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History of Aztec human sacrifice rituals has been faced with controversies
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Even when there is a general acknowledgement of the activities of the Aztec community, it has been difficult to trace a comprehensible source of data that could be used to thoroughly examine the account of the human sacrifices made by these people in their entirety. One of the most famous works into the history of the human sacrifices in the Aztec community is that by Harner, (Harner, M. (1977), who argues that the community used human sacrifice to supplement their…...
Childhood Obesity in Low Income Communities
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Pages • 5
One of the biggest problems in society today is childhood obesity. Childhood obesity is a serious medical condition in which children are above the normal weight and height for their age. The percentage of overweight children in the United States is growing rapidly every day at an alarming rate. “Since 1980, the childhood obesity rates… have tripled — with the rates of obese 6- to 11-year-olds more than doubling… and rates of obese teens… quadrupling” (Crowley). Over 30 percent of…...
Child ObesityChildhood ObesityObesityObesity In America
Who should be blamed for childhood obesity
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Pages • 7
Introduction “We have laws against leaving a loaded weapon with our children, why should food be any different?” Daniel Weintraub says. Childhood obesity is not just about your kid being overweight, it is a serious problem caused by imbalance between calorie intake and calories utilized (Kluwer). Kids who are having excessive body fat are said to be clinically obese and at risk of developing health problems (Thompson). Should kids be punished for this? Should they be blamed? If not, who?…...
Child ObesityChildhood ObesityObesityObesity In America
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Obesity Harms Human Health
Words • 567
Pages • 3
Obesity is defined as having increased adipose tissue to the point that it is detrimental to one's health (Ogden, 2007). Common comorbidities include cardiovascular disease, stroke, hypertension, and diabetes mellitus(Caballero, 2007). Because of this, obesity poses a significant risk of decreased life expectancy ( Hruby, A., & Hu, F. B. , 2014). Even more concerning, is that in the last thirty years the prevalence of this condition has become so great that its has been categorized as an epidemic. The…...
Child ObesityChildhood ObesityObesityObesity In America
Childhood Obesity and My Entrepreneurial Idea
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Pages • 8
Abstract America is one of the countries in the world with the highest rates of childhood obesity. Various databases register over 13.7 million victims struggling with the health challenge. As a public health matter, various attempts have been made to help to stop or reduce the rising number of obese children. Notably, secondary and tertiary levels have commonly been used. Therefore, it is vital to create a health promotion model that relies on primary and secondary levels of obesity prevention.…...
Child ObesityChildhood ObesityObesity In America
Excessive Fat Accumulation Disease
Words • 799
Pages • 4
Human obesity is a common human disease which is mainly due to excessive accumulation of fat. In this study, possible causes of human obesity, such as genetic factors, personalities, etc., will be introduced. Based on previous studies, more analysis and evaluations of the experiments will be given. Finally, conclusions and suggestions on how to avoid obesity will be provided in the last paragraph. 2. Introduction Human obesity usually refers to the condition that having too much body fat. What is…...
Child ObesityChildhood ObesityObesityObesity In America
Obesity in Adults: Implications for Health, Prevalence and Treatment
Words • 1707
Pages • 7
Introduction More often than not, the topic of ones’ weight or dietary intake is usually a touchy subject. It is a biological fact that humans need to eat to survive but once you add in the social and psychological factors, you’ve got an increased chance of overeating. Although it is common knowledge that food is fuel for our bodies, food is commonly misused. According to WHO (2018): “More than one in eight adults in the world is obese. The problem…...
Child ObesityChildhood ObesityObesity In America
Obesity is among us and we do not notice it
Words • 517
Pages • 3
Over the course of forty-two years analyzation and statistical models were used to gather and provide results from one hundred and twenty-eight point nine million individuals across one-hundred eighty-nine countries to show three levels of weight from underweight, obesity, and mean BMI. Amongst these levels there are subcategories, these categories include but are not limited to three groups of ages, gender, and geographical areas. These subcategories are essential when it comes to the statistical data in the view of the…...
