big shift with the teenage generation’s behavior. In the article “Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?” the writer, Jean Twenge emphasizes smartphones significant dominance over teenagers through the usage of the classical rhetorical appeals, pathos, ethos, and logos. The writer uses various techniques of…...
Teenage Suicide
Teenage Hormones and Self-Expression
Words • 1008
Pages • 5
Rebellion has always been associated with teenagers. From burnouts to Satanists, this rejection of the mainstream can be seen through generations. Epstein points to Generation X as the group who fully acknowledged this angst and formed their own subculture. Donna Gaines takes a deeper look into the causes of Generation X’s teenage alienation, and how the rejection of this subculture by the mainstream led to the suicide of four students. Finally, Williams redefines these what subcultures are and the different…...
SuicideTeenage Suicide
Tips About How To Beat Insomnia
Words • 1550
Pages • 7
IntroductionOur body is requiring a long term duration of sleep in order to restore and rejuvenate to grow muscle, repair tissue and synthesize hormones. There are so many reasons for why we hit the hay. We need it for optimal health and being healthiness. Sleeping is very critical to everyone. Cardiac rhythm plays a major role in the calm mind, wake cycle in order to improve immune functions. It is the respite time of our body which repair itself to…...
InsomniaMental Health
Valerian Root: Help Treating Anxiety And Physiological Stress And For Sleeping Disorders Like Insomnia
Words • 1536
Pages • 7
Valerian RootAccording to the National Library of Medicine, there are over 75 different Herbs found in the National Library of Medicine garden (NLM Herb Garden). One of these plants used for medical use is called Valerian, or Valerian Root. Valerian Root’s scientific name is Valeriana officinalis. Other common names for Valerian Root include: garden heliotrope and all-heal. Despite the numerous advances that have been made in the medical community in the last few hundred years, Valerian Root is still used…...
InsomniaMental Health
The Technology Causes Mental Illnesses: Insomnia And Others
Words • 1274
Pages • 6
Did you know that children today present the same anxiety/depression levels as those who were psychiatric patients in the 1950s? (Twenge 145). The question arises, What is causing this steady drop in the mental health of society? Only one other thing has had the same, consistent, back to back results: The growth of technology. The consistent advancement and normalization of technology has aligned itself with the world’s worsening state of mental health. The correlation between the two cannot be ignored.…...
InsomniaMental HealthTechnology
Research Related toCannabidiol (CBD) And Insomnia
Words • 3099
Pages • 13
Cannabidiol (CBD) And InsomniaCBD stands for Cannabidiol. A component of the cannabis plant lacks the typical narcotic effects commonly associated with this plant, due to other cannabinoids such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). For this reason, CBD is sold and used legally in many countries.CBD extracted from hemp plants is legally used in many states since research has shown its positive health effects. The extraction takes place from plants with a low concentration of THC and other psychotropic substances, thus ensuring the…...
InsomniaMental Health
Study of Sleep Deprivation in Students
Words • 1698
Pages • 7
  Often, as college students, when we talk to our mothers on the phone there are a few things that we are asked on a daily basis. They will ask if we’re eating fruits and vegetables, getting good grades, exercising, and lastly if we are getting enough sleep. Although it is tempting for college students to stay up late to study, because they are not getting the recommended amount of sleep this is causing their grades to suffer more then…...
HealthSleepSleep Deprivation
Sleep Deprivation Has a Negative Effects on the Brain
Words • 1979
Pages • 8
Sleep deprivation is the condition of not getting the sufficient amount of sleep your body needs. It has been reported to affect the brain as well as cognitive function. This essay examines the question, “To what extent does sleep deprivation affect academic performance in students?” The essay investigated the question using reputable sources such as Internet sites and journals to find an answer to the research question. The essay begins by introducing the issue of sleep deprivation, the main causes…...
HealthSleepSleep Deprivation
Saffron: The Ultimate Health Guide 
Words • 771
Pages • 4
Curious about the health benefits of saffron? We’ve got it all covered! Find out how saffron can help fight cancer, enhance eyesight, and cure insomnia in this ultimate health guide. Wondering how saffron can benefit your overall health? Well, this article is for you! Apparently, saffron is chock full of unique compounds that offer wonderful health perks. From improving digestion to healing wounds to fighting cancer growth, saffron proves to be a worthy kitchen investment. Find out everything nice about…...
