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Free essays on medicinal plants provide insightful knowledge and information about the various medicinal benefits and uses of plants. These essays highlight the importance of medicinal plants in traditional medicine and their role in modern medicine. The essays explore the scientific evidence supporting the therapeutic properties of various plants and their potential to treat illnesses and diseases. They also discuss the challenges associated with the production and distribution of plant-based medicines and the need for sustainable practices. These essays provide valuable resources for students, researchers, and professionals in the field of medicine and offer a comprehensive understanding of the significance of medicinal plants in healthcare.
Nutraceuticals are Nutritional Supplements to Improve Health
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Nutraceuticals are dietary supplements, and dietary fiber utilized to ameliorate health, delay senescence, prevent diseases and support the proper functioning of the human body. Currently, nutraceuticals are getting substantial attention due to their nutrition and therapeutic potential. They have benefits over medicine because they avoid side effects. Based on their source, they are categorized into different terms such as nutrients, dietary supplements, herbals, dietary fiber, etc. The global market for nutraceuticals is huge i.e approximately USD 117 billion. An herbal…...
Medicinal Plants
Human Anatomy & Physiology
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Medicinal plants have been used throughout history to heal several illnesses and are a staple in traditional medicine. Around twenty-five percent of modern drugs are derived from plants with only fifteen percent of the 300,000 plant species in existence evaluated to determine their pharmacological potential (Palhares, 2015). Nearly eighty percent of the world's population resorts to traditional medicine for treating their disease, mainly based on the use of extracts and active substances from medicinal plants; two-thirds of these plants come…...
Medicinal Plants
Indole-3-Acetic Acid’s Effects on Medicinal Plants – A Review
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Medicinal plants are important sources of medicines since the dawn of human civilization. Synthetic growth-controlling chemicals are becoming progressively more significant in the viable management of plant growth in agriculture and horticulture. Various phases of plant growth are altered by a diverse array of endogenous and exogenous assets. Among the internal assets, phytohormones have an important role in coordinating various stages of growth in plants. These regulators have an impact on plants’ morphological, physiological, and biochemical aspects. Indole-3-acetic acid (IAA)…...
Medicinal Plants
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Important Medicinal Plants and Their Uses
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Compounds included inside one or more of the medicinal plant's organs can be utilized for medical purposes as a synthesis of beneficial pharmacopoeial, and non-pharmacopoeial medicines. Medicinal plant therapy is known to be very functional, as these therapies are derived from nature. This is why herbal therapy is becoming more popular all over the world. The new medicines that are extracted from the plants can eliminate the majority of the diseases. Medicinal plants, including flavoring foods, drugs, cosmetics, and beauty…...
Medicinal Plants
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