Child ObesityUniversal Health CareWomen'S Health
Obesity has seemed to grow and become way
Words • 463
Pages • 2
It has become so common it is said that it can be considered a 'Modern day epidemic!' It's both sad and insane! 15.6 percent of twelve to nineteen-year-olds were listed as obese in 2002, which is a considerable incline! It was only 6.1 percent 28 years ago! That's a 9.5 percent incline in such little time! It's even said that those obese kids were more likely inclined to be involved in violent crimes. 44.4 in every thousand people ranging from…...
Child ObesityChildhood ObesityObesityObesity In America
Humans are becoming heavily dependent on technology through the years
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Pages • 7
With new inventions coming out what seems like every week things that used to be everyday activities are now taking place behind a screen digitally. For example, big companies like iPhone and android make small activities such as face to face communication seem rare and much harder than they have to be. Instead of going outdoors and playing soccer, one can play it on their I phone or technology device. Texting has also replaced normal every day conversation. Technology has…...
Child ObesityChildhood ObesityObesity In America
Is Google Making Us Stupid? “And” Thoughts on the Media “
Words • 1416
Pages • 6
Traditionally, advancements are thought to be beneficial but this is not always the case. As technology’s grip on our lives tightens, it can be difficult to admit that convenience is not equivalent to the value of our brains. The internet can have both positive and negative influences but as Carr and Pinker illustrate, we determine the magnitude of influence. In his article, “Is Google Making Us Stupid?”, Nicholas Carr discusses how our minds and attention spans are being altered by…...
Information TechnologyInternetIs Google Making Us StupidStem Cell Research
Career Goal Statement for the Nursing Profession
Words • 427
Pages • 2
I believe research is a key component in moving the Nursing profession forward. My career goal is to become a nurse scientist, who will elevate our profession through evidence-based research, as well as help patients better manage their illnesses and have optimal healthcare outcomes. Career Goal Statement for the Nursing Profession I believe research is a key component in moving the Nursing profession forward. My career goal is to become a nurse scientist, who will elevate our profession through evidence-based…...
CareerCareer GoalsNursingNursing Career
Depressing Jobs
Words • 2290
Pages • 10
Introduction All of us know well that work in general is not easy , all jobs require great effort to satisfy the manager and also to increase the salary , but there are some tiring jobs ,as they require double effort and more energy to do them , they can get the employees of them to a bad psychological case , in many cases , the poor employees of those jobs would reach to a type of depression as a…...
Building a Healthy Food Recommendation System
Words • 1199
Pages • 5
As industries in various fields are expanding, people are often confused to choose the best from different choices and decide what would be best for them. Recommendation systems are a type of information filtering that studies the human interests and presents lists of items which are likely of user preference and help people make decisions in these situations. Here we build a food recommendation system which give recommendations on the basis of considering the users preferences as well as their…...
Healthy EatingHealthy Food
Obesity in Pets
Words • 409
Pages • 2
Obesity in pets is a nutritional disease that causes an excessive amount of adipose tissue that accumulates in the body. Pets are considered overweight when their weight is at least twenty percent greater than its ideal weight. Pet obesity can cause metabolic and hormonal changes as well. Pet obesity in the United States had increase to sixty percent for cats and fifty four percent for dogs. Obesity can result in several issues with the pet’s health. It can cause the…...
My Nursing Career
Words • 705
Pages • 3
My selected career path as a nurse has been an ongoing source of personal inspiration and growth. I became a Licensed Nursing Assistant in high school and had the privilege of working in a long-term care facility with the elderly. I quickly became captivated with the nursing profession and the interpersonal relationships nurses hold with their patients. My decision to further my education to become a registered nurse was without question. I obtained a degree in nursing from the University of…...
NursingNursing CareerNursing Profession
Personalized Medicine
Words • 1647
Pages • 7
When looking at medical treatment, one can’t help but think of the old doctors’ saying “Take 2 aspirin and call me in the morning.” This one size fits all approach to medicine has changed dramatically since that time period to the point where medical treatment today can be customized to increase success in treating illnesses. This involves using genetic information and other data to make medical decisions which are tailored to individual patients. This does not mean creating new medicines…...