Tibetan Medical Practice Focuses on Treating the Root of the Disease
Words • 2905
Pages • 12
Western medicine is predominantly a symptom based practice, whereas the Tibetan medical practice focuses on treating the root of the disease. Additionally, in the Western practice physical illnesses have historically been the problem medical institutions have been working on understanding and finding solutions for, while mental illnesses have often been stigmatized and seen as part of the personality of the person rather than an illness. More recently, mental illnesses have been given a similar footing to physical illnesses in the…...
Alternative MedicineMedicineMeditation
Gender Differences in Female Serial Killers 
Words • 1816
Pages • 8
Serial Killer Typology Serial murder is a relatively rare occurrence. It is estimated to comprise less than 1% of all murders. The fascination of serial killers far outweighs the amount if murders these heinous people commit. This fascination began in the late 1880’s after a series of unsolved murders occurred in London. The person who committed these murders called himself “Jack the Ripper”. He sent letters to the police taunting them for not being able to catch him. This piqued…...
CrimePsychological DisordersSerial Killer
Fighting Isolation Effects in Older Adults
Words • 894
Pages • 4
Since this coronavirus pandemic has started, the community that my workplace services have been facing an increasing problem with mental health. Being told to stay inside and distance ourselves from individuals and loved ones who we were once able to have physical contact without the fear of becoming sick, has changed the way society thinks and the mental strength of some individuals. The individuals I have noticed that have been heavily impacted by the isolation includes older adults, 65 and…...
IsolationMental Health
Macbeth’s Insanity
Words • 831
Pages • 4
A few pieces of life impact a person’s mental state, for example, a family ancestry of dysfunctional behavior, an abrupt crazy flare-up, or a steady movement of side effects. Mental illness is common in our culture and the literature often uses it to emphasize stories. Mental illness occurs in Macbeth A famous example of mental illness occurs in Macbeth by William Shakespeare; it tells the story of a hero who falls into disgrace when he becomes greedy for power. Toward the beginning…...
MacbethMental HealthMental Illness
Attachment Theory and a 47-year-old woman’s case
Words • 865
Pages • 4
Laura is a 47-year-old woman. She lives with her common-law partner of 15 years and they have no children. Laura described a good relationship with her partner, but she admitted to “keeping her distance” and being uncomfortable opening and sharing her private thoughts and feelings with him. Laura has a Bachelor of Arts and a Law degree and has a successful job as a partner in a law firm. She is prone to depression. He childhood history involves a mother…...
Attachment TheoryDepressionPsychology
The Effects of Retirement
Words • 626
Pages • 3
Retirement has been a major issue within Mental Illness throughout out America. Many times, when people retire, they are financially stable by having multiple incomes. But, mentally emotionally and psychically they tend to lose that sense of belonging in life. The purpose of getting up every morning is destroyed suddenly. They feel lonely during this period which could lead to depression, suicide and abusing of drugs and alcohol over time. Others fail to realize that everyone is not ageing gracefully.…...
CultureHealthMental HealthRetirement
Manifestation of Depression in the LGBT Community
Words • 1805
Pages • 8
If a person identifies themselves as transgender, this means that their gender identity and/or expression does not match the sex that they were when they were born (Arcelus et al., 2018). There are many studies that have tested to see if transgender individuals tend to get more depressed than other individuals. Being transgender growing up can cause one to get bullied more and they also tend to have more peer rejection. Even the individual’s family sometimes rejects them (Arcelus et…...
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How Extreme, Short-Term Diets Have Lasting Effects
...Both of these are very unhealthy, not only how they lose the weight but losing that much weight then gaining it again. According to Kevin Hall, who studies weight regulation at the National Institutes of Health in Maryland “For every kilogram of we...
How Meditation Became a Part of the Mainstream?
...Meditation is not what I imagined it to be. For people with many thoughts in their head, it is hard for them to get away their thoughts. If they try not to think about it. They will get a headache and this is not a meditation. Meditation is that when...
What Is the Positive and Negative Impact of Sleeping Less on Students’ Academic Performance and Wellbeing in DHSZ?
...With this in mind, a research project is proposed to investigate whether students at Dulwich International High School always stay up late and some correlations between sleeping hours and students' performances. This would be to establish how many sl...
Tips About How To Beat Insomnia
...IntroductionOur body is requiring a long term duration of sleep in order to restore and rejuvenate to grow muscle, repair tissue and synthesize hormones. There are so many reasons for why we hit the hay. We need it for optimal health and ...
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