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Plato Meno
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Socrates, in his discussion with Meno in “Plato’s Meno” gave us in heritage what is actually a Virtue. Meno said, “Well then, Socrates, virtue, as I take it, is when he, who desire the honorable, is able to provide it for himself; so the poet says, and I say too-“, (Plato, Meno), but after prolonged discussion, Socrates explains to Meno, “ Then, Meno, the conclusion is that virtue comes to the virtuous by the gift of God. But we shall…...
Meno’s Paradox
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Meno's Paradox and The Theory of Recollection Meno's paradox is an argument in the form of a question. As it is written Meno asks, "How will you look for something when you don't know what it is.. or even if you come right up on it, how will you know that what you have found is the thing that you didn't know?" Socrates states it more simply, "A man cannot try to discover either what he knows or what he…...
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Anaximander, a Milesian philosopher, was the first great influencer of Greek thought. He traveled, and presented his discoveries from the outside world to Greece. He is sometimes credited with the discovery of the gnomon, a type of sundial telling hours of the day, equinoxes, and solstices; however, it was most likely a transplanted invention from the Babylonians. He is also said to have constructed a celestial globe mapping the heavens. Anaximander can be considered the first geographer and although his…...
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