Memory and Emotion
Words • 1004
Pages • 5
Memory and emotion are often associated because they involve brain activity. Although they are associated, they are two different functions. What is Emotion Emotion is defined as “a state of feeling” (Merriam Webster 2018), while memory is defined as “learning that has persisted over time, information that has been stored and can be retrieved.” (Myers 2013) Both of these topics are extremely broad and there are so many components that go into each concept. Having a foundation or even the slightest…...
My Nursing Career
Words • 1140
Pages • 5
October 6, 2018 The beginning of my nursing journey began on a non-traditional path much later in my life and it wasn’t until certain life events occurred in which I would be interested in health care. From my sister being diagnosed with cancer, to seeing family members and friends subjected to preventative illnesses, to working among health care personal at a medical spa, and finally enrolling in college to obtain the pre requisites needed to apply to the Bachelors of…...
NursingNursing CareerNursing Profession
Food and Culture 
Words • 978
Pages • 4
“You don’t understand family, you’re white.” “You do not have cultural traditions, you’re white.” My Family's Traditional Meals When I talk to people of other cultures, I am told that I do not have a culture, I am just white. They were not wrong, I am painfully white. I am also Irish, German, Portuguese, and Cajun French. They are wrong, I do understand family and I do have cultural traditions. My family, both immediate and extended, celebrates our successes, failures,…...
FoodHealthy FoodOrganic Food
Media Addiction and Drug Abuse
Words • 512
Pages • 3
Since the birth of social media, we have seen a significant impacted in the life of just everyone. These applications enable people to interact with one another through different forms such as videos, messages, photos and even our voice can travel anywhere around the world through audio messages and text. These applications are Snaphat, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other less known application as well. Not a day goes by where in some cases people feel the need of checking their…...
AddictionDrugsSocial Media Addiction
Mental Illness and Jails
Words • 1183
Pages • 5
Mental illnesses affect many people. Not only adults, but kids, teenagers, and inmates. Inmates struggle with depression and anxiety just like everyone else. In some jails, the staff members do not know how to properly handle a mentally ill inmate. The staff members sometimes will ignore the inmate’s words and actions, and when this happens, the inmate will kill themselves in the jail cell. Inmates are real people, just like everyone else in this world. It is important that staff…...
Mental Health
Healthy Living in Malaysia
Words • 1580
Pages • 7
Being healthy should be part of your lifestyle as a whole, not just a resolution for New Year. Dr Lum (2018) stating that Malaysia is the fattest country in Asia with around half of the population being overweight or obese. Malaysians' busy lives can be problematic for the wellbeing of families. It can be difficult to find time to be physically active by rushing to and from school and working. We can also fall into the trap of preferring unhealthy snacks…...
Exercise And HealthHealthHealth And FitnessHealthy EatingHealthy FoodMalaysia
Effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences on People’s Life
Words • 2153
Pages • 9
There is substantial research that exist which analyzes the effects of ACEs, however, my research will investigate how these traumatic experiences impact adult sexual behavior specifically. I will simultaneously examine intimate relationships overall. I am seeking to determine whether there is correlation between ACEs and asexuality in adults. I am also seeking to determine if childhood trauma can cause nymphomania. I will begin by defining my terms. Service Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration Definitions Adverse childhood experiences is defined…...
Gender Plays a Huge Role in Our Society
Words • 410
Pages • 2
Gender plays a huge role in our society and is the topic of many international debates today. There are still arguments surrounding whether anatomy and physiology define gender or whether there is much more to be discovered and understood. Does society recognise the value of nurture in this area while accepting what is nature? There is no way to really move forward towards equality without addressing this pressing issue. Gender is the centre of many current affairs issues in modern…...
GenderGender RolesGender StereotypesHuman NatureSexSociology
How Medical Marijuana Is Used In The Patient Treatment?
Words • 461
Pages • 2
Nowadays all the medicines are manufactures with many drug products. As those all drug products are used in a limited dosage, it is dangerous to our health. In past days, in most of the countries, the usage of drug medicines was not allowed. But after knowing that the drug product is used only limitedly, they allowed to use the medicines in their appropriate country. Really it is very helpful to people. Marijuana is one of the famous drug medicines that…...
DiseaseDrugsHealth CareMedical MarijuanaMedicine
There Are Steps in the Elimination of This Alcohol Problem
Words • 1029
Pages • 5
All the sounds fade away to nothing nothing nothing and disappear just focus your attention only on the sound of my voice. Allowing you to go deeper relaxed ... There are steps in the elimination of this alcohol problem... The first step is to relax. You must be relaxed so that communication can take place between you and I ... Therefore, if for any reason at this moment you are not completely relaxed I want you now to relax ...…...
AddictionAlcohol AbuseAlcohol AddictionAlcoholismDrugsDrugs And Alcohol
Stress and Anxiety Are Common Diseases in the 21st Century
Words • 486
Pages • 2
Stress and anxiety are common diseases in the 21st century, characterized mainly by insecurity, nervousness and restlessness, and affects not only humans but also our pets. As is well known, dogs cannot speak, so it is impossible for them to let their owners know if they are stressed or anxious, and this is responsible for serious health problems and behavior in our dog. What causes these diseases: Domestic animals depend almost absolutely on us, which is why the most common…...
AnxietyAnxiety DisorderDiseaseHealthMental Health
The Benefits of Social Media Advertising in Healthcare
Words • 543
Pages • 3
For the healthcare industry specially, social media can help engage patients, organizations, and the humans with applicable and nicely timed information, similarly to talk the fee and credibility of the fitness gadget. A contemporary test decided fifty seven percent of customers’ alternatives to attain remedy at a healthcare facility are strongly endorsed via way of manner of that provider’s social media connections, displaying that sufferers receive as genuine with fitness businesses with a social presence. With the opportunity to increase…...
AdvertisingCommunicationEntertainmentHealth CareInternetMedia
Attempt These 6 Workouts To Mix Up Your Routine
Words • 1441
Pages • 6
You'll outdo the two universes - a fun exercise with the structure and direction fundamental from a certified educator. There are such a significant number of alternatives out there now for gathering classes. Look over elevated yoga and bouncing back to submerged turning, cardio circuits, pilates reformer classes thus significantly more. You'll as a rule locate a truly complete calendar all things considered exercise centers. Wellness has advanced to such an extent generally, most exercise centers have an enormous choice…...
ExerciseHealth And FitnessPhysical ExercisePhysical FitnessYoga
Is CBD legal in North Carolina
Words • 990
Pages • 4
North Carolina is known as the home of wildflowers and milkweeds. However, there is one herb that it doesn’t currently freely allow in its lands, marijuana. As much as lawmakers hate to admit, marijuana and its other family members have medicinal benefits that cannot be found in other herbs in normal gardens; it has CBD. Is CBD legal in NC? Moreover, is CBD oil legal in NC? This article will answer these questions and will clarify, once and for all…...
AddictionCannabisDrugsLegalization Of WeedMarijuanaPharmacology
In Judith Jarvis Thomson Excellent Essay “a Defense of Abortion”
Words • 2167
Pages • 9
In Judith Jarvis Thomson excellent essay “A Defense of Abortion” she asserts that even if a fetus is a person at conception, some abortions should be moral permissibility. At the start of her eloquent essay, Thomson acknowledges that fetus has a right to life as it is considered a person at conception. The real lesson about the fetus right to life is not that killing a fetus is always wrong but killing it unjustly is always wrong (Vaughn pg. 307).…...
Abortion Is a Widely Discussed Topic in the Current World
Words • 856
Pages • 4
Abortion is a widely discussed topic in the current world. Most of the people are against it while there are some people who agree with this due to certain reasons. However, it depends on the individual whether to be against it or to agree it. First of all, let us identify what is abortion. This is the process of terminating a pregnancy. Specialists carry this out by removing the embryo. They usually do this before the fetus can survive around…...
AbortionHealth CareMedicinePregnancyWomenWomen'S Health
A Female Abortion Consider a Murder or a Crime
Words • 691
Pages • 3
Abortion is murder, Premature birth is the completion of a pregnancy by evacuation or removal of an incipient organism or embryo before it can make due outside the uterus. A fetus removal that happens without intercession is known as a premature delivery or miscarriage. There are many effects, causes and reasons for abortions. The audience for this topic would be strategy creators, program administrators and suppliers of premature birth care. The utilization of the clinical proposals ought to be individualized…...
AbortionParentPregnancySocial IssuesWomen
How to Relieve Woman Stress in Modern Life
Words • 1390
Pages • 6
Modern life is unfortunately designed in such a way that the ability to avoid or prevent the effects of stress is almost impossible. The influence of stress factors on individuals does not depend on their upbringing, level of culture or education. Especially the beautiful half of humanity is exposed to stress. That is why women need to know the ways and methods to relieve and apply stress. Below are ways to answer the question how to relieve stress quickly to…...
AnxietyEmotionHuman NatureMental HealthStress
Moderate Stress Levels Observed Amongst College Students
Words • 517
Pages • 3
The author was able to provide rationale for the moderate stress levels observed amongst college students. Among them were competition for better grades, pressure from families to do better and also outside factors like bad relationships. As for the coping strategies, the author failed to provide clear mechanisms that can be used to cope with stress among males the author was focused on the stress coping mechanisms for females only. The author was also able to support his research as…...
BiasCommunicationDataHuman NatureMental HealthResearch
Reducing Stress and Improving Mental Wellbeing
Words • 510
Pages • 3
The body’s reaction to stress is a safety mechanism of which the brain is the key component in order to determine whether a situation is threatening or not. Research has shown how stress and stress hormones produce both adaptive and maladaptive counteractions throughout the hippocampus, amygdala and prefrontal cortex which executes stress-induced organisational reconstruction each time an individual is directly or indirectly faced with a stressor in order to adapt (Radley, Morilak, Viau & Campeau, 2015). Paramedics come up against…...
EmotionMental HealthPsychiatryStress
Gaming Technology for Critical Thinking: Engagement, Usability, and Measurement
Words • 402
Pages • 2
This study involves four panelists which are all involved in a game research program. The first panelist focused on discussing an approach to user testing in game development which can be applied to a variety of contexts. The second panelist focused on discussing the critical thinking measures and the development through taking tests. The third panelist described the methods used in game experimentation research. The final panelist described the efforts needed to develop measures of engagement and cognitive workload. The…...
CommunicationLearningMental HealthResearch
Logical Review of Mental Health Practice
Words • 783
Pages • 4
To give updates to the 2015 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explicitly transmitted illnesses treatment rules on human papillomavirus (HPV) and anogenital moles (AGWs), a survey of the writing was led in key subject regions, first the study of disease transmission and weight of ailment, transmission and common history, conclusion and the executives of AGWs, word related introduction of medicinal services laborers, butt-centric malignant growth screening among men who have intercourse with men (MSM), and last HPV immunization proposals.…...
DiseaseHypothesisMedicineMental HealthPseudoscience
Participating in Community Service Activities Helps to Enhance Student Resumes
Words • 1743
Pages • 7
Introduction In every student’s course work, community service is considered crucial as it gives the student a clearer picture of the outside world. Community service calls for volunteer works where we help those who need help for example homes for the aged, children homes, hospitals and schools in slums. Participating in community service not only makes a difference to the organization and people being served, but also makes a difference to every student’s career prospects. Participating in community service activities…...
DiseaseHealth CareHepatitisHospitalPolice BrutalityPublic Health
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Who should be blamed for childhood obesity
...Through this research, we can say that the children is most likely to be obese when their parents didn’t became a good example to them. It is extremely important for the child to have a parent with a healthy nutrition and physical activity. Not jus...
How Medical Marijuana Is Used In The Patient Treatment?
...Muscle spasms combined with multiple sclerosis can be very easily cured by this appropriate medicine. Diseases like cancer, glaucoma, migraine, and severe nausea have the ability to be cured by this appropriate medicine in a short period of time. Med...
How to Relieve Woman Stress in Modern Life
...The last way, which most men will certainly love, will help relieve stress in 15 minutes, it consists of moderate use of dark beer. Many scientists believe that moderate intake of dark beer helps to overcome stress and improve metabolism in the male ...
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